Holly Willoughby is a co-host of many popular TV shows like this Morning and Dancing on Ice, who both air on ITV. There is a rumour that she is investing heavily on some popular bitcoin robots.

These include Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Code. But is it true that Holly Willoughby has invested in these bitcoin robots? We went out in search of the truth and didn’t find any evidence to support the claims. However, the said bitcoin robots appear to be legit.

Moreover, they are top trending and hence are a perfect target for fake news. In this review, we will look at the Holly Willoughby bitcoin rumour and provide a preview of each of the associated robots.ย 

Who is Holly Willoughby and is the Bitcoin Rumour true?

Holly Willoughby is a TV celebrity who co-hosts the This Morning and Dancing on Ice, alongside Phillip Schofield. She started to feature in popular shows since age 14.

Apart from hosting TV shows, Holly Willoughby has modelled for popular fashion magazines. She is estimated to be worth over ยฃ10 million as of April 2020. The This Morning show features celebrity interviews and showbiz news. Willoughby and Schofield have severally featured cryptocurrency news and commentaries in the show.

This is perhaps the reason gossip blogs have made up the false rumours about the two investing in bitcoin robots. Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Code are currently an online sensation, especially in the UK and Australia. Read on to learn if you should invest in any of them.

Bitcoin Trader

This robot relies on advanced AI algorithms to trade BTC against other major cryptos and fiat currencies. Some of the pairs you can bet on using Bitcoin Trader include BTC/ETH, BTC/BCH, and BTC/XRP. You can also trade fiat pairs such as BTC/USD and BTC/GBP.

Bitcoin Trader is a scalping robot and applies HFT techniques to allegedly profit from 99% of the opportunities that present in the market. For the record, scalping involves profiting off small price changes. High-Frequency Trading (HFT), on the other hand, consists of using robust computer programs to transact large orders within microseconds.

You do not need to understand the trading lingo to use Bitcoin Trader. This is because the bot runs on autopilot and comes with a guide to help users apply the right settings. Most of Bitcoin Trader users are ordinary folks without any background in crypto trading.

Bitcoin Trader partners with regulated brokers to ensure deposits safety and seamless trading experience. Moreover, it has adequate measures in place to ensure data privacy. Read our Bitcoin Trader review for more information.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Trader

We havenโ€™t found evidence to support the Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Trader investment claims. It is therefore advisable that you avoid these rumours until she confirms them.

For those looking for information to make an investment decision, the Holly Willoughby bitcoin rumours shouldnโ€™t be a concern. It is imprudent to invest in a product or tool just because a celebrity has endorsed it.

Always carry due diligence before committing funds to a leveraged trading robot. We have investigated Bitcoin Trader, and it appears to be legit.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader comes with a lot of benefits, especially when used as recommended. You need to ensure that you have applied the right settings before opening a session with this robot.

Bitcoin Trader utilizes some of the world best trading algorithms and hence guarantees a high supposed win rate. Some of the reviews we have come across allege that it is possible to earn three times your invested capital in a day when trading with this robot.

We can confirm that the robot is easy to use and safe. Most users appear to be people who had no prior trading experience before signing up with the bot. It also applies standard level encryption, and hence intruders can’t access users’ data.

How to sign up with Bitcoin Trader

Registering and trading with Bitcoin Trader should be a walk in the park if you read the guide that accompanies it. You need to create a free account on Bitcoin Trader website and verify ID through the underlying broker to use this robot.

ID verification is mandatory with all reputable robots and involves uploading a clear scan of both sides of your ID card. You may also need to upload a recent utility bill to verify the current address.

Live trading is simple since it only involves adjusting the settings and clicking the live button. The dedicated account manager is there to help you navigate through the process.

Bitcoin Era

Founded in 2015, Bitcoin Era is among the few robots that trade bitcoin exclusively. This robot also applies the scalping and HFT techniques. Bitcoin Era can supposedly take up to 50 positions daily with a return on capital of up to 300%.

Simply put, it is possible to triple your capital in a day of live trading with this robot. Bitcoin Era is a high risk/high return robot. Consequently, you should be extra careful when trading with it.

Follow the provided trading guide to the letter and ensure you only invest what you can afford to lose. Moreover, practice the risk management features on a demo before opening a live session.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Era

There is no proof that Holly Willoughby has invested in Bitcoin Era. Keep off celebrity gossip and rely on information that will help you make good trading choices. We have reviewed Bitcoin Era, and it appears to be legit.

You can give it a try with a small deposit of 250 USD and update us about your experience. This robot is top-rated on most review sites which mean that most users find it worthwhile.

Bitcoin Era has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot after over 1400 reviews. It also claims to have won various awards including best in customer service 2018. We have tested their customer care and found it to be readily available.

Moreover, their customer service agents are knowledgeable and friendly.ย  They have also linked their services to those of the underlying broker so that users get all help they need in one place.

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era provides immense opportunities through bitcoin trading. The robot applies advanced AI technologies to generate the supposed profits. Moreover, it gives a transparent trading ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

This robot is amazingly easy to use, even for the complete beginner. And as said earlier, it comes with comprehensive instructions and a dedicated account manager to walk users through the trading journey. You can learn more benefits through our kickass Bitcoin Era review.

How to trade with Bitcoin Era

Trading with Bitcoin Era should be easy for those who read the provided trading manual thoroughly. You must signup first to be able to access the demo and live accounts. Signup involves creating an account and depositing a trading capital with the matched brokers. As mentioned earlier, you need at least 250 USD to get started with this robot.

Bitcoin Profitย ย 

This robot also utilizes HFT trading techniques. Moreover, it and relies on AI technologies to conduct technical and fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis involves the study of qualitative data for trading insights.

Bitcoin Profit algorithms can read human language and generate trading insights from it. Consequently, it can read news sources and take action 0.001 seconds before the markets respond. This robot relies on top-notch brokers to execute trades and facilitate transactions. You can read more about Bitcoin Profit here.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Profit

The Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Profit claims are unconfirmed and shouldn’t be the basis of making an investment decision. You should never depend on celebrity news when making investment decisions. From our viewpoint, Bitcoin Profit appears legit. Always take extra precaution when trading with a margin robot.

Benefits of Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit comes with many benefits among them supposed profitability of up to 300% daily. Moreover, it is easy to use for all, including those with no prior background in crypto. We can also ascertain that its partner brokers are reputable.

Bitcoin Profit takes users safety seriously and therefore has measures in place to safeguard users.

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

You need only a few minutes to register a free Bitcoin Profit account and start trading. You may be asked to verify identity depending on the robot broker you are matched with. The process only takes a few hours.

You can proceed with deposit and trading as your ID is verified. Bitcoin Profit is available in the UK, Australia, US, and some parts of Africa.

Bottom line

Holly Willoughby seems not to have invested in any of the robots reviewed here but this is not to mean that they are not legit. Our investigation finds the robots to be likely to be legit. You can trade with any of them but always remember that all forms of trading involve risk.