Dick Smith Bitcoin - Did he Invest?

Dick Smith is a famous Australian entrepreneur who is also known as a political activist, philanthropist, and aviator.

He is also the founder of Dick Smith Foods, Dick Smith Electronics, and Australian Geographic.

He is said to have investments in Bitcoin robot companies on various social media and gossip sites. These firms include Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin System, and Bitcoin Revolution.

As far as our investigations have seen, these links appear to be untrue.


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We spent significant time researching these claims, and there is no evidence online that Dick Smith is involved with Bitcoin or trading robots in any way.

It appears that the link between Dick Smith and Bitcoin robots is fake news to make clickbait headlines.

The Bitcoin robots linked to Dick have high-ranking keywords and are extremely popular, which goes some way to explaining why they are used in conjunction with Dick Smith’s name to try to get more clicks.

Follow us… we will examine the real potential of these Bitcoin robots and see if they can make a good income.

The information you need is just a few scrolls away…

Bitcoin Dick Smith - Viral Trend!

You might have seen these rumours online. Social media and gossip blogs keep linking Dick Smith to Bitcoin investment tools.

So much so, that these rumours have gone viral!

It is a popular black hat marketing gimmick to link somebody famous with a Cryptocurrency robot to attract people to their sites.

It helps with getting their websites ranked highly on search engines such as Google.

All of this stems from gossip blogs and sites that specialize in fake news.

Google Trends ranks the keywords associated with these Bitcoin robots highly, so that is why they target famous people such as Dick Smith to associate with them.

Dick Smith Twitter 1 July 2, 2020
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Our team has analyzed Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin System, and Bitcoin Superstar, and have decided that they are an effective way to make a good income.

We have written an overall review of Bitcoin robots which you can view here. We recommend that you read this before deciding to invest.

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a regular target for gossip sites due to its popularity and overall good reviews.

It is a trading robot that helps people make vast Crypto profits.

It utilizes the latest technology and advice from expert traders to predict market conditions and choose the perfect time to trade.

The Bitcoin Revolution website claims a 99.4% accuracy rating and states that most members make an income of over €1,000 per day.

Homepage of Bitcoin Revolution

We have looked at the feedback from users of this app and have found a positive response.

There is a lot of praise for ease-of-use, profitability, and customer service. There are a few minor complaints about the speed of the verification during sign up, but nothing major.

There is never anything guaranteed with any investment, so please don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

To read our full review of Bitcoin Revolution, please click here.

Did Dick Smith Endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

Dick Smith may have commented generally in interviews about Bitcoin, but we are unable to find any verified link between him and Bitcoin Revolution.

It appears to be fake news from gossip sites

How to Trade with the Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution has a software design so that it can be used by anybody, even those with no specialist knowledge of Crypto or trading.

To enrol, follow these steps:

  • 1. Register an account at the Bitcoin Revolution website
  • 2. Pay the minimum deposit into your trading account.
Account register form of Bitcoin Revolution
  • 3. Use the free demo account to practice trading and familiarize yourself with how the software works.
  • 4. Start live trading!

Bitcoin System

Bitcoin System shares similar characteristics as Bitcoin Revolution. It is another well-reviewed Bitcoin robot, which has plenty of fans online.

The income claimed is slightly less, but a bit less profit means less risk is involved.

The claim is that the software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets, which gives users a considerable advantage when deciding investment strategy.

We are yet to carry out our own live test, but the various reports online from users are that it performs well and makes a profit!

Bitcoin System app home screen July 2, 2020

From a minimum down payment of €250, hundreds of dollars in profits per day is a realistic target.

Remember that no system is perfect, so don’t invest so much that you leave yourself short of money at the end of the month.

There is praise for the profits made and how easy it is to withdraw funds with no fees attached.

You can look at our full report on Bitcoin System here.

Did Dick Smith invest in Bitcoin System?

We searched online and read everything that we could find about Dick Smith.

We found nothing linking Dick Smith and Bitcoin System.

It looks like that rumour was just another black hat marketing strategy.

How to Register with Bitcoin System

The registration process is easy.

Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to the Bitcoin System website and answer a few simple questions to open your account.
  • 2. Pay the minimum deposit of €250 to fund your broker account.
  • 3.Try the free demo account to test out how trading works.
  • 4. Use auto-mode to start Bitcoin trading!
Bitcoin System login form July 2, 2020

Bitcoin Superstar

Lastly, we look at another Bitcoin robot with good reviews – Bitcoin Superstar.

It has an impressive 4.5/5 on TrustPilot that suggests most users are satisfied with this product.

It uses an advanced algorithm to predict market trends and make profits of up to 400% per day.

The Bitcoin Superstar website claims that members typically profit a minimum of €1,100 per day.

Homepage of Bitcoin Superstar

All it takes is 15 to 30 minutes in front of your laptop per day to set up your trades, and auto-trade mode will do the rest.

There are many comments from happy users online that suggest that this is a legit product.

Did Dick Smith invest in Bitcoin Superstar?

It appears to be fake news that linked Dick Smith with Bitcoin Superstar.

We investigated everything about him online and could find no link between Dick Smith and Crypto investments.

We did find that Bitcoin Superstar had an excellent online reputation and appears to be a legit way to make money.

How to trade with Bitcoin Superstar

The account opening process is straightforward.

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to the Bitcoin Superstar website and sign up.
  • 2. Pay the minimum deposit of €250 to have funds in your trading account.
  • 3. Practice using the software on the free demo account.
  • 4. Click on "Live trading" and begin your new investment!
Account register form of Bitcoin Superstar


We searched everything that we could find about Dick Smith and found no link between him and these Bitcoin trading robots.

Further investigation suggested that these are all high-quality Bitcoin robots with the potential to make users substantial profits.

Golden Coin BTC in the hand

If you have any experience with these Bitcoin robots or any questions, please comment below.

Bitcoin is known to be volatile, so treat it as a risky investment.

Don’t commit too much money too quickly, and manage your expectations. No form of investment is guaranteed.