Bitcoin Profit |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before getting started

For us it is always incredible to think of the number of people who today will still think that Bitcoin, or trading software like bitcoin profit are a scam. Mind you, maybe a somewhat vague definition anyone would be able to give it, but for sure both my colleagues and I believe that the school is not yet able to provide adequate financial literacy.

Indeed, it can be said that the school does not even say a vague definition of the virtual financial market. There is always the Internet, which however is dangerous as it often contains false information. But my team and I are here to help. Let’s start with the definition of Bitcoin, what is this much talked about virtual currency? First of all, the term “virtual” here means that unlike physical currencies we can only find it online, and it has a much more variable price than its physical counterparts. Market fluctuations that are very difficult to predict lead to significant price fluctuations.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

If we wanted to define Bitcoin Profit, nothing would be more appropriate than “revolution”. More technically, we can define it as a block of 25 algorithms that all operate simultaneously to anticipate changes in the market. Its operation, obviously encoded in a source code, is based on an artificial intelligence with a virtual server, these algorithms are limited to answering with a dry yes / no to questions (obviously of a financial nature) that allow second by second an anticipation of market values ​​regarding Bitcoins.

The mere fact that it is based on artificial intelligence is a guarantee, as any other calculation method would be insufficient to handle all the required calculations. But how does it actually work? Bitcoin Profit was born from the skilled hands of a group of now experienced investors who have decided not to invest all day every day, manually. So, Bitcoin Profit works like this: you insert a certain amount of money and the software generates a passive income, which can be more or less high depending on the fluctuations of the market.

Is Bitcoin Profit a scam?

We asked ourselves this too, given the large number of platforms that we have been asked to review over time. Not all of them were reliable, indeed some almost managed to cheat us while instead promising who knows what miracles. Of course, there we are not denying it, nowadays with modernity creeping more and more into our lives, being scammed is more frequent than it should. All this is even more true when it comes to online scams, and in particular in the virtual financial market. This is because in this last field everything is volatile, variable, unpredictable. However, it must be said that people are more exposed to this type of scam also because of the Internet itself: a huge number of websites spread clearly false information so as to scam those who try to find out to improve their lives.

Obviously not all sites do this: let’s just say that not everyone can afford a team like mine to review a platform, so they often fall back on alleged “experts” who actually, even if in good faith, spread false information. But I’ll reveal a quick trick: if you want to find out the reliability of a BOT for Bitcoins, ask those who have already tried it: in this case, fortunately, many people have left their review on Bitcoin Profit’s official website, explaining how they managed every day to change their life more and more. Mind you, not all of them have become millionaires, but of course, at least they bought some new house.

How does the Bitcoin Profit works?

The time for explanations is over. Now we will tell you accurately how this platform works. We will not go into technicalities, just know that there is a huge computer engineering project behind Bitcoin Profit. Its source code, we can define it as the “soul” of the platform, is kept secret by the creators of Bitcoin Profit. During our interview with the team of experts who created the platform, they only told us that this artificial intelligence is largely based on that used in epidemiological models. This is more than plausible; it would be the only way to manage all the data that passes through Bitcoin Profit every second.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Profit

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To start trading with Bitcoin Profit you need to register. The reason is pretty trivial, actually. All countries have an anti-money laundering center, i.e. professionals in charge of controlling the flows of digital money to verify that there are no criminal activities in progress, or in any case to limit them as much as possible.

1. Account registration


Let’s start: don’t worry, it will take five minutes, with Bitcoin Profit and also my team who will assist you all the time. Log in to Google and go to Bitcoin Profit’s website, you will immediately see a fillable form (at this moment it is green, but it could change) where you will have to enter a very simple series of data.

  • Telephone → enter your mobile number. This is only for Bitcoin Profit, it will not be disclosed to third parties, so you can rest assured about irritating advertisements. Simply, Bitcoin Profit will use it to verify your identity and to explain the basics of the platform to you through a technician.
  • Mail → we advise you to use a specific one for Bitcoin Profit for the e-mail, the domain is indifferent, Gmail or whatever is fine too. Through the email you will receive answers to questions frequently asked to customer service, and they can assist you in non-urgent matters. For the urgent ones, they will use the cell phone.
  • Passwords → forget trivial passwords like “banana123”, consider that you are setting the password to a platform that will allow you to change your life, so choose it accordingly. We always recommend a password of at least 20 characters that contains at least five or six special characters. Mark it somewhere, and never tell anyone about it.

2. Deposit

Your first deposit must be a minimum of $ 250. Depending on your experience level, you may decide to deposit much more, there is no maximum limit. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with just depositing $ 250: on the other hand, if you are not an expert, the best way is always to be careful. However, we can tell you with certainty that the minimum deposit on Bitcoin Profit is significantly lower than competing BOTs, those not particularly reliable. Among other things, you can use any of the payment methods written on the platform (and there are so many) such as Paypal, Maestro, and so on.

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3. Examples of Trades

In case you are unsure, Bitcoin Profit has already thought about it. In fact, it created a method called “demo” mode. With demo mode we mean a test account, where you do not enter your money but you limit yourself to using the virtual money provided by the system to acquire the greatest possible expertise with the platform before invest your money in it. Mind you, this money cannot be withdrawn as it is fictitious, and only serves to familiarize you with the platform. When you have experienced enough, head to live trading.

4. Live trading


Here we are, you have finally come to the moment where money is made. Once you have made your first deposit, no matter how much money you put in it as long as it is over $ 250, you can start the BOT and watch it reinvest your money in a totally automatic way, there are many customization options, for example the stop-loss functionality. In this function you basically decide how much money you want to invest at most, and if Bitcoin Profit believes that the market is not particularly profitable at that moment, it will block the investment.

Is Bitcoin Profit reliable?

Yes, Bitcoin Profit is completely reliable. Obviously, you cannot ignore the BOT for more than a few days in a row, every now and then you will have to log in both to withdraw the money and to change some parameters. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and you will learn quickly. No more than 40 minutes a day to change your life – that seems like a great deal.

The customer service will also be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always ready to help you. You can also take a look at all the brokers present on Bitcoin Profit: they are internationally famous and verified from the point of view of reliability.

Is Bitcoin Profit safe?

Bitcoin Profit cannot know if you are using an antivirus or not, because it will never have access to your computer (nor will it ask you to). Therefore, they have activated a protection program for their users as long as they browse the site: you can see the icons of the major and most famous antivirus at the top left of Bitcoin Profit’s website. In practice, as long as you have Bitcoin Profit’s web page open, you will be protected.

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Does Bitcoin Profit have an app?

We also asked Bitcoin Profit’s creators this question during the interview they gave us, and we were told that no app is planned at the moment. All this is due to a few but valid reasons: Bitcoin Profit’s website is already mobile friendly, so you can browse it through any device without problems. Furthermore, the fact that it only takes 40-50 minutes a day makes an app useless: why should you continually open the BOT if it does everything automatically?

Is Bitcoin Profit a fraud? The verdict!

The verdict is clear and simple. Bitcoin Profit is not a fraud. We used a large number of accounts ourselves to test the platform, two each for each member of my team, investing a total of about $ 65,000. Over the course of a week we have increased the initial investment by 10 times, experimenting with a little bit all of Bitcoin Profit’s modulable parameters, in particular the Stop Loss function. Once we decided to close the investments, we withdrew about $ 680,000 in bulk into a single bank account. We were contacted by a technician who verified our identity again, associating it with the one already registered on the platform, congratulated us on all the money obtained and limited himself to asking us in which currency we wanted to transfer it. More reliable than that, we wouldn’t know where to look for it.


Can I withdraw in euros?

There is no limitation on the currencies you can withdraw into, the only thing is that you cannot withdraw Bitcoins directly.

Can I use multiple bank accounts?

Technically, only one bank account is required, but we have used several: just contact customer service, and they will answer you in a few hours. Within a couple of days you will have all the bank accounts you want connected.