Bitcoin Pro |Is it a SCAM?|? Read before you begin

Unbelievable but true, in 2021 there are still a lot of people who don’t have the slightest idea what the cryptocurrency financial market is. On the contrary, let’s correct ourselves: crossing an ordinary person on the street and asking the question “Do you know what Bitcoins are?” Perhaps a vague answer, perhaps very imprecise, perhaps only with a vague basic concept, they would be able to give it. For sure it would be approximate, for sure it would not know terms like trading, intermediate broker, certified platforms. They would just associate the thought to a generic “invest a variable amount of money to get large amounts”. And then they would say two things: I know it’s possible, but I don’t have the skills to do it. Well, all this was true before Bitcoin Pro.


What is Bitcoin Pro?

So far, Bitcoin Pro has been talked about as an abstract concept, but let’s define it better: it is a program, or even better a set of programs. It can also be defined as a group of software well intersected with each other, whose purpose is to work all together to make complex mathematical calculations aimed at calculating in advance the possibility of an increase or decrease in Bitcoins. This is the point of online trading: based on market fluctuations, which occur every fraction of a second around the world, you decide whether to buy (at the lowest possible price), or sell (at the highest possible price) the crypto currency. The problem is that it takes a great deal of expertise to do it without BOTs like Bitcoin Pro: I can already see you fidgeting in the chair in front of the PC, unsure whether or not you have the skills to do it. Do not worry! We are talking about a BOT: the only effort that will be required will be to configure, and to assist it for those few daily minutes where I should start it, for the rest I could take a look at the computer every now and then while you are assembling your new furniture in the kitchen, or while having a Mojito. And as you relax, Bitcoin Pro’s passively generated automatic income will change your life from month to month, likely far exceeding your normal salary. You will also be able to do other jobs in the meantime, such as investing in other financial markets: in this market, Bitcoin Pro will work for you. I know it sounds impressive, and indeed it is: it doesn’t suit us traders that similar programs are being broadcast, but when something so amazing and famous is generated, we just have to give credit to the authors. This algorithm can perform calculations with similar power to that of a super computer, and you don’t need any input from you other than at first.

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Is Bitcoin Pro a scam?

Surely you are wondering too. It is sadly normal nowadays to be scammed, on the Internet but also in the real world. This is also favoured in this area by the fact that a worrying number of people know nothing about crypto currencies. So far we have talked about it as if it were the fault of the people themselves, but it must also be said that many websites spread false information: the purpose of these criminals is twofold, on the one hand they try to scam the users who read the articles, maybe they happen to be on the site even for error, on the other hand serious knowledge in the Bitcoin field decreases, preventing people from getting rich to have money all to themselves.

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There is also a small part that acts in good faith, but hires subjects who are not competent for their articles, falling into the first two categories. It therefore seemed mandatory for us to check Bitcoin Pro accurately and reliably, it was easy because we are a team of technicians and finance experts. We were afraid it was just another online platform that promised everything and donated nothing, but it wasn’t, in reality the search was relatively easy. In fact, it is enough to go to the official Bitcoin Pro website to observe a myriad of reviews of extremely satisfied users who have changed their lives through this software. And the wonderful thing is that these reviews appear every hour, which means that every day someone sees their life change, their income increases so much that someone (indeed, more than one) abandoned their previous job. The proof of Bitcoin Pro’s reliability is all there…

How does the Bitcoin Pro work?

So far, we have only spoken in introductory terms, to make you better understand what is at stake. If creating this algorithm must have been very difficult, explaining how it works will be simple: a group of people, in our case a team of expert brokers built a set of algorithms with a currently secret structure that work on the basis of a server hosting an artificial intelligence , in order to perform incredibly complex calculations to be a few fractions of a second ahead of the cryptocurrency market. It may seem little, probably if you went to the market in your city with a few fractions of a second in advance, or even 20 minutes in advance, it would not change anything: in the world of crypto currencies, on the other hand, a few fractions of a second is the difference between the bankrupt and six-zero digits. The BOT while calculating these price changes also communicates in real time, obviously only if you are in front of the computer, otherwise you just have to set it to buy or sell at the right time. It will do so at any time, regardless of the time and time zone you are in: you may wake up in the morning and realize that the BOT has created a profit of millions, or maybe a few thousand dollars … it depends on the market, but in any case you will never be at a loss.

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Before you can do this, however, you will need to register. I know it’s a hassle to register on online sites, but you know it’s necessary: ​​you’ve never heard of a trustworthy bot that doesn’t ask you for a minimum of personal data. In any case, it will take you a few minutes, you will be guided through the process by us and the site and very soon you will be investing. If you know what you are doing you can already jump to live trading addressed in this article because you probably already have, after registration, deposited a few thousand dollars and the BOT is already started. If not, don’t worry – we’ll help you.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Pro

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Due to anti-money laundering regulations, banks and credit bureaus in general must report the movement of large amounts of money to the nation. Understand for yourself why Bitcoin Pro requires registration with identity verification: if it did not, your bank would see sudden and unjustified revenues of thousands and thousands of dollars, and would probably ask you questions at a minimum, and in the worst case would send the police to your home. There is also a security aspect: Bitcoin Pro also does it to let you have traceable documents, so that you can keep them.

1. Account registration

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The first step to start investing with Bitcoin Pro is this. Trust me, the procedure is extremely simple. To start, go to the official website and click on “register”. A form will come out to fill in with a series of data, all very simple.

  • Phone → This is necessary to receive an immediate call from the platform, the team of experts will make sure that the phone number you provided is real, and they will chat with you for a few minutes to verify your identity and explain the basics of the platform, even if you don’t need it now because we have explained almost everything to you. A refresh of information, however, never hurts.
  • Mail → the email will not be used much by Bitcoin Pro, it tends to prefer the telephone number to have direct communication with its investors. However, if you have even seemingly trivial questions about the functioning of the site, a technician will not answer you on the phone (they are still very busy, they have to keep the site going!) but a dedicated assistance team that will always answer by email.
  • Password → we do not believe there is a need to spend particular words on this point. It is obviously assumed that the password is perhaps the most important thing, choose one long and alphanumeric, and don’t tell it to anyone.

2. Deposit

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To start trading live you need a minimum deposit of $ 250: it may seem like a little, and indeed it is: competing platforms require at least $ 1000 deposit, and often don’t even have customer service. Don’t worry, you will be able to increase your deposited money ten times in less than a week.

3. Examples of Trades

You don’t have to start with your money right away if you don’t feel safe – the platform has already thought about it. In fact, it offers a mode called demo, in practice you are given fake, virtual and “training” money. Even with the demo account I could have access to all the features of the platform, to become familiar with it without affecting your money with losses due to inexperience. Once you understand how the BOT works and how to set it up, you could move on to live trading.

4. Live trading

And here we are, your first deposit is done. It doesn’t matter if it’s the minimum of $ 250 or $ 30,000, either way the platform will be at your entire disposal. If you prefer to invest a limited amount of money Bitcoin Pro has thought of a feature called Stop Loss, where it will only invest the money you tell it to invest and it will only do so when the market is not stationary or in constant loss.

It takes about thirty minutes a day, but it must be said that knowledge favors investors: try to inform yourself as much as possible about Bitcoin and the world of finance.

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Is Bitcoin Pro reliable?

Probably our opinion about it is now taken for granted. Protecting investors in experts is essential and moral, so we will answer: with Bitcoin Pro, however, your quality of life will improve a lot, we ourselves have benefited from infallible customer support and all the brokers used however from Bitcoin Pro they are certified and very famous all over the world. It is obvious that the platform makes money in some way: in addition to keeping a small percentage of your earnings, it also makes money in various ways.

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It would not make sense otherwise, why on earth provide you with a system to make money and then withhold money from your earnings, when it would be enough to do it themselves? The answer is simple: the data traffic generated by users on the site allows Bitcoin Pro to get better relationships with brokers, so that they can make even more money. But don’t worry, none of this will affect your earnings. So yes, it is extremely reliable.

Is Bitcoin Pro safe?

Yes, because the platform uses all the most famous antivirus systems, the icons of which are clearly shown on the site. Bitcoin Pro is safe.

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Is there an App?

There is no app, and you probably won’t miss it. For sure sooner or later it will be done, but being a young platform (however fruitful), it is likely that the team has not yet been able to make the app. The site is still mobile friendly, so don’t worry.

Is Bitcoin Pro a fraud? The verdict!

The verdict will come from our direct example: obviously we are not advising you to do the same, because we are professionals and we know what we do. Basically, we deposited around $ 20,000, and in just under a week, we made nearly $ 432,000. We then sent a withdrawal request to the platform, and within the stated 36 hours (after about 10 to be precise) all the money was credited to PayPal. The platform didn’t ask us any questions, just sent us the money. So no, the platform is not a fraud.

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I didn’t understand the stop loss! What is it?

It is a system designed to prevent you from losing money.

Are my data safe?

Yes, because the platform has no interest in selling its users' data. The money they would collect from advertising and spamming you is much less than the percentage they take from their users' millionaire earnings.