Is the YuanPay Group Crypto Legit and Can You Make Money from it? Find out now!

YuanPay Group is a payment processing firm that has reportedly partnered with the government of China to develop state-backed crypto. 

The crypto is known as e-Yuan and is currently on a private sale. Traders who invest in this token at this time will reportedly earn up to $1.25 million during the public sale. The public sale will supposedly happen by July next year.

But is YuanPay project legit and can you make money from the YuanPay App? We will provide answers in this kick-ass review.

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YuanPay App Review Summary

This project was launched in May 2020. It has received a lot of high profile media attention both online and on mainstream TV programs.

YuanPay Group is reportedly a payment processing firm with over 30 years of experience working with big corporations and governments. The government of China allegedly contracted it in 2018 to develop state-backed crypto. 

For the record, uncontrolled crypto trading and use are prohibited in China. This means that the e-Yuan crypto has an opportunity to grow without competition. According to analysts, the e-Yuan will become the most used payment method in China.

The mass adoption will reportedly push its value from $10 per coin during the private sale to $50,000 per coin during the public sale. Consequently, an investment of USD250 could be worth over $1.2 million by the end of next year.

We can’t confirm how true this is, but there is a big likelihood given the widespread expert coverage. It would therefore be prudent to take a chance and participate in the private sale now. YuanPay Group has reportedly raised 90% of the $1.5 billion target.

Consequently, the opportunity to participate in the private sale is short-lived. We highly recommend that you take advantage and sign up now.

What is YuanPay App?

YuanPay App is a mobile app that helps investors to manage their e-yuan tokens. You receive a download link to the app after depositing the minimum investment of $250.yuan pay coin

The app is free and compatible with Android and iOS devices. It’s also lightweight and hence works smoothly on any smartphone device. YuanPay also allows users to manage their e-yuan through a web-based platform.

The web-based platform works on all leading browsers and is also accessible on mobile. Users who prefer the mobile web-version can install it on their phones in the HTML5 version.

YuanPay App allows you to participate in the private sale and also acts as a wallet for your e-Yuan. The e-Yuan is expected to become an official payment method in China. This means that the YuanPay App will also act as a mobile payment method.

YuanPay Group has extensive experience developing robust payment methods. The YuanPay App applies state of the art technologies to ensure smooth and safe transactions.

According to the YuanPay Group white paper, the app can process up to a million transactions within a microsecond. This makes it the ideal payment method for a populous country such as China.

How do I make Money in the YuanPay project?

You could make Money in the YuanPay Project by investing in the private sale or waiting for the public sale. Those who invest in the private sale will reportedly make the most money within a short time frame.

You need to sign up on the YuanPay Group website and fund your account through the matched broker. The minimum amount required is USD250.

Analysts estimate that e-Yuan value will shoot from $10 per coin during the pre-sale to $50,000 during the public sale. This means that an investment of $250 could grow to over $1.2 million within months.

However, such a growth rate can only be witnessed if Chinese officials released a statement acknowledging the e-Yuan as state-backed crypto. China is yet to make an official statement even though state officials have been quoted mentioning that the announcement will happen by early 2021.

You can try your luck with the e-Yuan project now or wait for the public sale. The value of e-Yuan will reportedly be worth over $50k at the time, and hence most investors will not be able to afford a whole unit.

E-Yuan value is expected to triple the value of bitcoin by the end of 2021. This may happen sooner if its adoption as a payment method will happen faster than anticipated.

Is the YuanPay Project legit? An expert viewpoint!

The YuanPay Project seems legit from our viewpoint. We have conducted background checks on this project, and there is nothing suspicious about it.  Here are the justifications of our conclusion.

  1.     YuanPay Group is a reputable payment processing firm with over 30 years of experience. It’s highly unlikely that this firm is bluffing about the e-yuan project. China has reportedly contracted YuanPay Group on other payment processing projects in the past.
  2.     The government of China has categorically stated that it’s working on state-backed crypto. State officials have been quoted stating that the project is ongoing through one of its major payment processing contractor. YuanPay Group has reportedly worked with the government in other major projects.
  3.     The e-Yuan is developed using China-controlled technologies. This implies that the government heavily influences it.
  4.     The YuanPay project is receiving widespread media coverage in China and all over the world. It has already managed to fundraise over $900 million in the ongoing private sale. The target for sale is $1.5 billion. 

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How to invest in the YuanPay Project

Investment slots are limited, but you can still try your luck by checking for registration slots on the YuanPay Group website.yuan pay group advantages

The private sale is already 90% complete and may end any time from now. YuanPay Group reports that it’s fundraising over $50 million every day. The private sale may stop or continue after the $1.5 billion targets is achieved. 

Visit YuanPay website to determine if a registration slot is available. You will need to register an account and fund it with at least $250 to participate in the sale. A link will be sent to your email after deposit to help you set up your e-Yuan wallet.

Each e-Yuan is currently valued at $10, and hence an investment of $250 will be converted to 25 coins. As mentioned earlier, each e-Yuan could be worth over $50,000 during the public sale. This means that your $250 investment may be worth more than $1.2 million by July next year.

We cannot guarantee these claims since we do not know how analysts have come to this conclusion. However, it’s highly likely that the value of e-Yuan will explode as soon as the government of China comes forward to back it.

Again, China has a population of over 1 billion and processes transactions worth over $100 trillion every minute. This means that the e-Yuan will be highly valued if mass adoption happens. The government of China has in the past stated that the state-backed crypto could replace the Yuan paper money. This means that it could be backed by the country’s resources and hence competes with top fiat currencies such as the USD.

Take advantage of the YuanPay Group Project now by signing up for free through the link below.


Is the YuanPay Project legit? Final word!

We have put the YuanPay project under the microscope and found it to be highly worthwhile. The government of China reportedly backs this project. 

Moreover, it’s facilitated by one of the world-leading payment processing firm. The YuanPay Group has reportedly worked with the government of China on multiple AI and blockchain-powered payment processing projects. 

You can participate in the YuanPay Project by investing as little as USD250 in the private sale. This amount is reportedly enough to make you a crypto millionaire during the upcoming public sale.


Is YuanPay App scam or legit?

YuanPay App is a legit platform that helps you manage your e-yuan holdings. This app is only accessible after registration and deposit.

How much should I invest in the YuanPay Group project?

The minimum amount required to participate in the e-Yuan private sale is $250. This little amount can reportedly grow to over $1 million in the upcoming public sale.

Is YuanPay project backed the government of China?

The reports we have come across allege that YuanPay Group has partnered with the government of China to offer state-backed crypto. However, China is yet to release an official statement confirming the partnership.

How do I participate in the YuanPay Group Private Sale?

You need to create a free account on YuanPay Group website and fund it with as little as $250. YuanPay Group will email you a link with e-yuan wallet settings instructions. Your e-yuan holdings will be deposited in your wallet.