BitiQ Crypto Trading App Review 2021 – Is it Legit or a Scam?

You can reportedly make incredible profits daily by trading bitcoin through the BitiQ crypto trading system.

This system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to offer highly profitable and transparent crypto CFDs trading. BitiQ was founded in early 2018 and remains to be one of the most popular bitcoin trading tools.

It’s extremely easy to use and therefore attracts all types of clients. With BitiQ, you could earn a daily profit of up to $1000 by investing just $250. The secret to generating such handsome profits is in reinvesting the daily profits.

BitiQ has gone viral recently due to its recently launched news trading tool. In this review, we will determine if it’s legit and profitable as alleged.


What is BitiQ?

BitiQ utilizes the power of AI to automate the entire crypto trading process. Investopedia defines AI as a simulation of human intelligence in machines. The machines are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

AI is the building block of any successful automation. In finance, AI-driven computer systems are taking over investment and trading at a breathtaking speed. Analysts estimate that over 90% of professional wealth management jobs will be taken over by machines in the next five years.

Investment is different from trading in that it’s for the long term. Investment apps such as Robinhood fall in this category. Trading robots are different since their performance is measured by the profits generated daily.

The best trading robots in both crypto and traditional assets trading have a daily profitability rate of above 15%. BitiQ is said to generate an average daily profitability rate of 20%. Only a handful of trading systems manage to attain such a high profitability rate.

A consistent 20% daily return can compound a USD250 account to $1 million in less than eight months. Some of BitiQ clients claim-making their first million in the ongoing crypto volatility of 2021. The robot’s news trading algorithm is arguably a money minting machine.

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BitiQ news trading tool

Investopedia defines news-trading as a strategy that involves making trading decisions based on breaking news and announcements.

BitiQ is equipped with a subset of AI of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read human language. The NLP system can study billions of web pages simultaneously. Moreover, it can sieve through the noise to only act upon market-driving news.

Most expert reviews claim that the bot has a 90% accuracy level. This means that at least 40 out of every 50 trades generated by this bot per minute are profitable. Only very few trading systems manage to attain such a high profitability rate.

The BitiQ algorithms are specifically programmed to speculate on Elon Musk Bitcoin news. Elon Musk is the most influential person in crypto trading. He is the world’s second-richest man, and he doesn’t shy away from expressing his love for crypto and blockchain.

Any Elon musk Bitcoin tweet is known to trigger crazy volatility. BitiQ is powered to detect these tweets, predict how they will impact volatility, and place bets basing on these predictions. The bot also captures news relating to Elon Musk and bitcoin.

Case in point, the trading system reportedly made good profits for users by placing bets on the volatility resulting from news about Tesla investing $1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

Is BitiQ a scam?

This is a question that most of our readers have been asking. We have investigated BitiQ thoroughly and didn’t find anything to suggest that it’s a scam. Our conclusion is based on the points below.

  • BitiQ has a great reputation among individual clients and experts
  • It’s reviewed thousands of times, and the feedback is great
  • This trading system runs on the blockchain for high transparency
  • It works with reputable brokers to guarantee its users of funds safety
  • The clients’ reviews indicate that the withdrawal process is fast and free
  • BitiQ secures all data on its platform through high-level encryption

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Advantages of trading with BitiQ

BitiQ provides a unique trading experience to anyone interesting in making money off crypto volatility. This trading system is reportedly among the very few to offer AI-driven trading for bitcoin CFDs. Below are the main are the key advantages of trading with this system.

  • High-level profitability
  • Safe trading environment
  • Easy to use platform
  • Free, fast and secure withdrawal
  • Regulated partner brokers
  • Zero hidden fees

Getting Started with BitiQ

Trading with BitiQ is quite straightforward. The trading platform is designed with the complete beginner in mind. It’s accompanied by a guide to help you set your account and start trading.

BitiQ should be available in your region if the regulations there support retail CFDs trading. About 150 countries across the globe support this form of trading. A few, including the United States, are not eligible.

But even with the many countries being accepted, you may not register on the first attempt. This is because the signup slots are limited, and only the lucky few manage to sign up.  BitiQ Malaysia is offering extra registering slots this month. Take advantage and create an account now.

The BitiQ website is multilingual, covering major languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Toggle the button on the header of the website to select your preferred language. Start trading with BitiQ now via the simple steps below.

  1. Visit the BitiQ site here and create a free account
  2. You will be assigned to a local partner broker and asked to verify your account
  3. Complete the verification and deposit at least USD250
  4. Test the BitiQ web-trader through the provided demo
  5. Start a live session by clicking the trade now button

Is BitiQ Worthwhile? Final Word!

We are amazed by the track record shown by BitiQ. This trading system has risen to become a household name in the crypto trading industry.

It has been around for two years only and is already an online sensation. Most expert reviewers rate it number one among the best auto-trading systems. Moreover, it has garnered tens of thousands of positive reviews from clients.

We have analyzed the reviews, and it seems that most find it highly profitable and completely easy to use. It’s estimated to have an average daily profitability rate of 25%. This is incredible given that the world most notable trader has a profitability rate of 8%.

BitiQ is available in web-trader version only. The web-trader is said to work quite well on most browsers, both on mobile and desktop devices. However, users are encouraged to use Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari for the best experience.

You can use the BitiQ web-trader as a hybrid mobile app. Scroll to the bottom of the introduction email for the download link. The app should work well on your android or iOS device. Hybrid apps are not available on the Play Store or Google Play.

BitiQ is worth the risk, and hence you should try it. However, we insist that you start small since there is a possibility of losses. Never invest more than 10% of your savings in high-risk investments.

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Is BitiQ profitable?

BitiQ could be profitable given the many people that have reviewed it positively. This auto-trading system is equipped with the best trading technologies.

Do I need any skills to use BitiQ?

No! BitiQ is powered by AI to automatically conduct trading research and order execution. This means that you don’t need to know anything about trading to use it.

How many hours do I trade with BitiQ?

Most expert reviews seem to agree that this bot performs optimally between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT. This is the period that live trading is happening on WST, and hence there is increased crypto volatility.

Do I quit my job to use BitiQ?

You don’t have to quit since very little manual input and monitoring is required to operate this trading system. As little as twenty minutes daily are enough to set BitiQ for live trading.