Bitcoin System |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before getting started

Unbelievable but true, in 2021 there are still many people who don’t have a clue what the cryptocurrency financial market is. On the contrary, let’s correct ourselves: crossing a normal person on the street and asking them the question “Do you know what Bitcoins are?”, perhaps a vague answer, perhaps very imprecise, perhaps only with a vague basic concept, they would be able to give it. For sure it would be approximate, for sure they would not know terms like trading, intermediate broker, certified platforms. They would simply associate the thought with a generic “investing a variable amount of money for large sums”. And then they would say two things: I know it’s possible, but I don’t have the skills to do it. Well, this was all true before Bitcoin System.


What is Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System is an IT platform managed by a team of technical experts in finance. In fact, you invest money in Bitcoin System and the platform automatically generates a passive income. This team of experts is obviously not doing charity, but they are making money: not on your skin, though. They simply earn a percentage of your earnings, which is fixed and transparent, as well as more traffic generated on the site which leads to better relationships with brokers. We investigated, but the group of highly experienced and highly trained traders who created Bitcoin System prefers to remain anonymous. What matters is that asking anyone in my field, for better or worse, everyone is using Bitcoin System now. I even caught my team using it outside of test sessions – how can you blame them, given the money we were making?

But let’s not be influenced, it is always better to start with mistrust. We immediately wondered why the creators of the site didn’t use it for themselves, generating all that money directly instead of having users do it and then keeping a percentage of it.

The answer was simple: more users investing through their platform means more internationally famous brokers are interested in them, resulting in better relationships with brokers themselves during their private trading sessions. That’s right, and it’s quite logical. What matters is that they don’t affect your earnings.

We have also heard rumors about celebrities who have used or are still making use of Bitcoin System, but differently to the platform itself they have no interest in talking about it directly, let alone in the press or gossip newspapers. This is because the more you know Bitcoin System around, the richer people can get.

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Is Bitcoin System reliable?

We believe the answer is now clear, but we care about consumer protection. To answer, know that Bitcoin system can make you make huge amounts of money, they have an incredible customer service 24 hours a day and ready to help anyone, even those who have difficulty using not only the platform but also their PC. All the brokers that are shown on the site are internationally verified, the artificial intelligence server exploited by Bitcoin System leads it to have an accuracy close to 96.7% in all forecasts on its calculations, and there is a functionality of express money withdrawal, in 36 hours (which in reality are not even 10, they always do it before). It seems more than enough to define Bitcoin System as reliable.

How does the Bitcoin System work?

We have spoken so far in introductory terms only, to give you some background information on the matter. Building Bitcoin System must have been very difficult, but explaining how it works is easy: a team made up of the best experts in their sector, always talking about finance, has built together a software whose root is currently secret, we only know that it uses artificial intelligence to perform calculations of very high complexity in order to always be ahead of the crypto currency market.


However, in order to join the ranks of people who have changed their lives, you would have to register. I know you’re rolling your eyes, but it’s necessary. It actually takes a few moments; the platform and I as well will guide you throughout the process. If you are reading this article just for fun because you are already an experienced trader, you have probably just invested thousands and thousands of dollars, have already registered and are now doing live trading. But don’t worry, even if you are inexperienced you can do great things.

How to start trading with Bitcoin System

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Every bank, post office, and facility that holds user current accounts is required to report every year that large amounts of money move. All this is aimed at avoiding money laundering so that the nation knows where the money is going. If platforms like Bitcoin System allowed you to make all this money without entering your details, a report would be made in no time at all, because your bank would see thousands of dollars in income suddenly and for no reason in your account.

1. Account registration


Let’s start from here. The procedure is easy, on the site there is a form with open written “register”. A window will then open where you will have to enter a series of rather simple data. Both you and Bitcoin System are well aware that this could be dangerous data if in the wrong hands, they are very sensitive, so the platform will put it through a state-of-the-art military-grade encryption process and then accumulate in a private cloud on a physical server.

  • Phone → will be the one most used by Bitcoin System. The phone will in fact be exploited by the platform to contact you in a direct way, in order to make sure that you are not lying about your identity by verifying it. You will also be welcomed on Bitcoin System by a technician who will explain how the platform works, even if we have already explained it to you a little.
  • Mail → You must necessarily provide a verified and valid email. This is used less by Bitcoin System, more than anything else it is used for communications by customer service when you ask their technical questions on the platform itself. They will respond within three hours.
  • Password → This is the most important. Choose one that contains both letters and numbers, as well as symbols, and that is more than 25 characters, never tell anyone and memorize or write it physically somewhere.

2. Deposit

The minimum to deposit is $ 250. Don’t worry, you can easily increase your profit disproportionately in just one trading day. You can use any payment method, from Visa to Skrill and many others, both to deposit the money and then to withdraw it.

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3. Examples of trading.

This is called a demo account. The platform, aware of the initial difficulty in trading, offers the possibility of a trial account. In practice you will be able to enjoy all the features of Bitcoin System but using virtual money, not your own, so that you will acquire more and more competence and familiarity with Bitcoin System, for as long as you want, without any limit. Only once you are ready to start live trading can you close the demo account. It seems obvious to specify, but don’t make too much money with a demo account: being a trial, you will not be able to withdraw it.

4. Live trading

Here we are finally here. Your first deposit can be $ 250 as well as $ 30,000, nothing changes: every possible function of the platform is available to you immediately. Bitcoin System also thought about the initial insecurity of users by creating a special function called Stop Loss: we will explain it to you with an example, let’s say you only have $ 600 to invest.


With the stop-loss function, the site will never go at a loss if the very fluctuating cryptocurrency market just drops too much or remains excessively stationary. You’ll need about thirty minutes a day, and we’re not lying about that. However, it is obvious that the more you learn about the crypto currency market and Bitcoin, the more you can work together with Bitcoin System to maximize your earnings. Knowledge is always power, especially in our field.

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Is Bitcoin System safe?

In addition to military encryption and cloud service on the physical server, they have also thought about cybersecurity on the user side: the platform has been verified by all major antivirus manufacturers, such as Norton and McAfee, and this protection will be extended to your computer as long as you browse on the platform. Don’t worry, Bitcoin System is safe.

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Does Bitcoin System have an app?

We think that the creators of the platform have deemed an app not essential, at least at the moment. It must also be said that the platform is relatively recent, although it can make a lot of money. The creation of an app has been postponed to next year, also because it would not be very useful: the site is defined as “mobile friendly”, so you can browse from any device (phone, tablet, computer), without any problem, being almost all automated, you would not need to access the site so frequently, those 20 minutes in front of the computer are enough for you.

Is Bitcoin System a fraud? The verdict!

This question at this point is the simplest of all to answer. Yes, it’s reliable, and we’ll give you an example straight from our pockets. Please note, what we are about to tell you is expected of us professionals, and we advise you not to do the same to avoid going bankrupt. Over the course of three days, we deposited nearly $ 64,000 across seven different accounts. We then subjected each account to different strategies, with and without stop-loss, and in just over thirty hours we made almost half a million dollars. The money was withdrawn in all currencies available on the site, and in six and a half hours all the money was already in our accounts. We just got a call from the platform, where a technician wanted to verify that we were moving those 500,000, and as soon as we proved that it was us, he complimented us and transferred the money. Reliable, yet kind!

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How much money can I make?

This depends on how many you want to invest and how much you will be able to keep yourself informed about the Bitcoin market. Don't worry though, it will be several thousand dollars at a minimum.

Is it a fraction of second so important in this market?

Probably if you went to the market in your city a split second wouldn't count, maybe even 20 minutes… but here, yes: a split second can make the difference between a loss of millions and a profit enough for a Beverly Hills mansion. Don't worry, however, the site takes care of it: you just have to click “start”.