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Over the past ten years, automated robots have increasingly taken over jobs in the financial sector. Both in the form of investment advisers where you often fill out a survey or chat with a robot and not least from professional investors who often have to see beaten by computer algorithms that can make a trade in seconds.

All major banks today have a trading bot adviser who can help you invest your money in shares, bonds or alternative investments with just a few clicks, as well as in other alternative investments that we look at in this article. It’s about automatic investments in cryptocurrencies with so-called crypto robots.

A Crypto Robot is a software that invests in one or more cryptocurrencies. It ranges from the very simple crypto robots that look at support and resistance levels on a single stock exchange and act on it, to advanced software with hundreds of parameters that use artificial neural networks to find connections and use it to their advantage.

In short, there are major differences between how advanced the various crypto robots are. However, it is important to understand that they need a trading platform to work, that is, a place to buy and sell the cryptocurrency. Therefore, you need to create an account for both the crypto robot and the platform. Some crypto robots require a monthly fee, while other companies receive commissions every time they refer people to a trading platform.

Unfortunately, there are also fake cryptocurrencies where the financiers never intend to invest your money. That is why we have tested and reviewed some of the most popular crypto robots on this site so you can find out the fake ones and at the same time find them with the best return.

Top Cryptorobots

After testing more than 100 Bitcoin Robots,  we have reached the top robots that generated the best return for us. See our Top Robots below and click on them to read our full review.

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Crypto Revolt Review
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Cryptosoft Review
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Mike Baird Bitcoin - Did he Invest?
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Dick Smith Bitcoin - Did he Invest?
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Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin - Did he Invest?
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Daniel Craig Bitcoin - Did he Invest?
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Kate Garraway Bitcoin - Did She Invest?
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{:gb}Bitcoin Compass Review{:}{:nl}Uitgebreid review van Bitcoin Compass{:}
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{:gb}Bitcoin Sunrise Review{:}{:nl}Review van Bitcoin Sunrise{:}{:fr}Notre avis sur Bitcoin Sunrise{:}
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