Mike Baird Bitcoin - Did he Invest?

Mike Baird is an Australian millionaire investment banker and former politician who is a former Premier of New South Wales.

He is often in the news and is well-known amongst entrepreneurs and investors.

It is likely the reason that there is a link between his name and prominent Bitcoin trading robots on social media and gossip blogs.


Bitcoin Profit, Immediate Edge, and Bitcoin Future have all had a link to Mike Baird, but we can find no information credibly stating that Mike has ever invested in them.

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It appears to be fake news that has linked Mike Baird to Bitcoin robots to make clickbait headlines.

These Bitcoin trading robots are popular and rank well on Google Trends, which is the reason they chose them to associate with random celebrities.

These Bitcoin robots do appear to be credible, and there are many good reviews from users online.

Follow usu2026 and we will investigate the real money-making potential of these platforms.

The info you require is just a few scrolls away…

Bitcoin Mike Baird - Viral Trend!

There are rumours about Mike Baird and his links to Crypto investments all over social media and gossip sites. So many that it has gone viral!

We can find no truth in these rumours and find no reference of Mike even mentioning Bitcoin.

It appears to me made-up by gossip blogs to attract more views on their websites.

Linking famous celebrities with Bitcoin robots with high-ranking keywords is a marketing tactic.

Mike Baird Facebook August 11, 2020
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Our team did decide to study Bitcoin Profit, Immediate Edge, and Bitcoin Future and discovered mostly positive feedback about their money-making potential.

We have a definitive review of Bitcoin robots that you can view here.

It has a lot of useful info that will help you make the right choice of investment.

Bitcoin Profit

The website claims that Bitcoin Profit is a game-changing software that allows people to earn vast profits from trading cryptocurrencies even when the markets are crashing.

It claims the state of the art technology that automates the trading of Crypto. It is ideal for beginners and professionals and allows you to auto-trade day and night.

Many users claim they make over u20ac1,000 per day from their initial trading deposit of u20ac250. Some are even making over u20ac6,000 per day, which is genuinely life-changing money!

Homepage of Bitcoin Profit

There is plenty of praise for the customer service, auto-trader and fee-free access to funds.

Keep in mind that there are never guarantees with any investment, so please don’t invest too much too quickly, or leave yourself short of funds.

We have written a full review of Bitcoin Profit, which can you can view here.

Did Mike Baird Endorse Bitcoin Profit?

Mike Baird may have commented about opportunities in Crypto investment, but we can find no actual evidence that he has invested in Bitcoin robots or Crypto in general.

It appears that the link between Mike Baird and Bitcoin robot is just a black hat marketing practice used by gossip blogs.

How to Trade with the Bitcoin Profit

It is easy to register with Bitcoin Profit.

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to the Bitcoin Profit website and sign up for a free account.
  • 2. Explore the trading features and pay the minimum deposit of u20ac250.
  • 3. Practice trading using the demo account.
  • 4. Start trading Crypto!
Account register form of Bitcoin Profit

Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a Bitcoin trading robot that uses state of the art algorithms and A.I. to pinpoint profitable Crypto trading opportunities.

The platform is free to use, and users claim to be making an income of over u20ac1,500 per day from an initial trading deposit of u20ac250.

We are yet to carry out our own live test, but the feedback from users of Immediate Edge is positive.

There is praise for profitability, ease-of-use, and customer support.

Homepage of Immediate Edge

I found only minor complaints about having to wait a few minutes during verification.

Remember that no money-making platform is perfect, and don’t invest so much that you leave yourself short of cash.

Please read our full review of Immediate Edge here.

Did Mike Baird invest in Immediate Edge?

We looked at various web articles about Mike Baird, and our team found no credible link between Mike and Immediate Edge.

It is likely to be fake news started by gossip blogs to use high ranking Bitcoin robot keywords alongside a famous business person to make clickbait.

How to Register with Immediate Edge

The registration process is simple and takes a few minutes.

Follow these steps.

  • 1. Look up the Immediate Edge homepage and open an account by answering a few questions.t
  • 2. Fund your trading account by paying the minimum u20ac250 deposit.
Account register form of Immediate Edge
  • 3. Familiarise yourself with the system by using the demo account.
  • 4. Start live trading Crypto in auto-mode!

Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Future is a famous trading robot that uses a sophisticated algorithm to improve profitability by sending users real-time trading signals.

According to the website, It provides technical market analysis that allows the company’s team of brokers to trade effectively. It has an auto-trading function that will enable you to make money by spending just 20 to 30 minutes per day working with the app.

There is a lot of feedback about this Bitcoin Robot online. The vast majority of user’s comments are positive, and many people claim to be making a minimum of u20ac1,300 per day from a minimum deposit of u20ac250.

There is praise for profitability, ease-of-use, and auto-trading function. The only negatives that we saw online refer to some confusion about the waiting period while signing up.

Homepage of Bitcoin Future

It was nothing major, and the company explained it takes a little time if there are many new subscribers to the platform.

We haven’t performed our own live test yet, so we caution you always to be careful with what you invest. Never invest so much that you are left short of funds.

Overall Bitcoin Future appears to be a legit way to make a profit from Crypto.

You can read a more detailed report on Bitcoin Future here.

Did Mike Baird invest in Bitcoin Future?

Once again, these rumours of Mike Baird investing in Bitcoin Future seem to be fake news from gossip blogs.

There is a lot of speculation about Mike Baird increasing his wealth through Bitcoin, but we have found zero evidence of that being valid.

However, we did conclude that Bitcoin Future is a legit way to make money.

How to trade with Bitcoin Future

The process to open a Bitcoin Future account is straightforward.

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to the Bitcoin Future website and answer a few questions to set up your account.
  • 2. Fund your trading account by paying a u20ac250 deposit.
  • 3. Use the free demo account to familiarise yourself with the platform.
Account register form of Bitcoin Future
  • 4. Start live trading Crypto!


We spent considerable time investigating the link between Mike Baird and Bitcoin robots and found no relationship between them.

It seems that gossip blogs made the link to create clickbait and attract new readers. High performing Bitcoin robots are often linked with top businesspeople to create sensationalised headlines.

Golden Coin BTC matrix background

Our research showed that Bitcoin Profit, Immediate Edge, and Bitcoin Future all have plenty of support from their users online and represent a realistic way to make profits from Crypto.

If you have any feedback about these trading methods, please comment below.

Crypto is volatile, so assess the risk before you invest. Don’t spend too much too quickly and manage your expectations.