Is Big Money Rush a Legit and Profitable Trading System?

Big Money Rush reportedly earns its users huge profits trading bitcoin. This explains its ever-growing popularity. Most of its users allege making fortunes by investing as little as USD250.

We have been asked by many of our readers to review Big Money Rush. Our team of experts has done a ton of background checks and prepared this unbiased and comprehensive review. We find Big Money Rush to be legit and highly likely to be profitable.

It’s also safe and easy to use. Big Money Rush operates under some of the best robot brokers in the market. These brokers operate as the bot’s link to clients and global liquidity providers. You are assured of funds safety when trading with this platform.

Big Money Rush does all the trading for you and is, therefore, quite easy to operate. You don’t need any crypto trading background to use this platform.



What is Big Money Rush?

Big Money Rush is an auto trading bot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. AI has been touted as the most exciting thing in digital technology. It can outdo humans at everything, including financial trading.

This platform’s AI-powered algorithms analyze the cryptocurrency markets in a split second. In contrast, it takes human traders hours or days to identify profitable trades.

The platform also executes trades instantly to avoid negative slippage. Essentially, it enables users to make passive income trading cryptocurrency without the hassle of keeping up with changing market movements.

To this end, some users claim to make more than $1,000 on a single day using Big Money Rush. How much you make depends on your investment, but the average daily ROI is 25%. However, some lucky traders report ROIs as much as 20%. What’s more, the platform claims to make profits in every nine out of 10 trades.

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Can Big Money Rush be Trusted?

Big Money Rush can be trusted, as proven by our comprehensive research. It is a legitimate automated cryptocurrency trading tool – and a good one at that.

Big Money Rush has been around for some time now, and it has established a positive reputation in a highly cautious market. It has millions of users worldwide, and it has attracted thousands of positive reviews.

Notably, this tool partners with a range of independent brokers worldwide. These brokers are responsible for verifying new users’ identities. ID verification is a paramount measure in the prevention of money laundering and other financial crimes. Nearly all well-developed financial markets require all deposit-taking firms to verify the ID of their clients.

You can also trust Big Money Rush to help you trade cryptos safely and successfully. It has reportedly helped thousands of clients generate millions of dollars by trading bitcoin volatility.

Big Money Rush Key Features

Big Money Rush offers a wide range of features designed to give users the best crypto trading experience. Some of the most notable features include:

AI Analytics

AI can analyze the complex cryptocurrency markets in less than a second. It can also identify the slightest trading positions, accumulating small profits that add up to thousands of dollars over time.

Using AI technology minimizes losses and maximizes profits. It also saves users the strenuous task of monitoring the markets manually. Big Money Rush employs the latest AI technology for the best results. 

Partner Brokers

This platform partners with many independent brokers worldwide. These brokers are governed by top tier regulators, including ASIC, FCA, and CySEC. Very few brokers manage to meet the regulatory requirements instituted by these institutions.

Proven Performance

Many people are attracted to Big Money Rush by the promise of making good profits. Some users report making more than $1,000 daily. Some traders make more than others, but profitability is reportedly consistent.

As mentioned earlier, the average daily ROI is 25%. Daily profitability can shoot through the roof during periods of high volatility. BTC volatility is extremely high in 2021; this is the best time to trade with Big Money Rush.

Seamless Withdrawals

Most automated trading platforms take at least 48 hours to process users’ withdrawal requests. However, Big Money Rush processes withdrawals within 2 hours. You only need to fill a simple form for the withdrawal to be processed.

Flawless Customer Service

Big Money Rush has a dedicated customer support department that runs 24/7. The customer care agents are professional and friendly, and they are equipped to solve technical and non-technical trading-related challenges. Users can get in touch via email, live chat, or phone.

Safe trading platforms

Cases of crypto theft through hacking are on the rise in 2021. This explains why it’s quite important to ensure platforms security. Big Money Rush offers well-encrypted trading platforms. A 128-bit key encryption protocol powers their site.

Big Money Rush is also compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR remains to be the world’s most respected data protection regulation. Big Money Rush encourages its users to observe online safety practices. These include securing accounts with a strong password and observing password protection measures.

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Opening an Account with Big Money Rush

Opening an account with Big Money Rush is quick and easy. It takes less than 10 minutes on average. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join this platform:


Registration is quick and easy. The application form asks for simple details, including your first and last names, an email address, and a working phone number. You will be asked to go through ID verification. As mentioned earlier, the ID verification requirement is part of the global Know Your Customer requirements.

Ensure that you provide accurate details to avoid trouble during the next steps. The verification process only takes a couple of hours. You can proceed as you wait for the verification to take place.


You are also required to deposit at least $250 to access the trading area. Feel free to deposit as much as you can afford but do not forget about the risks present in crypto trading. You could lose all your money in the event of a miscalculated move.

Big Money Rush accepts a range of money transfer options, including:

  • ·         Visa
  • ·         MasterCard
  • ·         Wire Transfer
  • ·         Maestro
  • ·         Neteller
  • ·         Skrill
  • ·         WebMoney
  • ·         Bitcoin

The platform’s money transfer channels are secure. Additionally, the deposits are instant, and the money will reflect in your account within a minute.


The Big Money Rush website and trading tools are designed to support beginner as well as expert traders. New users can familiarize themselves with the platform through the provided demo account. You only need about 45 minutes to be fully prepared to operate the live account.

Ensure that you go through the trading introduction video and take time on the demo before starting a live session. Also, engage the personal account manager thoroughly before proceeding to live trading.

Big Money Rush, through its partner brokers, assigns each of its new clients to a dedicated account manager to walk with them through the baby steps of trading.

Trade Live

Trading cryptocurrencies on Big Money Rush is easy, even with minimal knowledge or experience. The platform automates everything, including setting the ideal take-profit and stop-loss values. However, you can still set your values and other parameters – this is recommended, as you can account for how much you are willing to make or lose.

It is advisable to leave the program running for at least eight hours. It will analyze the markets automatically, identifying the best trading positions and executing multiple trades. The tool also performs best when the markets are volatile.

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Big Money Rush Verdict

Big Money Rush is legitimate, and its profit-making capacity doesn’t appear to have been overhyped. The tool analyzes the cryptocurrency markets using advanced AI-powered algorithms, identifying the best trading positions and making the most out of them using leverage.

This platform is ideal for anyone interested in an easy, safe, and reportedly highly profitable way to make money through crypto trading. It is the best fit for novice and intermediate traders who don’t have enough experience in the industry.

Expert traders also have a lot to gain from this platform. Try your luck today but do not forget about the risks present in crypto trading.


Is Big Money Rush trustworthy?

Yes, Big Money Rush is trustworthy. This platform partners with independent brokers who are compliant with the world’s best regulatory practices.

How much can I make using Big Money Rush?

Your profits on Big Money Rush will depend on how much you invest. The average daily ROI is said to be 25%.

How long do I have to wait for my withdrawal?

Big Money Rush approves withdrawal requests in less than 2 hours. Fill the withdrawal request and wait for a few hours for your funds to be processed.

How can I contact Big Money Rush for help?

You can get in touch with Big Money Rush via email, live chat, or telephone. We recommend calling or using the live chat option for a prompt response.