Bitcoin Motion Review – Is it Fake or Reliable and Profitable Robot?

Tens of our readers have requested us to review Bitcoin Motion. This trading system has made the news for months due to its crazy profitability rate.

Many experts have reviewed it as magical money minting machine. Bitcoin Motion can reportedly turn a small investment of just USD250 into a fortune when profits are reinvested. The bot claims to generate daily returns of up to 90% in high volatility.

Bitcoin has been experiencing sustained volatility since last year. This trading platform’s users have reportedly made fortunes during the volatility. The golden question is whether Bitcoin Motion is legit and profitable.

Also, is it a money minting machine, as some reviews claim? We will discuss this and many other questions in this review. This review will provide comprehensive answers to the questions listed in the table below.

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Is Bitcoin Motion a scam?No!
Can I make money with Bitcoin Motion?Yes!
How reliable are the Bitcoin Motion graphics?Expert-tested and reliable
Does Bitcoin Motion offer a mobile trading app?Yes
Did Martin Lewis endorse Bitcoin Motion?No!
Is Deborah Meaden invested in Bitcoin MotionNo!
Does Bitcoin Motion charge hidden fees?No!
Is the Bitcoin Motion login page secure?Yes!
Does Bitcoin Motion offer a desktop app?No!
Is Bitcoin Motion regulated?Regulated through partner brokers


What is Bitcoin Motion?

The Bitcoin Motion system automates trading research and order place. This makes bitcoin trading quite easy.

Investors with zero trading knowledge can comfortably trade without much of their input which helps them earn passive income. Using Bitcoin Motion as a trader is similar to investing in a profitable, professionally managed mutual fund.

The robot is ideal, and as most of the users confess, it generates handsome daily returns of above 90%. More than 90% of the trades generated by the Bitcoin Motion robot prove profitable, which means the system bears a high win rate.

The high win rate means that the tool is a great option for traders and will make profits most of the time. The high success rate makes the robot a good bet for all.

Fully automatedYes!
Minimum depositUSD250
Trading platformsWeb and mobile
Potential ProfitsUp to 90% in high volatility
Maximum per withdrawal$20,000
Free withdrawals per month10
Withdrawal fees$0
Partner brokersFCA and ASIC regulated
Platform securityExcellent

Bitcoin Motion reviews – How Reputable is this trading bot?

There are lots of trading robots in the market, each with varying levels of functionalities. Ideal trading robots allow traders to automate trade fully. Full automation means that the robot buys and sells cryptos automatically.

One of the best ways of deciding on the tool to adopt is by checking confessions from previous users. People who have used a given tool come out in large numbers explaining their trading experience.

There are lots of review sites where consumers can leave honest feedback about various products. As we check on the legitimacy and usefulness of Bitcoin Motion as a trading robot, we have decided to check on reviews made by different users online.

A quick analysis of Bitcoin Motion reviews reveals that it is one of the best and the most profitable crypto trading system.

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Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot

Tens of thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot prove that Bitcoin Motion is popular with traders worldwide. The positive feedback from professionals and experts proves that the robot is a perfect choice for any aspiring crypto trader.

Bitcoin Motion Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media site among traders. This site allows people to form communities around subjects.

The Bitcoin Motion Reddit community is highly vibrant. There are many Subreddits formed around this trading system. A Subreddit is a thread formed around a given subject. The Bitcoin Motion Subreddits are viral. Some have over ten thousand followers.

Bitcoin Motion Review – is it legit?

Bitcoin Motion has been on our investigative lens, and we found it profitable and genuine! As a team, we are confident with the outcome of our findings because we adopted a big data analysis approach to investigating this robot.

We left nothing untouched to do away with the fake news being propagated while still trying to see if the rumours carry some truth. Our overall user feedback on the legitimacy of Bitcoin Motion is informed by deeply analyzing tens of thousands of reviews by different experts and users. The huge sample size or the high number of reviews we checked warrants the legitimacy of our findings and the final verdict.

The good news is that over 90% of the reviews depict a positive trading experience positioning the robot better than its competitors in terms of services, ease of use, safety, and profitability.

The Bitcoin Motion robot is run by intelligent computational algorithms that automate Bitcoin trading activities. Below is a table showing how we rate Bitcoin Motion on different legitimacy metrics.

Ease of use99%
Customer service94%
Partner broker regulation95%
Data privacy99%


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Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Motion is an easy to use trading system and a great choice for traders seeking stress-free means of earning money online.

The bot boasts of helping over 20% of its users become millionaires. Most expert reviewers claim that Bitcoin Motion generates more crypto millionaires than any other trading system in the industry.

We have confirmed that the robot uses top-notch encryption strategies to adopt foolproof safety measures, including data protection. Data protection is important in trading because most cybercriminals execute their cyber-attacks after a data leak.

Bitcoin Motion works with well-regulated brokers to ensure a seamless trading experience. Most of these brokers are classified as tier-one. This means that they are regulated by the best of partner brokers.

How to trade with Bitcoin Motion

Now that we know that Bitcoin Motion can be trusted, let’s dive into the signup and trading process.

You can sign up with this trading system in over 120 countries. These are mostly in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. Some African and Middle East Countries may also be applicable.

Visit the official Bitcoin Motion website to determine the eligible countries. This bot should work in your country if the site is accessible without a VPN.

Please note that registration slots are limited and are given on a lottery basis, and one should not give up if not lucky on the first trial. You can try as many times as possible until you succeed.

Create an account

Take advantage of the free signup slot and complete the registration immediately. Bitcoin Motion offers multilingual services.

You can access the site and the customer support team in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Some other languages may also be applicable. Change the language of the site using the language tab on the header.

You will automatically link to a local agent on changing the site’s language. Signing up with Bitcoin Motion is self-explanatory.

Fund your trading account

Bitcoin Motion will match you with a local broker on completing the registration. Verify ID with the broker as prompted to meet their KYC requirements.

The identity verification process is mandatory for all users and protects user accounts. KYC requirements are a global initiative to curb money laundering and ensure consumers’ safety.

After submitting the necessary documents, you can go ahead and fund your account using any of the provided methods. The minimum you can deposit to access the Bitcoin Motion trading area is USD250.

Take the trading tutorial and demo

Bitcoin Motion automatically trades on your behalf, but you must set risk management parameters as a trader.

You are supposed to read and understand the instructions and test the settings on the demo before going live. Watch the 5-minute introductory video to understand all the features of Bitcoin Motion.

We have determined that Bitcoin Motion offers a risk appetite test to help users determine the risk per trade to implement.

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Set the bot and start a live session

Live trading using the Bitcoin Motion tool is quite easy if you take the time to understand the instructions. You are supposed to adjust settings as per the instructions provided in the trading guide and then initiate a live session.

The tool will regularly send progress updates via text messages on starting a live session. There is no need to spend lots of time monitoring the bot because most of its operations are automated.

As a trader, you should not worry about crashing schedules using the bot because most trading is automated. The best time to run Bitcoin Motion for maximum profitability is between 8 am and 4 pm.

How to maximize earnings using Bitcoin Trade

Trustpilot reviews show that many people have achieved their financial dream by trading through this bot.

Bitcoin Motion gathers trading details on autopilot, making trading an easy task for novice traders. Take advantage of the bot now, and you could be profitable from the first minute of trading.

Profitability with Bitcoin Motion is determined by the level of risk you are willing to take. Risk has a positive correlation with reward. This implies that the higher the risk per trade, the more money you can make.

A variety of factors influences Bitcoin Motion performance. We have discussed some of these factors below.

Start small

Starting small is crucial in giving traders peace of mind to follow the trading instructions carefully. Investing lots of money at the start raises panic levels, leading to poor decision-making and losses.

Take the time to understand the platform

Failure to follow the provided instructions can lead to costly mistakes. Remember that Bitcoin Motion trades at predetermined risk levels.

You need to take the risk control test and adjust the settings as per the guide. Ensure that you have perused the Bitcoin Motion trading guide severally and watched the trading introduction video before starting a live session.

Get a trading partner

Getting a trading partner helps you remain focused. You can always compare your performance with your trading buddy’s to determine what works best.

Plough back profits

Reinvesting your profits is one of the best strategies for growth while using the Bitcoin Motion app. You need to reinvest a significant portion of the daily profits if you start on a small account. Invest at least $1000 if you are interested in a decent daily income. You can reinvest the profits of a $250 account to $1000 in less than a week.

Bitcoin Motion Reviews on social Media

We are satisfied with the great reviews that Bitcoin Motion has received on social media. This trading platform has a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

The feedback from the verified clients is generally positive. Nearly all the reviewers report that this platform is highly trustworthy. There are tens of Bitcoin Motion fan pages on Twitter and Facebook.

We have gone through the comments on these fun pages and are happy with the feedback. This bot is also reviewed on leading consumer review sites, as we will see below.

Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot

The platform contains most of the reviews relating to Bitcoin Motion, earning an average rating of 4.4 out of the possible 5.

As usual, we have used our powerful tools to scrutinize the feedback. The many positive reviews from verified users are enough proof that this platform is highly dependable.

Bitcoin Motion Reddit

This robot has superb feedback on Reddit with over ten highly active communities and thousands of participants.

Reddit is the only social media platform built around communities. This platform has gained massive popularity in the trading community. All the trending trading tools on the web have robust communities on this platform. Bitcoin Motion is not an exception.

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Bitcoin Motion in the Fake News

Some high ranking blogs allege that Bitcoin Motion has received celebrity endorsements and high profile mainstream media features.

While it’s true that Bitcoin Motion is a media sensation, the claims associating it with some celebrities and TV programs are fake news. We will discuss some of the fake news targeting Bitcoin Motion below.

Bitcoin Motion Shark Tank

The Shark Tank TV program is a franchise of Dragons Den popular. There have been claims that the tool was promoted on Shark Tank in 2014, making Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary sponsor the tool with a lump sum of $1000000.

A look at the site doesn’t reveal such information but what we got is the dual asking people to embrace Bitcoin. There is no evidence to prove the claims, and we mark them as fake.

Bitcoin Motion This Morning

This is the second media platform rumoured to have featured Bitcoin Motion. It broadcasts in the UK featuring Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, commenting on trending issues such as crypto. It has been rumoured that Bitcoin Motion is commonly discussed in the platform, which is untrue because we couldn’t find any episode featuring it.

Bitcoin Motion Daily Mirror

The Mirror features news and commentaries on various topics and offers premium promotion services. The platform has approximately 5 million subscribers giving a single publication over a million clicks in a day.

Rumours say the Bitcoin Motion got a following after advertising on the platform. The trading bot hasn’t invested in such, so the rumours are false.

Bitcoin Motion Dragons Den

BBC features Dragon’s Den, a reality show in Canada and UK featuring startups. The startups are given a platform to showcase their ideas to a team of investors. There are rumours that Bitcoin Motion received $1 Million from the show, but we couldn’t find any evidence after going through all the episodes.

Bitcoin Motion Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is the proprietor of a widely read personal finance blog named Money Saving Expert. Rumours claim that Martin endorsed it, but after going through the blog, we couldn’t find any evidence and therefore, the claim is untrue.

Bitcoin Motion Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden is one of the panellists in the Dragons Den show. She is a wealthy businesswoman.

According to Forbes Magazine, she is worth roughly £40 million according to The Sun. But did Deborah Meaden invest in Bitcoin Motion? We did the background checks and didn’t find any proof of these claims.

Treat any posts claiming so as fake news until there is an official communication from any of the two parties.

Is Bitcoin Motion Genuine? The Verdict!

We can see that Bitcoin Motion is a legit robot that automates trading. Analyzing feedback and reviews provided by users and experts, we can comfortably say that it is an ideal tool. Reviews made by tens of thousands of consumers and experts prove its legitimacy.

Surprisingly, a huge number of investors claim to have earned a fortune using the trading bot. Experts say that the tool has made lots of millionaires, and if you give it a try, you could be the next. Try your luck by completing the signup through the link below.

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Is Bitcoin Motion genuine?

We have put together all the evidence supporting Bitcoin Motion legitimacy in this review. This trading bot is indeed worth your time.

Does Bitcoin Motion offer a trading app?

Yes! You can access the app through a link on the footer of the trading dashboard. The Bitcoin Motion app download link is also attached to the welcome email.

How much do I need to trade with Bitcoin Motion?

You don't need to break the bank or sell your most valuable assets to invest in Bitcoin Motion. As little as 250 USD is enough to kick-start the trading journey.

Does Bitcoin Motion charge any hidden fees?

You won’t pay any hidden fees with Bitcoin Motion. All the fees charged by this trading platform are in the public domain.