Bitcoin Era |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before you begin

Bitcoin Era is a famous method to make money through Bitcoins, but automatically. Nowadays, it’s practically impossible not to know the Bitcoins world. Since the revealing of Bitcoins to the world in 2009, a new era in the online world and in the investing market was born. In fact, it became one of the most appreciated financial markets by investors. Obtaining an enormous amount of profit through them is possible, and many were able to do it.

If you are already familiar with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then you will know how extremely unstable they are. Bitcoins can go as high as $ 1000 in minutes. What happens in most situations is that users let the bot carry out transactions for them all day and they can make losses. But if you are a smart investor, you should know that, due to market instability, it is necessary to monitor transactions. Instability can be a disadvantage, but also a huge source of income. It appears that Bitcoin Era operates in a split second faster, as declared on their website, which means there is enough time to grasp the market signals and execute the transaction correctly. As it’s always been in this field, high instability involves greater risks, but also means higher rewards.

But is the Bitcoin Era the new answer to a decennial question? Is it a revolution in the Bitcoin field?


What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an automated trading system, and its name is composed of “Bitcoin”, the cryptocurrency that nowadays almost everybody knows, and “Era”, which indicates, in general, an historical period characterized by important events.
Leaving aside catchy names, in synthesis Bitcoin Era is a software, with a similar aesthetic to many known platforms like Bitcoin Future, Crypto Engine, Bitcoin Pro and so on. The promise is simple: you transfer there money, and the software will increase them.

We are looking at a fully automatic software, which means that its users only need to configure the bot with certain settings and click “ON”. Once started, all that remains to be done is to monitor the transactions performed on behalf of the user. It is quite transparent and has the same ease of use as other tools like Bitcoin Revolution.

You can also operate in a manual way, anyway.

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Is Bitcoin Era a scam?

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There are many references to Bitcoin Era on the web, we found many user testimonials proving the platform’s veracity, including experienced investors.
Even on the Bitcoin Era website, we can see and verify by having them validate the platform, the partnerships used with security programs and even the payment methods through verified resources.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

The software is ideated by experts who, through the creation of sophisticated algorithms could be able to generate the perfect (or almost perfect) formula to foresee where the Bitcoin price will move in the future. They don’t specify further, leaving the technology behind it in shadows, and rightfully: these kind of technicalities are worth millions and are carefully guarded.

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Side note, it’s reserved to subscribers only. They talk about an average profit of 1300 $/day, with a potential profit of a million euros in one month.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Era

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The opening of the page with a few clicks and speed, helps the new users feel more comfortable from their first contact with the website.
Registering at Bitcoin Era is self-explanatory. By following the description, the new user can join the site in minutes and start investing in the online platform.
Below we will describe step by step, how to start using Bitcoin Era in an easy way.

1. Account registration

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Personal data to insert are: name, surname, password with at least 1 capital letter and 1 number (and a minimum of 6 characters), email address and telephone number. After registration, which is really very simple and quick, you will be connected to a broker and you can move on to the next step.

2. Deposit

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The only way to start trading is through registration and then a deposit of around 300$, or 250 euros, at minimum. Theoretically you could deposit any amount of money.

Accepted payment methods vary from broker to broker, but the most common are Visa and MasterCard, Neteller and Skrill credit cards. All of them are accepted here.

Theoretically, Bitcoin Era has a “withdraw up to 36 hours” policy. When you ask to withdraw your funds, it depends on your bank account or credit card for up to 36 hours of waiting, not more.

3. Examples of “Trades”

Immediately upon registration, you’ll be redirected to Nasdaq500. There you will be able to start. You can also select other brokers between the listed ones, but not external brokers: they are corporate partners and investors. The tool is connected via API to each of the brokers in the list that they constantly update, and is used on the platform that the broker has made available for the software.

As you can see from the picture (official website), the estimated profits are high, and “In real time”. The indicated date is always the current day of who visits the website, which cyclically shows images of people with their reported profits. As you can see, they are indeed high. We personally tested Bitcoin Era and the results were globally positive, with a success percentage over 85%, much better than expected.

4. Live trading

The website allows a manual trading, or an automatized one, saying that their subscribers work less than 20 minutes a day due to the autonomy of their algorithms.

In your dashboard, you’ll have various sections:

Trading account: this is where you can check the activity and summary of your trading accounts. It’s advised to have only one open platform at a time.

My Profile: This is where you can set up your details, change your password and upload your identification documents. Even regulated brokers want to know who you are, so you’ll need to upload these documents before withdrawing your profits. That’s a standard procedure.

Fund Transfer: This is where you can deposit or withdraw your funds.

Platform Download: This is not strictly necessary, but you can download the platform you use to trade with Bitcoin Era.

Customer Service: It is a support team, available 24/7, which should be able to assist you in all your problems.

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Is Bitcoin Era reliable?

Returning to the main problem, we deeply tested the platform. It’s true that many investors or aspirant ones aren’t so well versed in cryptocurrencies, risking to lose their money independently of the reliability of the system used.As always in this field, you are investing with a risk: losing money doesn’t mean scam, just – in most cases, this included – lack of experience. Anyway, there is a safe to that: demo version.
Demo accounts are optional, but we recommend starting this way to avoid the risk of loss. The concept is simple: a way to experience the platform and perform theoretical money transactions as an experiment between Bitcoin Era and the broker. It works very similar to actual live mode operations, except that you don’t lose your money.

Is Bitcoin era safe?

Despite the various issues with the website and its contents, there weren’t security issues, or at least none was reported. It clearly shows famous certifications of security as well. Plus, the verification of your personal data reassures about the legitimacy of the software.

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It’s best to trade with an automated system that offers all users online protection, generally speaking. User data and deposits are juicy targets for cybercriminals. However, it has been confirmed on the official Bitcoin Era website that it is impossible for hackers or automated programs to gain unauthorized access (hacking) to the intelligent trading platform.

Is there an App?

At the moment of this article, there is no officially supported app for Bitcoin Era. The website is easily navigable from tablets and phones, though.

The website is mobile friendly, with all functionalities available from PC. The lack of a dedicated app doesn’t talk about the reliability of a trading system, it just means that the system is too young, or there is no need for a mobile app.

In this case, it’s probably the first.

Is Bitcoin Era a fraud? The verdict!

The conclusion is easily made: Bitcoin Era is reliable. We started multiple accounts, depositing over 600$ and, without exception, moneys were made. Don’t misunderstand, we know that investing has its risks, so we won’t tell you that you’ll make millions immediately. As in everything, you need to learn.

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Bitcoin Era: is it for everyone?

The software is very complex and certainly interesting even for those who have been working in this field for years, but at the same time it has an interface that is very easy to use and anyone can quickly learn how to operate. The setup process takes less than half an hour, and then the bot will act automatically.

What is the profit percentage?

We had a profit of 85% more or less, but we are professionals. Remember that profits vary according to the broker's experience, and therefore it may take some time to achieve the desired results.

What if I need help?

They have a dedicated customer service that offers all the help required, and even an option to chat in real time, so you can communicate with customer service throughout the entire investment day.

Can I withdraw bitcoins from my Bitcoin Era account?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, because they are used to trade as if they were a CFD, which is an abstract representation of the bitcoins available on the market of the chosen broker.