Immediate Edge Review 2021 – Is it a Scam?


person using mobile phone for tradingMany assume that any online trading platform dealing with cryptocurrencies is a scam, but is it always so? Let’s try to research and review one of the popular trading platforms in the world called Immediate Edge and try to understand if it is a genuinely profitable trading system. 

Immediate Edge trading platform functions with the support of a trading bot that predicts trading patterns of cryptocurrencies. The trading platform is based out of the United Kingdom. Similar to any trading platform, it is not easy to verify the claims made on the website as it is relatively new. Due to frequent market fluctuations and global events and policies, the trading platform is highly unpredictable. It may be possible to make profits if one follows the patterns predicted by the website bot, which promises extraordinary profits on a day-to-day basis. 

Immediate Edge Full Review

Any trading platform can not be trusted blindly without firsthand experience. We have registered and tried the trading mechanism before reviewing it for the readers. Here are its main features and our opinion of each of those features. 

How does it work?

The trading system results from a combination of mathematical algorithms and software technology brought together to find patterns in the trading markets. Before we can verify the claims made by the website, let us see how it works. The trading platform uses an algorithm to predict trades that can bring in more profits. The bot can evaluate market signals, trading patterns, and past statistics to predict future trends. These kinds of coding-based predictive analysis help almost all companies manage their production and inventory most efficiently. 

Immediate Edge Features

  • Trading platforms like Immediate edge cater to a wide spectrum of people of all ages. They ensure that the entire registration and trading mechanism is easy to manage for all age groups and users with the minimum knowledge of trading. The interface has clear instructions. Apart from clear instructions and a demo video to guide the users, you can also use the demo to practice trading.
  • Register – You need to give your full name, email address, and phone number to register on the portal. Once verified through a very short process, you will be provided with a broker to guide and help you. The broker allotted to you will be from the same geographical area. Ensure that he has a license to operate in your state/ country. This again is a common feature as the broker has to be familiar with the platform and regulations in a particular area before helping the clients. 
  • People can use different types of payment modes like debit card/ credit card/ net banking etc. This is a common feature of all trading platforms now. It makes sense to fund the account using a mode that supports cryptocurrency transactions. That will help to withdraw money in any desired currency. 
  • The method of withdrawal of profits has been explained clearly, and users can take their profits as and when they want. The website claims daily profits of even above $2000. Honestly, the trading market is volatile, and this seems highly unlikely even with bots and experienced brokers. You will have to deposit a large amount of money to leverage the maximum profit possible if you want to reach that level. 
  • You can put in a request for withdrawal in a few minutes. You can get your profits in any currency, including cryptocurrency. The payout is not immediate, and it depends on the mode of payment and provider. Sometimes it may take a couple of days as well. 
  • Customer service supports the users right when you register for trading: your verification and all interactions after that need 24/7 support. Immediate Edge has a competent support system. Some users like the live chat on the website, while others may like the direct conversation on the phone to clear all the doubts. 
  • Clarity and transparency are essential when it is about money and investments. You can get the financial statements in the account details and track all the investments. You will know the profits and losses immediately. You will also know from these statements if the platform is charging any fee or commission. The services are free of any charge at the time of this review.  


  1. The interface is user-friendly, and people from across the world can trade using the help of brokers.
  2. The software ensures seamless trading without any need for constant supervision.
  3. Registration/trading and withdrawal are all quickly executed. As of today, customers are not charged any fee. 
  4. Advanced algorithm of the platform and the demo trading sessions help people trade easily even if they don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies. 


  1. There is always an inherent risk when trading, and anyone can lose money even with years of trading experience. 
  2. No one can select their preferred brokers, as the system allocates a broker based on geographical location and the amount of money invested in getting the optimum advantage. 

Immediate Edge: Scam or Not?

Reviews of this trading program depend on the personal experiences of reviewers and common investors. Many people find it useful and profitable as it is one of the known platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. Some others feel that they lost a lot of money, and it may lead to doubts in their minds about the legitimacy of the trading platform. 

The point is that cryptocurrency trading is still in the nascent stages and very volatile. Some countries do not look at digital money favourably. Their policies and decisions reflect the market sentiments, hence the volatility.  


We cannot ignore the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Apart from mining, trading is the only logical method to gain a foothold in this arena. Your investments are at risk in any money market, including digital trading platforms. Invest slowly and cautiously and distribute your money across different cryptocurrencies. Read all the reviews of the platforms that you can. Research the platform thoroughly and try to connect with others who have used the platform before to get the real picture.  

Do not think of the trading portal as a scam only because you do not understand cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it is your money at stake, and you must be aware of the risks and pitfalls before you deposit the money in the account for trading. Trade using small amounts until you know whether it is a scam or really profitable.