Oil Profit Review 2021 – Is it a Scam or Legit Trading Platform?

Oil Profit is trending in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. This trading robot is said to generate good profits for users by placing bets on crude oil prices.

Oil Profit is an auto-trading system and therefore doesn’t require any skill to operate. A lot of users have reviewed it extremely well on platforms such as TrustPilot. 

The robot is said to generate a decent daily income for users.

Some of the reviewers allege earning their first million-dollar through this bot. But is Oil Profit a fake or trustworthy trading system? We have scrutinized it and found enough proof to justify its alleged profitability.

Read our review of Oil Profit to the end to learn more.

What is Oil Profit?

Earning a decent online income through trading is becoming easier with the introduction of auto-trading tools.

Auto-trading is a method of trading forex, stock, commodities, or crypto using a computer program. The program automates the entire process from trading research to order execution. This means that no skill is needed to trade through an auto-trading system.

There are thousands of auto-trading systems out there, but very few are worth their salt. At least 99% of the few reliable trading bots in the market today aren’t available to ordinary investors.

This is because they require hefty signup fees and trading capital of about $1 million. Moreover, they charge hefty account management fees.

Enter Oil Profit……

This auto-trading system is dedicated to oil CFDs trading. We will explain what CFDs are later in this review. Oil Profit is free and therefore accessible for most people. Moreover, you can get started with it with a deposit of as little as $250.

Oil Profit magnifies small trades using leverage of 5000:1. In the most basic terms, Leverage is a type of loan given to a trader relative to their invested capital. Leverage of 5000:1 means that you can trade positions worth up to $5000 for every $1 of your capital.

Please note that no lien is attached to leverage. However, there is a risk of trading into the negative in a highly leveraged account. Oil Profit uses the Negative Balance Protection (NBP) feature to avoid trading into the negative.


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How does Oil Profit work?

Now that we know what Oil Profit is, let us look at the products it trades. As mentioned above, this bot speculates on oil through a financial derivative known as CFD.

Oil is categorized as a commodity in the global markets. It can be traded in derivatives known as futures, forwards, spot contracts, and CFDs. A derivative is simply an asset that derives its value from an underlying asset.

We won’t delve into details since you don’t need to know any trading lingo to use Oil Profit. All you need to know is that Oil Profit trades’ oil through CFDs. A CFD is a derivative that allows traders to place bets on the price of an asset without having to own it.

In simpler terms, oil CFDs allows the trader to bet on the ups and downs of crude oil prices. There are over 160 types of crude oil in the market today. Oil Profit identifies and speculates on the most volatile types.

Advantages of trading oil with Oil Profit

You can trade oil manually through platforms such as the MT4 or a trading system such as Oil Profit.

You need to identify and sign up with a broker to trade oil manually. Moreover, you need a lot of trading experience to trade manually. It can take years to build the skill to become a solid commodities trader.

The Oil Profit auto-trading system eliminates the hustles associated with manual trading. You don’t need to master any trading skills or follow oil news to make money with Oil Profit.  Oil Profit is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do all the trading for users.

Oil Profit attracts both the beginner and expert traders, given its track record. This trading robot is said to beat professional manual traders. Its ability to study and glean insights from large data sets refines its trading signals.

Oil Profit is said to have an accuracy level of about 88%. This is amazing given that the world best commodity trader has an accuracy level of slightly above 50%. Another advantage of trading with Oil Profit is that it’s able to capitalize on slight market movements.

The bot can simultaneously place up to twenty trades. Moreover, it applies advanced hedging strategies to minimize trading risks.


Disadvantages of trading with Oil Profit

Every trading tool has its disadvantages. The number one disadvantage of Oil Profit is that it’s only accessible in a few countries.

You can’t use Oil Profit in the US due to regulatory challenges. This trading bot is accessible in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and South Africa. Try the signup by clicking here to determine if Oil Profit is accessible from your country.

Oil trading through CFDs could be insanely profitable but also risky. Risk and reward have positive correlation, so this is expected.

It’s highly recommended to start small and grow gradually by reinvesting profits. You can start with the minimum trading balance and plough back all the daily profits for faster growth. Alternatively, you can invest between $500 and $1000 and plough back at least 40% of the daily profits.

Keep in mind that profits aren’t guaranteed and therefore only trade with an amount you can afford to forego.

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Oil Profit Review – Key Features

This auto-trading system is equipped with some very interesting features. These features are associated with the robot’s superior performance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of AI that enables machines to read and make meaning of human language.

NLP-driven News trading tool – This tool enables Oil Profit to study the web for market-driving breaking news. Oil volatility is mostly driven by news revolving around demand and supply. This trading system can reportedly detect this news instantly and place winning trades.

Powerful Charts Trading Tool – The chart analysis algorithm derives tradable insights from historical price patterns. This approach to trading is known as trend analysis. Oil Profit can analyze up to 50 historical price charts per second.

Powerful Risk Control Features – Oil Profit automates the risk control process through the Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Negative Balance Protection tools. Users have an option to adjust these risk management features manually. Read the Oil Profit trading manual to learn more.

Highly Encrypted Platforms – The Oil Profit website is encrypted through a 128-bit encryption protocol. Moreover, the bot is compliant with data privacy laws in the UK and Australia. Oil Profit is among the few GDPR compliant trading platforms.

Well-regulated partner brokers – Most Oil Profit partner brokers are FCA, ASIC, and CySEC regulated. These regulatory bodies have a global level of trust. Oil Profit partnership with these brokers shows a lot of commitment to operating transparently.

Did Oil Profit Appear in the Dragons Den?

There is a popular Oil Profit Reddit thread alleging that the trading app was pitched in the Dragons Den.

However, this isn’t true. Oil Profit UK hasn’t made any disclosures about its funding approach. Those spreading this rumour seem to be confusing this trading system with another investment app pitched in the show.

It’s advisable to always verify such claims on the official Oil Profit website. Only follow links from reputable sites such as this one to avoid getting redirected to cloned websites.

Oil Profit Amazon Links

We have also come across claims that Oil Profit is a product of Amazon. However, this is fake news.

Oil Profit is a product of Oil Profit Limited. Amazon is a conglomerate with vast interests in technology and oil, but they have not ventured into algorithmic trading tools.

The rumours linking Oil Profit with Amazon seem to be leading to cloned websites. Only follow signup links from reputable sources.

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Oil Profit Review – The Verdict!

We conclude that Oil Profit is reputable and safe. Moreover, it could be insanely profitable, as most of its reviewers claim. Some Oil Profit users have reportedly managed to earn their first $1 million through the bot.

Take advantage of the Oil volatility of 2021 by signing up with this platform. Follow the steps below to register and start trading.

Click here to visit the official Oil Profit website and signup for free as directed. Complete the signup with the assigned broker by submitting the required documents.

Fund your account with USD250 or more through the assigned broker. You can use bank transfer, Visa, Master Card, or any accepted e-wallets.

Watch the Oil Profit introduction video and set your account for trading. Start a live session by toggling the red “Trade Live” button.

You can try your luck with it but remember that all forms of CFDs involve risk. It would be extremely foolish to deposit all your savings in a high-risk investment.

You can still hit the home run by starting small.