Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin - Did he Invest?

Gordon Ramsay is a famous British restaurateur, chef, TV personality, and writer. He has many popular TV shows to his credit such as Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and, MasterChef.

His famous bad temper has made him popular TV viewing all over the world, and he is a big star in the USA.

Various gossip sites and social media posts have said that Gordon invests in Bitcoin robots such as News Spy, and Bitcoin Profit. We find that information to be doubtful.

Gordon Ramsay Face Wikipedia
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Our team spent considerable time investigating these claims. We have found no reliable evidence that suggests that Daniel Craig has anything to do with Bitcoin Robots.

It appears to be fake news created to make clickbait headlines. The Bitcoin Robots linked to Gordon Ramsay are popular and have high-ranking keywords.

It explains why they have links to the famous TV star as a way to create headlines that attract attention.
Follow us… we will examine these Bitcoin robots and see if they do make the high profits claimed.

The information that you require is only a few scrolls away…

Bitcoin Gordon Ramsay - Viral Trend!

There has been so much speculation about Gordon Ramsey and his Bitcoin investments through trading robots that the news has gone viral. He is said to have substantially increased his wealth using these methods.

As we have stated, these rumours are just that! We can find nothing from Gordon about this, or any news report from a credible source. It all appears to be gossip!

These reports all start from gossip blogs or sites that are notorious for fake news. It is probably just a marketing tactic that links celebrities with popular keywords to get more views.

Gordon Ramsay PH Vegas Twitter
photo: Twitter

Google Trends ranks the keywords associated with these Bitcoin robots highly, so that is probably why they chose them to link with Gordon Ramsay.

We have looked at Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Profit, and News Spy in some detail and concluded that they are legit ways to make money.

We have written an extensive review of Bitcoin robot products, and we recommend that you read them before you invest.

Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is a popular target for social media and gossip blogs due to its good reviews and popularity. It is a trading robot that allows users to trade on the Crypto markets and make vast profits.

The website claims an accuracy rate of 99%. It states that making €1,000 per day from an initial €250 deposit is a realistic target. Indeed, many users claim to be making a lot more than that!

We have studied the reviews and comments for many users of Bitcoin Profit, and we have concluded that it is a legit way to make money.

Homepage of Bitcoin Profit

We have seen good reviews for profitability, ease-of-use, and customer service.

There are never any guarantees for any investments, so please don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. As of writing, we haven’t carried out a live test, so all we can say is the software, and the reviews make it seem like a credible product.

For a thorough look at Bitcoin Profit, please click here.

Did Gordon Ramsay Endorse Bitcoin Profit?

Gordon might have given his opinions about Bitcoin in an interview. 

Still, we can find nothing linking him to Bitcoin Profit. The link between him and this Bitcoin robot appears to have been made-up by gossip sites.

How to Trade with the Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit intends users to use it in the auto-trading mode, which makes it ideal for busy people or those who are inexperienced in Crypto trading.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • 1. Navigate to the Bitcoin Profit website, and register an account.
  • 2. Go to the broker page and add a few extra details and pay the minimum trading deposit.
Account register form of Bitcoin Profit
  • 3. Try out the program using the free demo account.
  • 4. Begin trading!

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a similar Bitcoin trading robot created using the most advanced programming available.

They claim the software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets, which gives it a tremendous edge over other traders.

The owners of the robot claim that this makes it the most consistently well-performing software on the market.
We haven’t been able to conduct a live test yet, but the online reports from users are outstanding.

Bitcoin Trader app home screen July 9, 2020

Hundreds of dollars a day in profits from an initial €250 trading deposit seem to be regular occurrences.

As with any investment, be careful! Don’t invest too much too quickly and leave yourself short!

There were a couple of minor comments about delays in getting approved for this app, as space to sign up is limited. Still, there was praise for profits created, customer service, and easy access to funds.

You can see our fuller report regarding Bitcoin Trader here.

Did Gordon Ramsay invest in Bitcoin Trader?

Our team looked at the evidence, and we could find nothing linking Gordon Ramsey to Bitcoin Trader.

In our opinion, it is fake news by gossip sites just trying to connect a celebrity with a popular product to create clickbait and increase views.

The excellent feedback online for Bitcoin Trader convinced us that it is a legit opportunity.

How to Register with Bitcoin Trader

The registration process is straightforward.

You need to follow these steps::

  • 1. Open your account on the Bitcoin Trader website by answering a few simple questions.
  • 2. Select a few options on the matched broker page and pay the minimum deposit.
Account register form of Bitcoin Trader
  • 3. Use the free demo account to familiarize yourself with the software and markets.
  • 4. Select auto-mode and start your first crypto trading session

News Spy

News Spy is an advanced Crypto trading robot which constantly scans news sources online to give you the best investment advice.

It determined the exact opportune time to make trades.

The website claims a minimal profit of €1,500 per day from an initial minimum deposit of €250.

News Spy profits July 9, 2020

Fifteen minutes per day setting up the parameters of your trades and then leaving it on auto-trading mode could make life-changing money!

The comments from users online lead us to conclude that News Spy is a legit product.

Did Gordon Ramsay invest in News Spy?

It is merely fake news that Gordon Ramsay is associated with News Spy.

There is zero evidence online that he has anything to do with this app.

It looks to be a creation of gossip blogs to create clickbait.

The excellent online reputation of News Spy makes us believe it is a legit product.

How to trade with News Spy

The process to open an account is simple.

Just follow these steps;

  • 1. Access News Spy through their website and sign up.
  • 2. Follow the link to the broker's page and pay the deposit.
  • 3. Try the free demo account to practice with the software.
  • 4. Begin Bitcoin trading by clicking on "Live trading."
How does trading with News Spy work screen


We didn’t find any credible evidence linking Gordon Ramsay to hear three Bitcoin robots.

However, all three have some excellent qualities and provide legit opportunities to grow your income.

If you have any insight into these trading robots or questions for us, please comment below.

Golden Coin BTC transparent background

As with any investments, there is a risk involved with Bitcoin trading.

These Bitcoin robots use high-tech software, but nothing is ever 100% accurate.

Please move cautiously while investing and don’t invest more than you can afford.