Bitcoin Revolution |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before you begin

Bitcoin Revolution can be described as an automated trading robot designed to trade Bitcoin at rising and falling prices. This software claims to have generated several thousands of dollars per day for traders and it supposedly has an 88% profit rate. Today, trading robots are rather common and they exist to simplify the life of traders around the world and to reduce transaction times. While humans can take more than two days to analyze the signals, automated trading robots can do so in a matter of hours or minutes or even just seconds thus claiming higher profit rates.

Is there really a way to make money with Bitcoin, or is it just another scam that makes you lose everything? To answer our readers, we have researched this system. That’s right, we care about you! In this article we’ll answer the questions of all those who are thinking of investing in Bitcoin.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll see why it’s important to choose brokers like this for your trading. As for the Bitcoin Revolution system, we’re going to analyze whether or not it’s a system that works to invest safely or if it’ll make you lose your money.


What is Bitcoin Revolution?

It was developed in 2017 and has just started its journey as a trading platform. After its launch in the crypto market, it quickly gained a good reputation of being the fastest, most precise and most reputable robot for the crypto and Bitcoin trade.

However, there’s no precise information available regarding the creator or founder of Bitcoin Revolution. It was mentioned that it was developed by a team of brokers who know the market well when it comes to trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They set out to create a trading robot and traders claim it is one of the best trading robots with a winning algorithm.

As a beginner Bitcoin Trading can be a bit overwhelming at first. Because of that, it’s a good thing to have a trading bot at your side that’ll make the most of your capital and help you make profits early on. This robot uses an automatic trading software that is able to analyze all kinds of different markets within the matter of minutes or even seconds. Due to the speed of this automatic software the trading bot can react to market fluctuations much faster than a human ever could. A dozen of user reviews all claim high profits of up to $1000 or even more per day and the success rate is supposedly pretty close to reaching 90%. The reason why Bitcoin Revolution is so successful is due to the algorithm it uses. It analyzes and compares prices across the board and tries to buy when the prices hit rock bottom and then sells the same assets at higher prices.

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Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

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Bitcoin Revolution is very legitimate, its software is tried and tested. Many comments and testimonials about Bitcoin Revolution are proof of its legitimacy. In addition, celebrities are also using this software in the Bitcoin trade. People should be aware that the bitcoin trade also has its own share of risks and that the trade won’t always be in one’s favor. Bitcoin Revolution trading uses very advanced algorithms to perform all its operations. The best way to prove its legitimacy is the results it produces.

How does it work?

The big advantage of this software is the fact that it can deal with a massive amount of data, extracting the most valuable information from said data and then using it in order to help you make smart choices when building your stock portfolio. As a trader, the faster you analyze data and the more data you’re able to analyze, the more successful you will be in the long run. Markets always shift as a result to new information becoming available, so being on top of the information game results in high profit margins.

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Aside from that it is also important to be able to act fast. This robot allows you to execute a dozen of trades in the blink of an eye and it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why so many traders can boast about their success on this trading platform. Experienced traders also have the option to trade manually instead of letting the robot do all the work automatically.

How to create an account

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To seriously invest, the first thing you need to do is follow our 3 simple steps:

1. Account registration

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To create an account on Bitcoin Revolution simply go to the website and go through the registration process. Make sure that you have all the documents and information you need to fill out the form properly. You will have to provide your full name, a phone number, an email address as well as the country you’re from. When you choose your password you should make sure to provide one that is secure, meaning that it should include characters and both upper and lowercase letters. Once you’re done with that your account will be generated.

2. Deposit

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Now that you have your account you will be moved over to the trading page. Here you’ll have to make your deposit in order to have a working capital. The minimum deposit you have to make is $250. The good thing about Bitcoin Revolution is the fact that the platform is working together with well known crypto-currency brokers, which makes it a serious trading platform. Once you’ve deposited your money you can continue to the Live Trading.

4. Live trading

Bitcoin Revolution allows you to set up all kinds of different parameters. These parameter include the amount of money you want to use for a trade, the level of risk you’re willing to take, your type of trading strategy as well as your limits when it comes to both profit and loss.

Once you set up all these parameters you’re ready to do some trades. You can either tell the trading platform to do the trades automatically or you can do your trades manually. The choice is yours.

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How do I withdraw my earnings from the Bitcoin Revolution?

After you’ve taken up a trade and made a profit using Bitcoin Revolution, you may want to get your hands on the money. Withdrawing your money with Bitcoin Revolution is simple and easy. All you have to do is fill out a withdrawal form, and complete some verification requirements. This is to make sure that the money will be withdrawn by the real owner. These are the security protocols at Bitcoin Revolution to ensure the safety of your funds. A Bitcoin Revolution agent will assist you in the withdrawal process. Most withdrawal transactions will be reflected in your bank account within 48 hours. All transactions are free at Bitcoin Revolution and the benefits are entirely yours.

Is Bitcoin Revolution safe?

We can confirm that the Bitcoin Revolution website is fully protected. Furthermore, this robot has the appropriate measures to protect the users’ data.

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This investigation has determined that Bitcoin Revolution does not share user data without your permission.


  • The algorithm is one of the fastest and most advanced algorithms and thus allows for high profits.
  • This robot has repeatedly shown both accuracy and speed when it comes to the automatic trading
  • The payment and withdrawal process is quick and safe
  • One of the crowning achievements of Bitcoin Revolution is the top tier customer service
  • It is one of the best trading platform for new traders that want to earn a passive income
  • The account creation process is simple and the deposit process for your working capital is uncomplicated
  • Each and every transaction is encrypted and the platform makes use of a decentralized currency system
  • Several user reviews state that traders can earn a profit of approx. $1000 a day
  • There are no incurred costs in connection to this platform
  • The minimum deposit amounts to only $250, making it easy to get started.

Have Bill Gates and Richard Branson used Bitcoin Revolution?

Among the messages we received, readers have told us about a video on the Bitcoin Revolution site featuring Bill Gates and Richard Branson (Homepage of the website), very famous celebrities. So far, we have no proof that Bill Gates and Richard Branson have used Bitcoin Revolution and we don’t know what they think about it.

Why the site quotes famous people like Bill Gates or Richard Branson is something we can’t judge. Could it be that their goal is to attract people who aren’t experts in online trading? Draw your own conclusions. The truth is that your best weapon is and always will be information.

Of course, we remember that Bitcoin Revolution is also the title of a book that can be safely downloaded online. It’s a little different from this system, and it explains very well that Bitcoin is not a scam.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a fraud? The verdict!

What have we learned by concluding this article on Bitcoin Revolution? That it left us in doubt as to whether it’s a safe way to win with Bitcoin. Surely, with these platforms you won’t be scammed. People have had both positive and negative thoughts about the Bitcoin trade since it was established. In reality, it has many risks. Some transactions may actually be of a bad nature and suspicious in some way. But it’s also true that the Bitcoin trade offers many opportunities. Who wouldn’t like to have a little more money in their account?

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How much can I earn with Bitcoin Revolution per day?

The platform's official website states that users can earn an average of $1000 a day. If you are a beginner, you may not get such a big payout right away, but Bitcoin Revolution is definitely the right place to start.

You're likely to make smaller profits in the beginning, which will allow you to invest more money and increase your profit potential.

Are there any fees when it comes to using Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution does not require any license fee. However, merchants are required to pay a small commission on the profits they generate through this robot.

Can I withdraw my Bitcoin Revolution winnings?

Bitcoin Revolution allows users to withdraw their money whenever they want. All transactions with this bot are facilitated within 24 hours.