Bitcoin Trader |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before you begin

With the recent economic crisis and even more so with the crisis due to the pandemic, many have lost their jobs, are losing or will lose it. And this is just one of the reasons that should push anyone to think about investing in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency market is frightening the richest, those who already have money: it was unthinkable until a few years ago for an ordinary person to accumulate such amounts of (earned) money. But with Bitcoin Trader, the promise was simple and you can read on the very first pages of their official website: you learn about the platform and the world of bitcoins, and the bot works for you.


What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin trader is an automatic trading platform. Now, a bit of clarity. A trading platform is a virtual place where the investor (you, after reading this article) buys and sells cryptocurrencies (bitcoins) based on market trends, earning on price changes.

A team of experts already well established in the world of finance has developed an algorithm, that is a program – which we call here a bot – which automatically calculates the variations and fluctuations of a complex market such as that of virtual finance in order to sell and buy at right moment.

You may wonder why the bot is not public, accessible to all, so as to verify that it does what it promises. Don’t worry, my team has checked it and it is true, but the bot “skeleton” is not accessible and there is a good reason. The site obviously has to earn something, so it retains a tiny percentage of users’ earnings. If they gave away the secret of success, how would they do it then? It makes sense, and you really don’t need to know how it works as long as it’s working. It’s all transparent, however.

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Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

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It is natural to be wary of a program that promises so much, and even the technicians of Bitcoin Trader know it: they have therefore collected the testimonies of those who have made it, and they are all visible on their site. Some more, some less, have all earned numbers from 8000-9000 dollars and up, and we are sure that those who have reached 5 or 6 figures are doing it in the shadows, without exposing themselves too much. However, the experiences of many users are there, in plain sight, and they don’t lie about the results they obviously are proud of.

How does it work?

After going through a short and simple registration process which we will analyze later in this article, you deposit a small amount of money and enter live trading. Simple. The bot will start hunting for the best opportunities on tài xỉu online and crypto market for you and one by one it will point them out to you, you will then be able to use the manual function (not recommended, especially if you are inexperienced) or leave it to the professionals who manage the platform.

We did a multiple cross-test to check the reaction times of Bitcoin Trader compared to other well-known platforms, and this is 63.9% faster. We’re not sure how they got this amazing and incredible result, but the gains speak for themselves. Starting at $ 250, we made more than $ 800.

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The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, so even when the bot does everything right, there is a small chance of making losses. It’s normal, and it’s part of the market risks. What matters is that at the end of the trading day the gains far outweigh the losses.

How to create an account

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The platform must carry out an identity verification process. They do it to protect themselves but above all to protect you.

1. Account registration

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The registration form is in plain sight on the official website. It is an easy-to-fill form in which you must carefully enter your phone number, email and your name. You will be contacted immediately to verify your identity and thus start everything safely.

In summary, therefore, you will be asked:

✓ Mail

✓ Telephone number (mobile, not landline)

✓ Name and surname

Within a few hours you will be contacted by an operator, and a verification email will arrive at the address entered.

2. Deposit

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The site requires a small deposit to start live trading. Most trading platforms ask for high minimum deposits, around 1000-2000 dollars, but we liked bitcoin trader because it is different: it only requires 250. You can deposit them in many different ways, such as Paypal, Maestro, Skrill and so on. The bot is available in more than 150 countries.

3. Examples of Trades

The trading examples are all visible on the site. There are those who have rounded up, those who have tripled their capital, and those who are still learning. But the results are there, unmistakable and crystal clear, you just have to take a look at them too.

4. Live trading

The site offers two possibilities: demo account or real account. A demo account is a kind of test, where you use simulated money but with the same mechanisms used by users who are using their real money. It is aimed at giving a considerable experience to those who try their hand at this market for the first time, so as not to make them lose money unnecessarily.

Users are always advised to do so, not only to see all the mechanisms that will then be available, but also to understand their level of knowledge and understanding of such a complex but paradoxically so simple platform.

A detail that we had not mentioned before: all brokers used by Bitcoin Trader are verified and known.

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Is Bitcoin Trader reliable?

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile and “dangerous”. The bot has managed to approach the incredible concept of earning as an ordinary person because of its functionality, but remember that the risks of the stock market are always there and always will be there. People who reported massive losses probably didn’t perform the steps correctly, or jumped right in without informing themselves like you are doing now.

In the end we can confirm that yes, the bot is reliable and anyone can use it.

Is Bitcoin Trader safe?

All information entered is protected by international privacy laws, and on a cloud encrypted by cutting-edge programs. Banking information is kept strictly, strictly confidential. Prudence nowadays is never too much and those at Bitcoin Trade have understood it.

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All traders who have made, will make or are making use of Bitcoin Trader at any level are always protected at all times. On the official website, the anti-virus, anti-hacking and anti-malware systems (also present in the platform, of course) were been easily identified and my team has confirmed that they are the best brands on the market, or at least among the best. The Bitcoin Trader team of specialists confirmed immediately, upon contact, that there is no possibility for attackers to breach the platform, the cloud or the personal accounts of investors.

The Bitcoin Trader team always informs with that their bitcoin traders who use the platform almost every day (it really takes 20 minutes!). At the time of account validation the information that is provided during the various phases from the beginning of the registration process is fully encrypted with military grade software. Of course, your deposits are also protected in the same way on the platform.

Is there an App?

As is often the case with young but performing platforms, the development team is entirely dedicated to the program, and they probably haven’t had the time to develop an app. Don’t worry, however. the site is mobile friendly and you can access it from mobile, tablet and so on. You can do it at any time, even while you are on vacation with friends or while you are on the plane, little changes. When you are an expert, about twenty minutes after lunch and you will have already earned a lot in one day.

Is Bitcoin Trader a fraud? The verdict!

We have carried out multiple checks with far more suspicious platforms, of which we do not reveal the name to prevent the unfortunate from reading them by mistake and losing their money. The answer is no, Bitcoin trader is not a fraud, on the contrary it operates in total transparency, with verified and famous brokers.

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Is Bitcoin trader available for all operating systems?

Yes, because it is a website and not a program. You can access it from Mac, Windows, Linux and so on without any problems. The only thing you need is, of course, an internet network.

Is Bitcoin trader for everyone?

There is a learning curve, here as everywhere in the cryptocurrency world. This does not mean that it is difficult, it would not make sense since the program was designed to make life easier for those who approach this world for the first time. The only requirement on which - for legal reasons - the site does not compromise is being legally an adult in one's country of origin, which is a necessary requirement.