Bitcoin Champion |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before you begin

It is unacceptable that in a century like ours, people don’t know what Bitcoins are, let alone trading software like Bitcoin Champion. Anyone should know. By bumping into someone on the street, and asking them stock market basics, that someone should be able to answer. Probably roughly, almost certainly he wouldn’t know terms like investor, trader, broker and so on. The basic concept, investing money in order to have an immediate income and various figures, that should be there.

The concept is simple: there is an investor, you in this case, who invests his money using something called an operator, or broker, which allows him to access a very fluctuating and extremely unstable market called the crypto currency market. The aim is to seize every advantageous offer, analyzing the rises and falls of the market itself. The panorama then expands: financial market, extra-financial calculations, automatic BOTs, advanced analysis. The stranger from before on the street, after all, to be realistic perhaps he would not even know what crypto currencies are. If we had to explain it ourselves, we could define them as “virtual values”, objects that in fact do not exist but that are exchanged every day all over the world and in enormous quantities.

Now, there are two ways to make money with cryptocurrencies: you can become a financial expert, spend your days in front of the computer hoping you don’t fall asleep on it, the third long cup of coffee still on your desk, or you can use a BOT. Bitcoin Champion is one of these BOTs. In this article, taking advantage of all the knowledge in our possession, we will understand how the software works and we will analyze all the aspects that may interest you.


What is Bitcoin Champion?

We talked about Bitcoin Champion as a program, but in reality, it is a set of programs. We can also define it as a group of software, which all together try to work in order to carry out very complex calculations aimed at anticipating the lowering or rise of the values ​​that, moment by moment, Bitcoins are attributed every fraction of a second in the world. Don’t be discouraged, I know it may seem difficult explained this way. Maybe you haven’t understood half of everything we’ve said so far… But don’t worry! It is a BOT, after all, the effort on your part will be minimal, beyond those few daily minutes you will not have to do is look at the computer every now and then, noting the number of earnings that increases more and more. The passive income generated by Bitcoin Champion will change your life, month to month, with extremely high profits that most likely far exceed those of your current job … And you can make them while doing something else: maybe you are installing a new door in the house, or you’re cooking some sushi for your friends. It doesn’t matter, the program will work for you at all times. Sounds impressive, right? Let us tell you, it is

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Is Bitcoin Champion a scam?

Let’s be honest, it’s 2020, being scammed on the internet these days is extremely common. The fact that the number of people who currently have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies is very worrying, and remains. It is not only their fault, however: there are many websites that spread false information, aimed at fooling the users who read, creating a culture of disinformation on potentially everything, Bitcoin included. These fake news from untrustworthy sites are such both because non-competent subjects write the articles, but also to try to cheat the unfortunate users directly.

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It was therefore our obligation to verify with technical precision and as experts how good was this BOT Bitcoin Champion. We have analyzed many platforms that promise miracles, and in a not low number of cases they were scams. The best way to do this is usually (besides testing the platform, of course) to contact those who have already used it. It wasn’t that difficult, actually: if you go to Bitcoin Champion’s official website you can see a series of more than positive experiences reported by all the users who have tried it. Their reviews are updated every hour, because the number of users who choose Bitcoin Champion to change their lives every day is high. They talk about the ease of use of the algorithm, the excellent customer service available 24 hours a day, the enormous experience of the team of experts and brokers who built the platform. Regardless of the time you want to invest, the reviews tell us, the BOT will do it. But let’s analyze it better…

How does the Bitcoin Champion work?

The speech above was introductory, aimed at making you better understand the various terms involved. The functioning of Bitcoin Champion is, at least to explain, not particularly difficult. A team of financial experts has built a set of currently secret software that exploits an artificial intelligence in order to perform calculations of incredible complexity to try to anticipate the cryptocurrency market by a few fractions of a second every moment, communicating price changes in so that you can automatically decide whether to invest or not. It is from the beginning of the article that we talk about fractions of a second and, in general, extremely short times. If you went to the market in the square to buy fruit, I don’t think you’d be interested in being 1/10 of a second early, probably not even 20 minutes.

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I know it may seem strange or trivial, but it is not: in the Bitcoin market being a fraction of a second early implies making money, being late implies losing it. Everything is complicated by the fluctuations of the market itself, which can happen at any time, night or day, forcing you to constantly be aware of these variations, always in front of the computer. All this if you didn’t have Bitcoin Champion, who does this automatically, allowing you to do whatever you want in the meantime. Regardless of your level of knowledge about finance, you could generate huge profits, which can then be reinvested in Bitcoin, real estate, or whatever you prefer.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Champion

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Post offices, banks, and all credit institutions are required to report most of the digital movements of money to the state or nation. It is not to fool people, they are rules to avoid money laundering. If platforms like Bitcoin Champion allowed you to sign up without entering your details, your bank would start to see revenues of thousands and thousands of dollars absolutely not justified, and it would probably ask you questions. All this also serves to protect you and to make you have documents tracked to allow you to keep track of your earnings.

1. Account registration

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This is the first step: the procedure is very simple, go to the site and click on the form on the word “register”. At this point you will fill in a panel with all the required data, in a few minutes. Obviously, all the data you are entering are extremely sensitive, therefore Bitcoin Champion will protect them with military-grade encryption, and after having encrypted them it will move them to an online cloud that only they know the location of. It is necessary to protect you from hackers, crackers and all the cybercriminals who would like have access to your data.

  • Mail → rather than email, the site will use the telephone number to contact you directly in order to have immediate communication. The email is however important: in case you have any kind of question to ask customer service, the answer will be via email. So make sure you don’t tick Bitcoin Champion in the spam filter, regardless of the type of email you use. Obviously, the email provided must be valid.
  • Phone → As soon as you enter the phone number you will receive a call from Bitcoin Champion, they will make sure that the number is real and they will verify your identity. They will welcome you to the platforms and explain the basics of the platform itself, at which point you will be ready.
  • Password → It goes without saying that the password is important. If you choose an extremely weak password, for example the name of your pet or your phone number, even if the data is on an isolated cloud it will be easy to steal your account. So, choose an alphanumeric password of at least 20-25 characters, and don’t tell anyone.

2. Deposit

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We talked about demo accounts before, it’s time to use it, but we’ll explain it to you in step three. Here you just need to know that the minimum deposit is $ 250, and that you can easily quintuple it by the end of the first day of live trading. You can use any payment method, since Bitcoin Champion has an extremely wide variety of partners, the money will be immediately available in your personal area of ​​the platform.

3. Examples of Trades

The platform offers the possibility, as mentioned, to use a demo account. It means that you will be given virtual, fake money, in order to allow you to become familiar with the platform without losing your real money, the ones you deposited. You can use the demo account as long as you want, without limits. Once you feel ready, you can move on to live trading. Be careful though: all the money you make with your demo account cannot be withdrawn, because as mentioned it is only a test account.

4. Live trading

You have finally made your first deposit: whether it’s $ 250 or $ 25,000, all Bitcoin Champion’s features will be at your disposal. In case you want to exercise caution since you are at the beginning, Bitcoin Champion has also thought of this: there is a feature to choose from in the software called stop Loss, in practice if you know you can spend (or rather, invest) only 700 $, always for example, you could tell the platform, and if Bitcoin Champion perceives that the market is too stationary and Bitcoin values ​​are dropping too much, it will stop investing.

As mentioned before, you only need 20 minutes a day. It is also true, however, that knowledge is power, or rather, in our field knowledge is gain. Therefore, inquiring about any news in the field of finance and Bitcoin, even if you start from scratch, can only benefit your earnings.

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Is Bitcoin Champion reliable?

We believe that any further thought about it is now obvious. Consumer protection, however, is extremely important, so we also answer this obvious question: Bitcoin Champion has a huge earning capacity, we have personally benefited from continuous active customer support several times, and the brokers exploited by the are more than certified and famous in all our field.

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The artificial intelligence behind Bitcoin Champion allows for absolute accuracy (very close to 99%) in its forecasts, and the team of financial experts who work behind the scenes continuously allows you to create gigantic profits, with a minimum investment of time and money on your part. Once you have made a money withdrawal request, within 36 hours you will have all the money you want (you can also empty your account if you want) in the currency you want. It seems more than enough to define Bitcoin Champion as reliable.

Is Bitcoin Champion safe?

As if encryption and online clouds weren’t enough, Bitcoin Champion uses all the most modern and famous antivirus systems, whose icons (from Norton Mac coffee) are visible on the official website. There is no danger in sailing on Bitcoin Champion.

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Is there an App?

There is currently no app. It must be said that the platform is very young, however profitable, so it is likely that they have not had the time to literally create an app. At the same time, it would not be particularly useful: the site is mobile friendly, that is, you can browse it from a PC, tablet and phone with the same results and without going crazy due to technical problems. In addition, once you have set the desired settings on the platform, the bot will do everything by itself without you having to check it, so having an application that drains the phone’s battery would probably not be very useful.

Is Bitcoin Champion a fraud? The verdict!

We could keep repeating that Bitcoin Champion is reliable, instead we will give a direct example. We also advise against you to do the same, as you are probably not as experienced as we are, but we have deposited nearly $ 30,000 in multiple different accounts to test the platform. In just over 50 hours, we made nearly $ 475,000 and tried to withdraw it in five different currencies to test the system. There was no problem, we first transferred them to PayPal and then to our account, ready to reinvest them. Bitcoin Champion didn’t ask us any questions, it just sent us our money. More reliable than that!

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Stop-loss? What is it?

It is a user-controlled automatic mechanism that prevents you from exceeding certain investment thresholds.

Will they sell my data?

It is sadly known that the vast majority of companies sell sensitive user data to third parties. None of those who tried Bitcoin Champion, including us, have ever received advertising calls or anything else. In addition, the money that Bitcoin Champion can make by retaining users is probably much more than what it would make by selling data, it is not even convenient for the software.