Is the News Spy a Safe and Profitable Auto-trading System?

You could generate incredible wealth online by speculating on bitcoin through the News Spy trading system. This computer program relies on AI-powered algorithms to study crypto markets big data for trading insights.

The News Spy generates up to 50 trading signals per minute. At least 90% of these signals are reportedly profitable. Most of The News Spy users are reportedly profitable. Some even claim to earn their first million within months of trading with this system.

The News Spy is beginner-friendly since the trading research and order execution happens on autopilot. You only need to follow the simple guide that accompanies it to set your trading account.

Live trading starts with a single click of a button. But is The News Spy legit, and is it as profitable as many of its reviewers allege? We will find out in this review.


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The News Spy Review – Key Points!

Before we take a deep dive into The News Spy, let’s take a look at a summary of the most important points.

  • The News Spy scores extremely well in our legitimacy and profitability tests. It operates transparently and has a great reputation from users.
  • At least 90% of the thousands of clients who have reviewed The News Spy report making good profits. The trading system uses AI to ensure high-level profitability.
  • You don’t need whatsoever to use this trading system. All trading happens on autopilot, and hence you can continue with other things as the bot makes money for you.
  • This trading platform is affordable to most. It’s currently available on a free license and doesn’t charge any fees on unprofitable accounts. Only a 2% commission applies on profitable trades.
  • The News Spy reportedly runs on blockchain to ensure a frictionless trading ecosystem. All disputes on this platform are solved through smart contracts technology.
  • We can confirm that this auto-trading system is safe. All data submitted on The News Spy website is encrypted via a 128-bit key protocol.
  • The News Spy has partnered with the industry’s top regulated brokers to ensure the safety of clients’ funds.

You can go straight to The News Spy website here to start trading now. Please note that it’s possible to make fortunes, but profitability is not guaranteed. Invest wisely!

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is a powerful online-based computer program for automated news trading. It’s arguably the best news-trading tool in the crypto industry.

The News Spy uses the Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI to detect and trade breaking news. It simultaneously studies billions of web pages to detect volatility-triggering news within a millisecond of the announcement.

This makes it possible to beat the markets most of the time hence delivering profitable trades to users. The News Spy has reportedly been updated to trade Elon Musk bitcoin volatility. Elon Musk remains the world’s most influential person in the crypto industry.

The insane crypto volatility witnessed in 2021 is a result of Elon Musk tweets and related news. For instance, bitcoin nearly doubled in price following the news that Elon Musk’s Tesla had invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. 

Also, Elon Musk Tweets about bitcoin and Dogecoin going to the moon have contributed much volatility. The News Spy algorithms study Elon Musk social media pages to identify the volatility driving posts. Moreover, it uses an advanced keyword search to detect and trade any Elon Musk related crypto news.

The News Spy has an alleged average daily return rate of 20%. This profitability rate can generate a fortune out of a small account. The daily profits must be reinvested for this goal to be achieved.

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The News Spy in the Media

This trading bot is highly reputable. It’s widely covered in the media, both in the mainstream and crypto publications.

Most of the coverage is positive, with some of the platforms reviewing it as the most advanced auto-trading system. The News Spy is targeted by fake news, as explained below.

  • The News Spy on BBC – There is a viral Reddit post claiming that The News Spy was pitched on the BBC Dragons Den show.
  • The News Spy on This Morning – Another fake rumour claims that The News Spy was featured on ITV’s This Morning show.

It’s not out of the ordinary for such a popular trading tool to be targeted by fake news. Avoid falling into their trap by verifying information on the official The News Spy site.

Getting Started with The News Spy

The News Spy is developed with the complete beginner in mind. This means that trading with it is easy even for those who have never participated in any form of trading.

Only very little manual input is needed since all trading takes place automatically. The News Spy provides a video tutorial explaining the account setup. You need to pay close attention to risk management tools since they have the greatest impact on performance.

The News Spy offers a risk appetite test and a demo account to help you test different risk levels. Make sure that you have identified the risk level that suits your appetite before proceeding to live trading.

Registering an account with The News Spy is quite easy. Visit their official website here and fill the registration form. You will automatically connect with one of their partner brokers. Complete the registration by uploading your ID for authentication.

The minimum balance required to trade with The News Spy is USD250. You can deposit more but avoid putting all your savings in such a high-risk investment. Crypto volatility is extremely high and hence should be treated as risky.

The News Spy secures your data through the 128-bit RSA protocol. This level of encryption is impenetrable. As mentioned earlier, The News Spy only works with tier-one brokers.

Is The News Spy Legit? Final Word!

We are satisfied with the transparency measures observed by this auto-trading system. The News Spy is undoubtedly legit, safe, and profitable. This trading system is probably the most reviewed trading software on the internet.

It has tens of thousands of reviews on many independent consumer review platforms. The feedback is generally good, with the majority hailing it as spectacularly profitable. We are amazed by the high number of reviewers claiming to have earned their first million through this platform.

The News Spy is safe given that it relies on high-level encryption to protect data. Data protection is quite important since most forms of cyberattacks begin with a data breach. Moreover, The News Spy has partnered with regulated brokers to ensure safe trading.

These brokers facilitate transactions with clients on their behalf. By being regulated, they guarantee clients the safety of their funds even in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. You can try the News Spy through the link below.

It’s free to register with it, and you won’t pay a single cent until you are profitable. The News Spy could make you wealthy but don’t forget that it also comes at a risk. Invest wisely!

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Is The News Spy legit?

We have analyzed enough data to conclude that The News Spy is legit. This platform has an excellent track record and is highly reputable.

Does The News Spy charge any fees?

The News Spy doesn't charge any license fees. This is great because most of its competitors charge an annual license fee on top of a 20% commission on profits. The News Spy only charges a 2% commission on profits.

How much can I make with The News Spy?

Profitability with The News Spy depends on how much you invest, your risk appetite and your luck. You could generate tens of thousands of dollars daily. Several users report compounding daily returns to hit the $1 million mark within a few months.

Can I use The News Spy on my smartphone?

Yes! The News Spy web-trader is compatible with mobile browsers. It's also available in HTML5 and can therefore install on mobile devices as a hybrid app.

How do I download The News Spy app?

You can find The News Spy app download link on its trading resources page. The download link is also attached at the bottom of the welcome email.