IMPORTANT UPDATE: On block #262,080, Grin will hard fork. Click this banner for more information.

Grin General Fund

This is a general fund for the Grin project’s ongoing and ever-expanding needs. Donations into this fund are always welcome, very appreciated, and a quick and easy way to get yourself or your company on to the hallowed friends of grin page.

Funding status

Status: Always Open

As of Feb. 3rd 2019

Grin donation address

Bitcoin donation address

Please note the 2nd address is a Bech32 address, so please ensure your wallet supports sending to a Bech32 address to use it. Many wallets and exchanges now support this, and you can check adoption here.

Please verify the donation addresses as shown above in your browser matches the source for this page on mimblewimble/site.

Ethereum donation address

Funds donated in Ethereum will be converted to Bitcoin shortly after for simplicity of accounting.

Zcash donation address

Funds donated in Zcash will be converted to Bitcoin shortly after for simplicity of accounting.

What is this fund

This is the general development fund intended to cover costs related to Grin’s ongoing development. While the team may not have visibility on every particular need that will arise, all donated funds will be used towards Grin’s development or promotion.

This fund is managed entirely by the Grin Technical Council, and all spending decisions will be made public. The funds are kept in a 3/5 Multisig wallet, meaning no spending can occur without at least 3 council members actively signing the transaction.

Some examples of where proceeds of this fund might be allocated (by no means exhaustive and subject to change):

Further Information

The Grin project is strictly non-profit. Please refer back to our Funding overview page for details on our fundraising appoach and our inclusive development philosophy.

As always, anyone donating to this fund can optionally have themselves listed on the Friends of Grin Page.