Bitcoin Gemini Review 2021- Is it Legit or a Scam?

Bitcoins in front of the laptop screen.Who wouldn’t want to earn more money? Especially when you don’t have to work much for it? Have you ever tried your hand in cryptocurrency trading? Too scared? Not sure how to do it? What if someone can do it all for you? No, we are not talking about human brokers. We are talking about an automated trading platform where a robot can take care of your investments in the cryptocurrency market. 

Why Cryptocurrencies are a good investment

Ok, let’s address the first and the most basic question first. 

When there are so many instruments to trade in the stock market, why should one invest in cryptocurrencies? 

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile – allowing you to earn big, quickly. They are very secure as all the data and transactions are stored in a blockchain that cannot be tampered with.

How To Start with this App

If you are keen on investing in cryptocurrencies but are unsure how to start and where to start, you should check out Bitcoin Gemini.

What Is Bitcoin Gemini 

Bitcoin Gemini is a fully automated platform for trading in bitcoins. It is a suitable platform for both well-experienced as well as new traders. The AI used in Bitcoin Gemini is designed to give you 8 times the returns. It can anticipate the market movement well and generate highly profitable trading signals. The VPS technology used ensures these are of high quality too.

Bitcoin Gemini Is It A Scam Software

With the onslaught of cryptocurrency trading, there are multiple players in the market. Some platforms promise to give you good returns but scam you instead.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Gemini is not one of them. 

Notable Features

Some of the notable features of this app that makes it a great choice are:

  1. Easy Registration – The registration process is pretty simple and straightforward. You need to go on to their website, create an account and provide the required details. You will get an email confirmation. Once you activate the account, you can start trading live after making a minimum deposit of just $250.
  2. Brokers – The software also employs regulated brokers to monitor all trades. This is highly advantageous. If the software encounters any hiccup, you have experienced humans identifying the mistake and rectifying it before it’s too late.
  3. Verification – The verification process is not like in most other automated platforms. It is not just a system doing the verifications. You will be matched with a broker once you create an account with Bitcoin Gemini. This broker will then collect all the details required and verify them before approving your registration. 
  4. Demo – You can make use of the demo account feature before you start trading live with your real money. This gives you an idea about the market. You will know how the platform works before you can trust your money in it.
  5. Automated – The entire App is automated and has no human intervention. This removes any risks related to human emotions and delays in calculations. You can set your trading limits, and the AI takes care of it all, whether it has had a good day or a bad day.
  6. Market Scanning – The market is scanned 24 hours a day. When you want to trade at any time in the day, you have all the necessary information to make a move. You need not keep a close watch on the market; the software does it for you.
  7. Timing – The time leap feature gives you timely updates and keeps you ahead of the market by a good 0.01 seconds. When you see it as a number, it may not seem much, but ask a trader, and they will tell you how things can go very wrong in such a small time frame.
  8. Analysis – This App uses more than 24 analysis indicators. This enables the software to provide its users with highly accurate trading signals. 
  9. Variety – You can trade in other cryptocurrencies as well. This is not restricted to just bitcoins. So if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can try your hand in other cryptocurrencies as well.
  10. Trading Tester – This amazing feature allows a trader first to test the trading parameters given to them. If you are satisfied, you can use it in live trading. 
  11. Security – All your data is well encrypted, and extensive security measures are used. Your money, as well as your information, are all kept safe from any hacking.
  12. Customer Support – They have reliable customer support to handle all queries and concerns. 
  13. Withdrawals – There is no fee for withdrawing the money you have made. You can withdraw any amount at any time. All you will have to do is, fill out a withdrawal form and submit it. It will take just a few hours to process this request. You can always choose how you want to withdraw it. 

Bitcoin Gemini In Germany

Bitcoin Gemini is available in multiple countries. You can use this highly accurate automated software from multiple locations.

 It is quite popular in Germany among other countries. Some of the other countries this platform is available in are:

  • Australia
  • UK
  • USA 
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • India
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Deutschland
  • Singapore 
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland

Is This Risky?

Yes, like any trading, this trading is also risky. The market is highly volatile, and one cannot predict too much about it. Though the AI does all the work, a small glitch can cost you a lot of money. Glitches and issues are bound to happen with such automated software. A trader has to be cautious at all times and keep withdrawing their money regularly.

Final thoughts

Trading in cryptocurrencies can be highly stressful when you have to do it all by yourself. With the intervention of trading bots, this has become very easy. Anyone who wants to earn some income in addition to their regular income can use this automated platform. They just need to set aside a few minutes a day to watch over the trade, and they can carry on with their work.