Bitcoin Lifestyle| Is it a SCAM?| 🥇 Read before you begin

Never as today have earnings through cryptocurrencies been volatile and dependent on who is behind the screen. Many got rich, buying houses, revolutionizing their lives. But not everyone, even those who already had the knowledge, had also the time: trading online is often a great way to round up, but most of those who have changed their lives through it, once they had all of this as a second job.

We therefore needed an automated process, an optimized bot that would allow you to earn daily profits in crypto-trading without the hassle of sitting all day reading charts and market reports. With the price of bitcoin fluctuating so rapidly, it is advisable to have a web trader that you can trust. This bot has been shown to provide unmatched accuracy on market analysis and signals.

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many around of varying reliability. Today we are analyzing Bitcoin Lifestyle.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an automated cryptocurrency trading program that allows to earn money thanks to its Bitcoin price analysis. Profitability depends on volatility, regardless of the direction of the markets. It therefore seems plausible that many traders have reported making money using Bitcoin Lifestyle in both rising and descending markets.

Bitcoin is famous for being highly unstable and therefore provides great opportunities for fast trading applications, like Bitcoin Lifestyle. the ability to anticipate the market even by just a fraction of a second allows for very high economic returns.

Bitcoin Lifestyle trading software applies the techniques used by experienced traders to derive otherwise peculiar insights only from a trader behind a screen, getting them from extensive data and placing directly trading moves, all automatized.

But who’s behind the curtains? It is only known that the creator of Bitcoin Lifestyle is a very experienced crypto-trader, but we have not discovered his name, which is not even listed on the bot’s website. That said, every Bitcoin Lifestyle customer is contacted by a broker with a high reputation after their registration is completed. One of the brokers is Wisefunds Inc., which is regulated and can be trusted, for example.

We weren’t able to contact the creator, sure, but it seemed normal to us: we tested the platform as normal clients. What we know now is that they rely on artificial intelligence algorithms to generate trading signals through the “noise” of the market. The application of AI in trading has gained popularity among the top performing Wall Street companies, including some of the behemoth investment banks. Bitcoin Lifestyle brings the power of this technology to BTC trading.

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Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a scam?

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There are many references to Bitcoin Lifestyle on the web, we found many user testimonials proving the platform’s diffusion, including experienced investors.
Even on the Bitcoin Lifestyle website, we can directly see people’s experiences: they changed their lives starting from small profits, and then rising them up… like in every bitcoin software, after all. The difference is that Bitcoin Lifestyle does it better.

How does the Bitcoin Lifestyle works?

Bitcoin Lifestyle collaborates with well-known brokers. They are responsible for receiving deposits and facilitating transactions. One way to determine if a bot is trustworthy or not is to analyze its brokers. A trustworthy bot will always partner with safe and properly regulated brokers.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Lifestyle stated that the high profitability comes from the level of leverage offered by its brokers. Some of them offer leverage up to 1: 1000. This means that a $ 450 account can place trades of up to $ 450,000! Obviously, high financial leverage is a double-edged sword, since it can also lead to large losses: it will be the trader’s experience that protects him from loss, and the experience in a game is only gained by playing it.

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All of this happens through its software, which means that the user does not need expert-level skills to use it. Once you go through the setup process, the trading system does the rest for you, it’s are basically counting on the results of experienced brokers to start becoming one yourself.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle

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As mentioned before, no previous knowledge is required (obviously if you got it, that never hurts) to trade online with Bitcoin Lifestyle. The technological trading system works only with the automatic bot and requires the user to set up the risk management tools and click on “live trading”. This shouldn’t be a limitation, as the trading system provides a comprehensive guide on doing it. Take a look at the following procedure to understand how to open an account for trading with this software.

1. Account registration

Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle homepage, which can be easily found on the internet, and enter your private data in the form. You will then need to register with the following information:

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✓ Name

✓ Telephone number

✓ Email.

Bitcoin Lifestyle will then ask you to verify your email and phone number by sending an SMS and a link to your email.

We find the verification process fast and secure, but more than anything else it is… necessary. The number of hackers and cybercriminals looking forward to getting their hands on juicy personal data is increasing. Furthermore, Bitcoin Lifestyle appears to have taken all necessary measures to ensure the security of user data. Our verification shows that their website is encrypted, that it has a valid data protection policy and is compliant with the GDPR.

2. Deposit

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You need to deposit at least € 250 in order to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle, similar to many other online bots. However, it should be noted that this is the deposit, your trading capital, and not the cost of the app. Bitcoin Lifestyle is in fact a trading technology system that makes money by charging a small commission on the profits made through it. Indirectly, therefore. You shouldn’t not afraid to see the minimum deposit quota: it’s normal.

Bitcoin Lifestyle partner brokers accept deposits via wire transfer, Visa, Master Card, Neteller, WebMoney and Skrill to name a few. Our test shows that deposits take less than a minute to reflect on a trader’s account. Therefore, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any deposit fees.

3. Examples of Trades

The site itself reports the earnings of its users, to get proper publicity: as you will see, everyone started with a minimum deposit, and from there they rocketed up.

4. Live trading

Bitcoin Lifestyle live trading involves setting up the risk-management functions and, finally, clicking on the “Live” button. Risk management consists of defining the amount of capital that one is willing to risk for each operation.

At the beginning we said that it only takes a few minutes a day, and it’s true. But, by the time you are starting to use the platform, you will need to train for at least 3-4 hours a day (depending on how fast you learn) to achieve maximum profitability with this trading application. So, make sure you don’t risk more than five percent on any one trade. Remember that the more you risk in each trade, the greater the likelihood of suffering huge losses. Therefore, always be prepared for any result, positive or negative, but above all try to learn as much as possible both from your mistakes and from your successes.

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Is Bitcoin Lifestyle reliable?

As with every platform there are pros and cons:


  • Deposit methods. You can make deposits using credit or debit cards, Neteller, wire transfer, Skrill and bitcoin.
  • Earnings daily. Bitcoin Lifestyle makes you profit every day, and you don’t have to wait until the end of the week or month to withdraw your profits.
  • Unlimited withdrawals. You are free to make as many withdrawals as you wish. You can do this on a daily basis using the withdrawal method of your choice, without limitations.
  • Easy to use robot. This robot is easy to use even for beginners and, therefore, also for experienced traders.


  • Few cryptocurrencies to trade with.
  • The current version does not support offline trading.

Both of these cons depend on the relatively youth of the software, unfortunately. They will come presumably with time.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle safe?

It is. Clearly shown in the website there are all of the most famous security icons, like McAfee, Norton, and so on. We saw no security issues with this bot.

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Is there an App?

The software is too young for the developing of an app. Fortunately, the website is mobile friendly.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle a fraud? The verdict!

We ultimately conclude that Bitcoin Lifestyle is reliable and easy to use, which is evident from the fact that its community is ever expanding, a community made up of ordinary people just like you. A glance at the reviews provided by its investors also shows several rather illustrative individual success stories. The final verdict is yes: you should try it.

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Bitcoin Lifestyle: is it for everyone?

Sure! Over the years the platform has been open to the public, nearly a quarter of its users have become millionaires from cryptocurrency trading. Their trading signals, as stated on the site, have an accuracy level of around 98% and can generate a daily profit of up to 600%. It is likely that most of those who started here did not have the slightest idea, before, of what cryptocurrencies were.

Is there a hidden fee somewhere?

The only commission they charge is a 1% fee on the profits generated through their platform. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Their partner brokers operate through ECN, so they only apply a variable spread on each trade. These spreads are typically very small compared to the potential profit on each trade.