Best Stock Trading Apps in Australia: Tried and Tested

stocks pricesIf you are thinking of joining the ever-more-popular world of trading, the most important thing you need to do is find a suitable and reliable platform to trade on. There is a myriad of stock trading apps in Australia but here we will discuss a few tried and tested applications for you to give a chance to. We also suggest you look for a platform with a demo account if you are new to the trading game. 

Stock trading apps in Australia allow local investors to initiate basic and more advanced trades as an alternative to using a web browser or desktop. It’s an alternative for traders who will enjoy dealing on the go. Advantages to using stock trading apps include managing the trader’s accounts and remaining informed regarding the stock market. Usually, these apps are free to download and offer easy navigation to accommodate beginners and professionals who want to start trading. 

Since not all online brokers support mobile devices on their platform, here is a list of top stock trading apps in Australia that will allow traders to keep an eye on their deals while on the go.

Top Stock Trading Apps in Australia

CMC Markets

CMC Markets offers customers their whole website on mobile devices that support Android and iOS. Here, traders can purchase and sell stocks using their mobile phones. The CMC Markets Stockbroking mobile app allows the trader to access features like their current positions, order history, market depth, charts, watchlists and portfolio. 

Investors have access to recent market news, and it doesn’t charge commissions for trade stocks in the UK, Japan, Germany and the US. The mobile trading platform is straightforward, well-structured and easy to navigate. You only have a one-step login where the website offers a more secure two-step process but if you are on the go it has the same great functions as the full site.

IG Trading

The IG Trading app is most suited for active traders, and it has various apps that are suited for different devices. This includes an app that caters for Android users who use mobile devices and tablets, iPhone and iPad users and Windows users with mobile devices and tablets. 

Its downloads are free for the real and demo versions. It also has native designs to suit different smartphone and tablet operating systems. For an improved trading experience, the apps are updated regularly. 

IG offers a face or touch login to the app through your mobile device’s settings. It is easy to find the features and functions as the app is intuitive in design. There is no difference between the search functions offered by the website and the mobile app and you will find your favorite stocks easily. The only downside of the app is that it is only available in English.


The eToro app is quite popular when it comes to stock trading apps in Australia. This is despite it having risky CFDs and not offering stocks on the ASX. It hosts a trendy feature known as the Copy Trading feature. This allows traders to copy the trades of other, more experienced traders or copy the portfolios of stocks chosen by eToro. A bonus is that the app doesn’t charge a brokerage fee. 

The app supports all 21 languages that the website does and customers will find the same helpful support system ready to assist. On the app, you can look through all the charts and set up a new trade with the same functionality offered on the full site. You can set up push notifications so you don’t miss anything while you are away from your computer.


Despite the Superhero app having very few features, it offers its customers low costs and a very user-friendly interface which is fantastic for beginners. Australian shares are offered at a brokerage fee of AUD$5 with no added monthly fees. 

The minimum investment is AUD$100 for Australian companies, which is very reasonable considering that other stock trading apps request a minimum investment fee of AUD$500. Traders also can take advantage of their live stock prices which are available at no additional costs. 


The SelfWealth app is also known to offer low brokerage fees irrespective of the number of times the customer places a trade or trade size. The app supports desktops, Android devices, Windows and any smartphone. Its basic account offers no charges for the trader being inactive and also offers zero monthly rates. Traders also have comparison tools to explore, which allow us to monitor the trades of top traders. 


The Stake app is fantastic for traders looking to buy US stocks. It charges no brokerage fees and is very easy to use, which is ideal for beginners. It has an advanced filtering option that assists traders in matching them with stocks and ETFs that would work best for them. 


The CommSec app supports Android and iOS devices. It is free to download, and traders can buy and sell shares and create watchlists. It charges no monthly fees, and traders can assess and trade live prices. They also have the advantage of being able to look into the performance of their company of choice. 


The nabtrade IRESS mobile app supports Android and iOS mobile devices. To access the app, the trader needs to have a nabtrade account. Here, traders can purchase and sell shares, view live prices, charts, as well as market depth. Traders can also access live data. 

This means that the nabtrade mobile app is limited in its features compared to the full website. However, the app is aimed at sustaining the account while a trader is on the go until they can access the desktop version again. 

Westpac Online Investing

The Westpac Online Investing app doesn’t support Windows but has made provision for traders that use iPads, iPhones and Android operating systems. Here, traders can exchange ETFs and ETCs, trade shares and warrants. 

We can also access live data and customisable alerts are also available. Traders have the option to view the latest market news, assess all their holdings and create watchlists that can later be edited. 

How to Get a Stock Trading App

When it comes to installing the app on your mobile device, some stock trading apps in Australia will differ from others. However, traders can generally expect the following: 

  • Traders can find the app on the app store designated to their specific operating system. For example, Android users can expect to see the apps on the Play Store, while iOS users can expect to find their apps on App Store
  • Downloads are usually free, and installing the app shouldn’t be an issue if the user has enough space. 
  • Sign in to the app. 
  • If the customer has an existing account with the provider, they can log in using their current details. If they are new to the platform, they can sign up either through the app or through the provider’s website. Typically, signing up will require a first and last name, contact details, proof of identification and bank account details. 

In Conclusion

Stock trading apps are meant to act as convenient ways to have everything you need to trade on one platform without accessing a browser. This includes some fantastic features and access to all the trade information while on the go. If you’re looking for trustworthy and reliable apps, the above list contains the top stock trading apps in Australia.