Ethereum Trader Review – Is it a Safe Trading System?

We have been requested by most of our readers to review Ethereum Trader. This trading software has made the headlines for months.

It’s reviewed by individual clients as super-profitable, with most claiming to make thousands of dollars daily. Ethereum Trader has supposedly earned the best-rated robot badge on Trustpilot after thousands of reviews.

The reviews also show that it’s easy to use. You don’t need crypto trading experience or knowledge to make profits with Ethereum Trader. Moreover, this trading bot is affordable for many people.

There are no signup fees, and you can get started with a trading capital of just USD250. But is Ethereum Trader genuine, or is it a con? We have put together all the facts in this review to help you make an informed choice.

Ethereum Trader is legit, but there are things that you must know before signing up with it. Please read our review to the end to learn more.


What is Ethereum Trader?

Ethereum Trader is a highly specialized automated trading platform for crypto. The platform places bets on ETH paired against over 100 fiat and cryptos.

Ethereum Trader uses the financial derivatives known as CFDs to speculate on ETH. The bot claims to be the world’s most advanced crypto CFDs trading system. We conclude the same after studying the feedback from thousands of its users.

Ethereum Trader is a super performer with daily profits of up to 90%. This implies that it could double money in a day of trading. Some users claim using the compounding technique to make their first million in crypto through this trading bot.

We will learn about the features that make this trading bot insanely profitable later in this review.

  • Minimum deposit – $250
  • Registration fee – $0
  • Average daily profitability – 15% (not confirmed)
  • Withdrawal fee – $0
  • Mobile trading – Android/iOS

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Ethereum Trader Features

We are surprised by the great features found in this trading platform. From the many crypto trading bots we have reviewed, Ethereum Trader is perhaps the most advanced.

This trading bot is developed to trade Ether paired against crypto and fiat. It conducts all trading on autopilot using advanced AI-driven algorithms. These algorithms apply advanced news trading, arbitrage trading, and technical analysis to generate tradable signals.

Ethereum Trader reportedly generates up to 20 signals every minute. Some expert reviews allege that at least 90% of the trading signals are accurate. This translates to a high likelihood of profitability. The key features of Ethereum Trader are discussed in detail below.

News Trading

The Ethereum Trader news trading tool has won many awards since its launch. This trading bot is reportedly the best performing in news trading in 2021.

The news trading technique is popular in fast-paced trading for traditional assets such as stock, commodities, market indices, and forex. Ethereum Trader is one of the few trading tools that use the news-trading technique for crypto speculation.

The crypto industry is largely driven by news, and hence the news trading strategy tends to be highly lucrative. Ethereum Trader news trading tool is driven by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool to capture breaking news within milliseconds of posting.

Ethereum Trader NLP driven algorithms can read the human language at 99% accuracy. Moreover, it can differentiate legit sources of information from fake ones.

Some reviewers allege that the bot can read up to a billion Tweets per minute and accurately detect those with a huge impact on crypto volatility.

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Arbitrage Trading

The arbitrage trading technique is also highly popular in traditional assets trading. It’s mostly implemented by the big banks through powerful trading systems.

Ethereum Trader is one of the very few arbitrage trading bots specialized in crypto trading. Arbitrage trading, in general, involves buying an asset from a low priced market and selling it in a high priced market.

Asset prices tend to have minor differences in different markets. The explanation behind these differences is that new information takes a while to get reflected in the price of an asset. The efficient markets hypothesis states otherwise, but the reality is different.

Ethereum Trader studies up to 50 crypto exchanges on different markets. Some expert reviews claim that it can place up to 100 trades per minute at a success rate of about 88%. This is huge and enough to generate substantial profits every minute.

Technical Analysis

Ethereum Trader also applies technical analysis methods to generate tradable signals. This method involves an analysis of historical price charts to derive insights from cyclical trends.

Ethereum Trader algorithms are equipped with Deep Learning (DL) technologies to detect and place bets on these trends. The bot claims to study up to a hundred price charts per second. On average, it generates about 40 trades per minute with a success rate of 85%.

Such a high success rate translates to profitability. Most Ethereum Trader users allege making money from the first minute of trading. The bot decides which trading method to apply depending on the available data.

Short selling

The short-selling technique ensures profitability even when asset prices are plummeting. Ethereum Trader is the first ETH shorting trading system.

The many reviews we have studied indicate that it’s among the world’s best short-selling auto-trading systems. Ethereum Trader rides the bear markets with 90% accuracy. It reportedly places up to 20 short-selling trades per minute during flash crashes.

Flash crashes are many in the crypto markets, given the sensitivity of the industry to breaking news. Ethereum Trader has proven to generate insane profits during such crashes.

How popular is Ethereum Trader?

This auto-trading system is an internet sensation, with tens of thousands of users reviewing it. We have come across thousands of Ethereum Trader reviews on all the major consumer review platforms.

  • Ethereum Trader on Trustpilot – We have gone through thousands of reviews on this platform. The overall rating after over four thousand reviews is 4.6/5. This makes this bot among the best rated in its category.
  • Ethereum Trader on Reddit – This platform is quite important for building communities. There are over 10 Ethereum Trader communities on this platform. Each of the communities has thousands of participants. The feedback from the participants is great.

This trading bot popularity has contributed to its being targeted by fake news. The most popular fake posts are discussed below.

Ethereum Trader on This Morning

This Morning is a daytime TV show aired on ITV Britain. It features a debate on the latest news in tech, finance, health, politics, sports, and entertainment.

The show hosts include Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. We have come across a Reddit thread claiming that Ethereum Trader has been featured on the show. The post further alleges that Phillip Schofield has disclosed investing in crypto through the platform.

We have contacted Ethereum Trader to confirm these claims, and they have confirmed that they are fake news. This trading system hasn’t been paid to feature on any TV program. The wide coverage

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Ethereum Trader on Forbes Magazine

We have also seen a rumour claiming that Ethereum Trader has advertised on Forbes Magazine.

As mentioned above, any post alleging that this plot has appeared on paid advertising is fake news. Ethereum Trader has categorically stated that it hasn’t participated in any form of marketing campaigns.

The bot has remained an internet sensation since launch and therefore doesn’t need any form of paid marketing. It’s already attracting tens of thousands of signup requests daily but only accepts a few.

Ethereum Trader on the Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror is a popular British tabloid with millions of readers in the EU and across the globe. A lot of subjects revolving around crypto trading have been discussed in this tabloid.

We have come across a post claiming that Ethereum Trader has paid millions of dollars to be featured in this publication. However, this is not true.

If there is a feature, it’s not a paid one. As mentioned earlier, Ethereum Trader hasn’t paid to feature on paid advertisements. This trading bot is in high demand and hence doesn’t need any advertisement to attract clients.

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Is Ethereum Trader a Scam? The Verdict!

We have gathered adequate information to prove that Ethereum Trader is legit. This platform scores surprisingly high in our transparency and profitability tests.

Ethereum Trader is blockchain-based for transparency trading. You can monitor everything in the trading ecosystem and raise disputes through smart contract technology. Ethereum Trader is heavily encrypted and, therefore, foolproof from data theft.

This is a very important determinant of the legitimacy of a trading system. The scam trading robots we have studied trade their victims’ data with cybercriminals. Only a legit trading system would invest heavily in data encryption.

Ethereum Trader remains highly reputable. Thousands of people have reviewed it on the web and reported a great trading experience. You stand a big chance of making money through this bot, but please note that profitability is never guaranteed.