Is Profit Horizon App Review – Is it as Profitable as the Reviewers Allege?

You have a huge chance of generating wealth online through bitcoin trading. However, not all approaches to bitcoin trading work.

It’s therefore paramount to do enough research before settling on a bitcoin trading approach. We have researched for you and identified a highly popular auto-trading robot. The robot is known as Profit Horizon.

This trading robot is reviewed many times on the internet, with many alleging that it’s highly profitable. Profit Horizon has attracted more reviews than any other trading system on the internet.

But can it be trusted, and is it profitable? We have conducted background checks as expected and prepared a comprehensive and unbiased review. Only proceed with Profit Horizon after reading this review to the end.

  • Minimum deposit – USD250
  • Potential Profits – Up to 90% (
  • Trading status – Fully automated
  • Number of free withdrawals per month – Unlimited
  • Withdrawal waiting time – 5 hours
  • Availability – EU, Australia, the Americas, Asia, and Africa
  • Partner brokers regulation – FCA, ASIC, FSB, and CySEC
  • Demo availability – Yes!
  • Mobile trading – Yes!

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Profit Horizon Review Summary

We are more than convinced that Profit Horizon is a powerful tool for automated crypto trading. The bot is undoubtedly super-profitable given the feedback from users.

There are thousands of Profit Horizon reviews on the internet. Only a genuine platform can attract such a high number of reviews from users. We are also surprised by how widely this trading bot is covered in the mainstream media.

Notable experts have reviewed it on high traffic publications in Australia, the UK, and South Africa. An in-depth look at the reviews indicates that the platform is profitable. The minimum trading balance needed to trade with Profit Horizon is USD250.

You don’t pay any fees to register with this bot. Moreover, there are no trading fees until you start making money. Profit Horizon only deducts a 2% commission on the profits earned per trade. The minimum capital deposit can generate hundreds of dollars in profits daily.

Some of Profit Horizon users allege growing their investment capital to hundreds of thousands of dollars through compounding. Invest more money or compound all the profits of a $250 account for fast growth.

Profit Horizon undoubtedly offers the easiest way to trade bitcoin. It’s also reportedly a super performer and could turn you into a millionaire within months. But it would be foolhardy to take it as risk-free and invest all your savings in it. Crypto trading, in general, remains highly risky and hence only suitable for investors with a high-risk appetite.

What is Profit Horizon?

Profit Horizon is an automated trending platform for bitcoin trading. It’s reportedly one of the best bitcoin trading platforms in the UK in 2021.

The bot also ranks top globally in the best crypto trading platforms category. In the most basic terms, Profit Horizon can be described as a computer program for automated crypto trading. Trading automation has grown tremendously over the years thanks to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading technologies. 

AI enables computers to perform complex terms once only dedicated to experts. Today, we have AI-driven robots assisting doctors in performing intricate procedures and reading radiology images better than humans.

But if there is a field experiencing massive disruption from AI-driven automation, it’s the financial sector. Today, robots are taking over trading and investment functions at a breathtaking pace. The AI-powered computer programs for long-term investing are known as robo-advisors.

Those for day trading, on the other hand, are known as trading robots. There are many trading robots out there, even though only a few are worth their salt. Trading robots can either be fully automated or semi-automated. Moreover, they can be categorized on tradable assets, with some being highly specialized to trade a specific asset class.

Profit Horizon is a trading robot highly specialized in crypto trading. This trading system claims to trade over 200 crypto pairs using a derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD). We won’t discuss the technical details of CFDs trading since you don’t need any specialized knowledge to use this bot.

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Profit Horizon Reviews Feedback

You reportedly have a high chance of succeeding in crypto trading when using this trading robot. We have taken our time to investigate Profit Horizon and uncovered substantial data to prove that this bot is worth trying.

Firstly, a lot of people have reviewed it all over the web. The general feedback is great, with nearly everyone alleging to make money.

  • Profit Horizon Trustpilot – This robot has over 3k reviews and an overall rating of 4.4/5. The robot is ranked top among the best-reviewed on this platform.
  • Profit Horizon Reddit – We have come across many Reddit posts indicating that this bot is worthwhile. Each of the posts has thousands of comments confirming the profitability of this trading robot.

It’s fair to mention that at least 8% of the reviewers have reported losing their capital. Losses are expected in any form of trading, and therefore this shouldn’t scare you away from this platform. However, you should evaluate your risk appetite carefully before investing and only deposit what you can afford to lose.

Profit Horizon is also highly reviewed by experts on popular publications in the UK and Australia. All the expert reviews rank it top among the best trading platforms for crypto. The reviews also praise it for ease of use and safety.

Profit Horizon is completely beginner-friendly, with every technical trading function being automated. You can use this platform successfully from the first minute of trading even if you have zero trading skills. However, you must go through the settings guide carefully to avoid costly mistakes.

Advantages of investing with Profit Horizon

Profit Horizon offers a lifetime opportunity to trade crypto profitably. You have a high chance of making money on bitcoin through this bot than through the traditional ways.

Profit Horizon has attracted a huge following in the crypto trading circles. It’s highly popular among all types of traders, including professional ones. Some wealth managers claim to use this bot to deliver superior returns to their investors.

Profit Horizon offers a seamless trading experience for complete beginners. It’s rated as completely easy to operate when compared to top competitors. Profit Horizon mostly competes with the trading systems provided by the big banks. Here is how this bot compares to others in the same industry.

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Profit Horizon

  • Confirmed profitability
  • Easy to use trading system
  • High-level transparency
  • Frictionless withdrawals
  • Affordable to most people
  • No hidden fees
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Regulated partner brokers

Suspicious trading robots

  • Unconfirmed profitability claims
  • Complicated trading platforms
  • Not transparent
  • Complaints about withdrawals
  • May require registration fees
  • Hidden fees complaints
  • Offshore partner brokers

Is Profit Horizon Legit? The Verdict!

A rigorous background study of Profit Horizon shows that it’s legit. Moreover, it’s highly reputable and therefore highly likely to be profitable.

The robot is perhaps the most reviewed on the web today, with tens of thousands of consumers rating it 5-star on Trustpilot. Profit Horizon scores top on transparency, ease of use, performance, safety and customer service.

We have tested its platforms and determined that they are founded on state-of-the-art technologies. Profit Horizon is easy to use since you only need to create an account, fund it via the broker, and click the live button to trade.

Trading with this bot could be your key to the millionaires club, but please note that performance isn’t guaranteed. You have to evaluate your risk appetite and only deposit what you can afford to lose.

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Is Profit Horizon reliable?

Profit Horizon could be reliable if the many positive reviews are anything to go by. It seems that many people are having a great trading experience with this bot.

Does Profit Horizon offer a trading app?

Yes! The Profit Horizon web-trader is also offered as a hybrid app installed on Android and iOS devices. This trading system doesn't offer a desktop app.

Is Profit Horizon regulated in the UK?

Profit Horizon operates under FCA regulated UK brokers. These brokers ensure that the robot operates transparently and has solid client protection measures in place.

How much do I pay to trade with Profit Horizon?

You only pay a small commission when profitable. Unprofitable accounts do not incur any charges.

Is Profit Horizon profitable?

Profit Horizon generally has positive feedback on the internet, and it's highly likely to be profitable.

Does Profit Horizon offer signup bonuses?

The brokers supporting this trading robot may offer signup bonuses for new registrations from certain countries. However, the bonuses aren’t guaranteed.

Is Profit Horizon a Ponzi scheme?

We have analyzed a lot of data and didn’t find any red flags to suggest that Profit Horizon is a scam or a Ponzi scheme.