In alphabetical order:

Redouan Ahaloui
Leonid Beder
Roy Blankman
Ivan Brightly
Guy Corem
Chance Du
Adonis Ferreira
Roderik van der Graaf
Poseidon Ho
Michalis Kargakis
Baek Kyoum Kim
Sehwan Kim (misskiwi)
Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer Ph.D. (Isthmus)
Jie Liu
Jameson Lopp
Chris McCann
Jack Misteli Jean-Guillaume
Bart Mol
Yan Pritzker
Hendrik Richter
Niels de Ruiter
Alex (X) Sherman
Daisuke Shosaki
Max Tannahill
Tensor Turbulence
Qi Tian
Aaron Ting
Shaishav Todi
Xiake Coin
Alexander Zaidelson

Anonymous Supporters

We'd also like to explicitly thank everyone who's donated to one of Grin's campaigns but chosen to remain anonymous. We're working to protect that choice!

Minimum amounts

100 USD in crypto-equivalent in order to be listed in the individuals section, 1,000 USD in the companies section, and 25,000 USD in the Hall of Fame.

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