Kate Garraway Bitcoin - Did She Invest?

Kate Garraway is a popular British T.V. personality and is most famous for hosting the Good Morning Britain (GMB) breakfast show.

She also has her own radio program called Mid Mornings with Kate Garraway and has made notable appearances on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

There are rumours that she is a Bitcoin fanatic and has made investments in several different Bitcoin robots.

Our team has investigated this and can’t confirm any real links between Kate Garraway and Cryptocurrencies or any Bitcoin trading tool.

Face of Kate Garraway Face
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These rumours started on gossip sites, and have spread. You should not take her connection to Bitcoin trading systems seriously.

The Bitcoin trading systems most frequently linked to Kate are Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Rush, and Bitcoin Loophole. These Bitcoin robots have gone viral on the internet, so they have been a target for gossip and fake news.

Our team has analyzed the feedback from the users of these Bitcoin trading systems, and they appear to be legit ways to get involved with Crypto investments and make a profit.

Bitcoin Kate Garraway - Viral Trend!

As I have stated above, Kate Garraway investing in Bitcoin trading system rumours are unfounded. They are simply gossip.

Our team has been able to determine that there are gossip sites that use the popularity of Bitcoin-related keywords to create clickbait headlines.

Headlines that feature famous celebrities often attract lots of attention which explains why they use Kate Garraway’s name.

A look at Google Trends reveals that keywords such as Bitcoin Profit, and Bitcoin Loophole are among the most popular Crypto-related search terms.

Kate Garraway Body July 9, 2020
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These trading robots have been able to go viral all over social media because so many people have claimed to make significant money using them. They are also popular due to their generally excellent reviews.

Follow us… for a preview of each of these trading robots.

And to also take a look at our top Bitcoin Robot reviews for some more relevant information.

Bitcoin Profit

Gossip blogs have targeted this Bitcoin robot due to its popularity. Bitcoin Profit is a cryptocurrency trading system that claims a success rate of over 90%, which is an excellent return.

This level of success reportedly makes high profits such as 1,000 per day from a 250 deposit possible.

There are many excellent reviews on consumer review sites (including TrustPilot), and social media such as Facebook, and Reddit.

According to the reviews we have looked at, the Bitcoin Profit app is a legit way to make money. It has earned favourable ratings for ease of use, profitability, meeting industry standards, and customer service.

Homepage of Profit Secret

Many users report a decent daily return trading crypto with this robot. We haven’t yet performed a live test, so there are no guarantees that you will make a profit similar to what they claim.

The company behind Bitcoin Profit claims to trade on margins of up to 1:1,000. It means a capital investment of 250 can trade at up to 250k.

This type of leverage can lead to incredible profits but is also risky. You should only trade with funds that you can afford to lose.

We have studied Bitcoin Profit in-depth, and written a full review which you can read for further information.

Did Kate Garraway endorse Bitcoin Profit?

Our analysis confirms that Kate Garraway did not endorse the Bitcoin Profit robot directly.

She may have spoken of Bitcoin positively, but the gossip blogs seem to have made up the link between Kate and this product.

It is most likely to be a case of those sites using her name and popular Crypto keywords to create clickbait and get more people to visit their websites.

The popularity and profitability of Bitcoin Profit are what has made it a target for fake news. The claimed 1k per day profits from a 250 deposit, and overall good reviews make it a perfect candidate.

How to Trade with the Bitcoin Profit

You can use Bitcoin Profit manually, but the auto-trading feature is what makes it so accessible.

It is easy to use even if you are inexperienced in Crypto trading. The steps to get started are straightforward.

They are as follows:

Profit Secret Account register form
  • 1. Visit the Bitcoin Profit website and submit your details to register a free account.
  • 2. Add a few extra details on the matches partner broker page and place the minimum trading deposit of €250.
  • 3. Try out the demo account. It is a practical way to test out the software and get used to trading conditions before risking any money.
  • 4. When you feel familiar with the system, open the live web-trader and click on "trade now."

Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is a similar product to Bitcoin Profit. It has quite similar features but appears to be a little less profitable.

The positive with lower alleged profitability is a lower assumed risk.

We haven’t yet run a full test to determine the profitability, but there are many reports online from satisfied users who claim to make hundreds of dollars per day with the same low €250 deposit for investing.

No investments are guaranteed, so exercise caution with all investments that you make.

During our investigations into Bitcoin Rush, we read many positive reviews which means it appears to be a legit product.

Homepage of Bitcoin Rush

There is praise for the helpful customer service, and how straightforward it is to use.

Some users commented on the fact that there is no issue with the withdrawal process, and no withdrawal limits or hidden charges.

Safety appears to be a priority for the company as its website features SSL protection and a clear policy to define its cybersecurity policy.

Again, we have written a detailed study of the Bitcoin Rush robot – You can find further info here.

Did Kate Garraway invest in Bitcoin Rush?

Our team could find no credible link between Kate Garraway and her investing in Bitcoin Rush.

As we have discussed there is a lot of fake news, and this appears to be made up by gossip sites.

Associating prominent celebrities with popular Bitcoin robots is just a trick to get more clicks. It is nothing more than a black hat marketing gimmick to get a high ranking on Google.

Bitcoin Rush has many positive reviews online, and as far as we can determine, it should be considered a legit opportunity.

How to Register with Bitcoin Rush

The registration process is simple.

Visit the website for Bitcoin Rush, and follow these steps:

  • 1. To open a free account, simply fill out the relevant information required.
  • 2. Go to the matched broker page, answer a few more questions, and then pay your deposit.
Account register form of Bitcoin Rush
  • 3. Use the demo account to learn more about how the trading process operates.
  • 4. Go to live trading!

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is another Crypto trading robot that has claimed links to Kate Garraway. These claims appear false.

It is an advanced trading system that uses machine research and A.I. to conduct detailed research on Crypto markets and allows users to speculate on Bitcoin automatically.

The company that created Bitcoin Loophole claims a win rate of 89%, which is a level that would allow incredible profits to happen.

We have not yet been able to perform a live test on Bitcoin Loophole, cannot vouch for the profitability levels.

The demo test gave promising results and appeared to confirm the company’s claims.

Homepage of Bitcoin Loophole

We have also found mostly excellent reviews online that seem to confirm the customer service, ease of use, and ability to make money.

We did find a few comments about issues with the verification process, but nothing too major.

Bitcoin Loophole claims partnerships with reputable brokers who are properly regulated. It is good news as it provides users with the necessary protections in case of any issues arising.

You can read our detailed study into the pros and cons of Bitcoin Loophole here.

Did Kate Garraway invest in Bitcoin Loophole?

As we have suggested, the claims of Kate Garraway’s investment with Bitcoin Loophole appear to be made up by gossip sites.

We can’t find any credible link between them.

Bitcoin Loophole is a popular trading robot that is all over social media, so specific sites are using both her and the popularity of the app to create clickbait titles to attract people to their sites.

Bitcoin Loophole does appear to have many strong points and seems to be a legit product. We read many positive reviews from users, and that is the real test as to the worthiness of a Bitcoin robot.

Beware of fake news and look to the real-life experiences of users of Bitcoin trading robots.

How to trade with Bitcoin Loophole

Opening an account just takes a few minutes, and using the app doesn’t require any specialist knowledge about cryptocurrencies or trading.

The whole concept is to be automatic.

To sign up, follow these steps:

Bitcoin Loophole login form July 9, 2020
  • 1. Go to the Bitcoin Loophole website and register your free account.
  • 2. Link with your assigned brokers and pay your initial trading deposit.
  • 3. Use the demo account to learn the system thoroughly.
  • 4. Click on the live trading button to open an automatic live trading session.


While studying these Bitcoin trading robots, our team was unable to find any credible evidence that Kate Garraway has any investments or has endorsed any of them.

It appears to be a creation of gossip sites to create clickbait.

Golden Coin BTC transparent background

We did thoroughly review these Bitcoin trading robots and found them to appear to be legit.

They are there to try, but please be aware of the risks involved.

As with any other investment, Cryptocurrency trading comes with inherent risks. Don’t invest too much too quickly and leave yourself short of cash.