Cryptosoft | Is it a SCAM? | Read before getting started ?

The general level of culture that ordinary people have towards the financial world is in constant decline. With the recent economic crisis due to the pandemic, added to all the previous crises that have caused lost jobs, sent families to the streets, prevented young people from finding work, it is absolutely essential to have a culture in the field of Bitcoin and virtual currencies. This is because cryptocurrencies can be an important addition to your monthly income, which in fact, in the vast majority of cases, will vastly exceed it and become your primary income. It is absolutely not uncommon for those who start investing in the Bitcoin market to abandon their previous job to become a full-time investor. Cryptosoft can allow you to do this: through an advanced Bitcoin auto trading system it will find for you the best opportunities on the crypto currency market and generate passive income. But let’s see it better.


What is Cryptosoft?

Of all the possible definitions we could have given of Cryptosoft, the best that came to our mind is “beyond all possible expectations”. I guess none of you know the correct definition of algorithm, but don’t worry: we’re here for this purpose. An algorithm is given by a succession of particularly complex mathematical operations that is able to answer with a simple yes or no to questions that the programmer imposes on the program itself. By doing so, an algorithm could for example be able to answer the question “How much is the cryptocurrency market going down?”, But this is a trivial example, because Cryptosoft was designed to ask much more complex questions in succession. All the algorithms that make it up work together through extremely advanced artificial intelligence to make predictions on how the Bitcoin market will change in about 0.02 seconds less than its competitors. The fact that it is based on artificial intelligence is already a first guarantee of operation, in fact if it were carried out through a normal calculation program we could define the program as a scam, because such complex calculations can be managed exclusively through artificial intelligence. We then inquired more deeply about the actual birth of Cryptosoft: we discovered, through a private interview lasting more than three hours, that the creators of Cryptosoft are several well-known retired investors in my field, but they asked us to stay anonymous. It is certain that the birth of Cryptosoft has revolutionized the world of Bitcoin for years now. We can define this online platform as a passive money generator that will allow you and your loved ones to change your life through a paltry initial investment.

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Is Cryptosoft a scam?

It comes natural to anyone asking this question, especially we tend to ask it ourselves every time we analyze a platform similar to Cryptosoft. Without any hesitation, we can assure you that several of these platforms have tried in various ways to steal money, some almost succeeding. It must also be said that the inefficiency of most of these platforms absolutely did not mean that they were scams, they were simply designed by subjects not competent enough in the field of Bitcoin and the online financial market. Also, don’t misunderstand our words – we’re not saying that all platforms similar to Cryptosoft are scams, we can say without too much trouble that simply almost none were up to par with this amazing software. But how does the end user know if a platform is a scam? Nowadays, an incredible number of websites have spread where alleged financial experts talk about crypto currencies and the world related to it, when in reality they are simply voluntarily disseminating false information to deceive users. The collapse of financial culture contributes to the unawareness of those who read, and the ubiquitous web in our lives leads to an incredible increase in online scams, especially in this field. Furthermore, there is a strong inability to predict fluctuations in the Bitcoin market, so the whole thing is even more complicated. Fortunately for you, we have thoroughly tested Cryptosoft and concluded after careful analysis that it is completely reliable. We can have a testimony of this by going to observe on the official website of Cryptosoft an exorbitant number of reviews made by users who over the years have used it to change their lives, you can observe how all the reviews speak of the extreme reliability of this platform online and its ease of use, its intuitiveness and finally the huge profits made.

How does the Cryptosoft works?

Here we are in the central part of the article, where we will begin to talk to you concretely about how to make money with Cryptosoft. By limiting too complex or technical terms to a minimum, we will explain in a few lines how Cryptosoft works and how to get the most out of it. First, you must know that the computer software on which this online platform is based, and as we have already told you runs on very advanced artificial intelligence, is kept secret by the creators of Cryptosoft because its source code is substantially the largest mass of financial secrets to which anyone could have access: revealing the series of algorithms that make up Cryptosoft, making them public, would entail huge losses for the platform and therefore obviously everything is kept secret. We only know that the software is based on famous oil sales management algorithms, but nothing more: even in the private interview we got nothing else was revealed. However, what we know is the exact functioning of Cryptosoft: in essence, this software hunts in the crypto currency market in search of the best opportunities to buy and sell Bitcoins, obviously Cryptosoft buys when the price drops and instead tends to sell when the price rises: the difference between the trades are precisely given by the profits, which you will see displayed on your account.

How to start trading with Cryptosoft

To start trading correctly with Cryptosoft it is necessary to register first, to avoid the checks of the anti-money laundering centers in your country that would surely become suspicious if they saw huge flows of digitally transferred money to your account without knowing that you are earning that money.

1. Account registration


The account registration process is extremely fast and is conducted entirely online, on the official Cryptosoft website: go there by searching for it on Google, open it, and you will immediately observe a fillable form. Inside you will need to enter the following data:

Telephone → your telephone number will be used immediately by Cryptosoft for a short and quick verification of your identity, do not worry about the possible sale of your data to third parties: Cryptosoft will never do it, because it is absolutely not in its interest to irritate their own users.

Mail → creating an e-mail used only for Cryptosoft is recommended on all auto trading platforms, in this way you will be able to see all the e-mails that the Cryptosoft customer service (active every day, all days) will send you for keep up to date with the main Bitcoin news and with the answers to the questions you will ask.

Passwords → pay particular attention to this part because creating an insufficiently strong password will lead to a greater risk of your account being breached by cybercriminals.

2. Deposit

The amount of money you can deposit on Cryptosoft is substantially unlimited, however there is a minimum deposit of $ 250 to make. We would like to point out that the minimum amount of money required is much lower than that requested by the competing platforms to Cryptosoft, which all exceed $ 1000. Another thing you will notice is the possibility of making this deposit with any payment method you can think of, there are in fact more than 100 and Cryptosoft is present in over 150 countries.

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3. Examples of Trades

Cryptosoft has thought extensively about those users who are not particularly experts in the field of Bitcoin, and has decided to favor them through the use of a trial mode. This mode is called demo, and actually consists in Cryptosoft’s supply of fictitious money that you will need exclusively to practice on the platforms, without spending the money you deposited and therefore without the possibility of losing it. Please note, however, that you will not be able to withdraw the money you make via this method either, as it is only a test and you are not using real money.

4. Live trading

The time has come to make your first investment, you will immediately start noticing the first gains. To get started, simply click “start BOT” in the platform interface itself. At this point, you will observe the BOT that begins to carry out the first Bitcoin trading operations. It will not take you 20 minutes a day just to check that the BOT is working, and your life will change.

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Is Cryptosoft reliable?

We carried out several tests on Cryptosoft, and finally we concluded its complete reliability. There are several reasons that led us to this judgment: first of all, the customer service was able to answer all our questions (which were fake, because we are professionals and we don’t need help, it was just a test) even at unlikely times, we even contacted them at three in the morning. Also, all the brokers that are used on Cryptosoft are internationally famous, you could ask any famous investor in my field and they will tell you that they know and find them reliable. Third, but not least, the extreme speed of withdrawing money: in less than 24 hours all the money withdrawn will be in your bank account.

Is Cryptosoft safe?

Since Cryptosoft is an online platform and not a downloadable program, it cannot keep any data on your computer. Therefore, the platform will not know if you are using an antivirus, to avoid problems on the user side they have therefore installed the major antivirus on the platform, you will be able to clearly see their icons on the site itself. As long as you stay on Cryptosoft, you will be protected.

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Does Cryptosoft have an app?

This is a question that is often asked by users who approach a BOT like Cryptosoft. Customer service will answer exactly what they answered us: only 2% of users, when they start using the BOT, feel the need for an app, and this only in the first months. This is because the BOT is fully automated and can be accessed from any device, as it is mobile friendly. No, there is no app for now, but trust me you won’t need it.

Is Cryptosoft a fraud? The verdict!

We believe that by now the verdict is rather obvious, given how reliable we have defined Cryptosoft in the course of this article. Either way, our opinion is simply confirmed: Cryptosoft has demonstrated incredible versatility, huge profit margin, impeccable customer service, and ultimately an unmatched money withdrawal speed. If this is not enough to define a platform as reliable and concrete, we do not know what could do it.

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Can I have multiple accounts?

The terms of use of Cryptosoft do not in any way prohibit creating multiple accounts, but honestly, we do not see the sense of it: it is much better to have a single account to be able to manage it with greater ease.

Is there a stop-loss?

Yes, as in all platforms of excellence there is a stop-loss feature. It basically consists in pre-setting how much money you can afford to invest, and Cryptosoft will be able to stop investments if it perceives an inadequate market for the trading of Bitcoins at that moment.