Bitcoin Equaliser Review 2021 | Is it a Scam or Profitable Trading System?

Bitcoin Equaliser is a viral trading system offering automated BTC volatility trading. Users allege generating insane returns through this system.

But is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam or is it legit? As usual, our team of investigators has conducted background checks on this platform. 

We find Bitcoin Equaliser to be legit and transparent. Moreover, there is enough proof to support its profitability claims. This review offers an unbiased and comprehensive look into Bitcoin Equaliser.

What is Bitcoin Equaliser?

The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken automation to another level. Intelligent computer programs are now taking over most professional trading jobs.

In finance, trading robots are all the rage. A good trading robot can beat the world’s best human trader. Big banks such as CitiGroup and hedge funds are investing trillions of dollars in automated trading systems.

Most of these systems are out of reach for the ordinary person. This is because they require annual license fees of up to $100,000. Moreover, most have a minimum capital requirement of $1 million.

Bitcoin Equaliser was reportedly founded to bridge the gap offering a highly profitable system at zero license fees. You only need a trading capital of USD250 to trade with this robot.

From the reviews we have analysed, this trading system is supposedly highly profitable. A small account with just $250 in investment is said to earn up to $900 daily. The daily return can reportedly grow exponentially when more than half of the daily profits are reinvested.

Even so, trading with Bitcoin Equaliser is risky. This bot trades on leverage and hence a small miscalculation can lead to huge losses. The potential returns are worth the risk, but it would be foolhardy to deposit all your savings with a high-risk robot.

You can always start small and apply the reinvestment strategy for growth. Sign up with Bitcoin Equaliser now or read on to learn more.

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Is Bitcoin Equaliser a scam? Key facts

We have taken time to analyse the available data relating to Bitcoin Equaliser and concluded that it’s legit.

There is enough proof all over the web that users have been earning the supposed profits. Bitcoin Equaliser has over 50,000 reviews on top consumer feedback platforms. At least 90% of these reviews report that it’s worthwhile.

Some of the reviewers claim to generate insane wealth through the robot. Nearly 10% of all the reviewers report earning over $500,000 in a few months of trading. There are also a few that claim to have earned over $1 million.

We have analyzed these reviews and confirmed that they are from real users. Bitcoin Equaliser seems to attract those interested in a high-risk passive online investment. It’s featured widely on passive income blogs with most recommending it.

Bitcoin Equaliser currently ranks number 2 on Google Trends. This means that it’s among the most searched BTC related terms. As discussed later in this review, this trading system has also attracted a fair share of fake news.

Most of these false stories revolve around celebrities endorsing this platform. There are over 10 Bitcoin Equaliser Reddit threads, which is the top source for the fake news.

Why trade with Bitcoin Equaliser

Bitcoin has gained rapidly in the last few months, hitting an all-time high of $40,000 a few weeks ago. Analysts predict that the gain will continue and the price may hit $100,000 by the end of the year.

Crypto volatility is increasing daily, creating great money-making opportunities for traders. Those relying on automated trading systems are making the most returns. Bitcoin Equaliser is reportedly the most profitable auto-trading system.

Auto-trading involves an intelligent computer program conducting trading on behalf of users. Bitcoin Equaliser uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to analyse crypto-related data and identify tradable opportunities.

Bitcoin Equaliser eliminates the hustle involved in the traditional crypto buying process. You don’t need a crypto wallet to trade BTC through Bitcoin Equaliser. This is because the bot trades volatility rather than buying low and selling high.

Simply put, volatility trading involves betting on price swings. The robot bets on both the bull and the bear market. For the record, the bull market happens when the prices rise while the bear market happens when the prices are plummeting.

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Equaliser

We have studied Bitcoin Equaliser thoroughly and concluded that it’s worth investing. Below are the Pros and Cons of using this robot.


  •         From the reviews we have analysed, there is a high possibility of generating wealth through this trading robot.
  •         You do not have to break the bank to trade with Bitcoin Equaliser since there are no license fees. Only $250 in trading capital is required.
  •         Bitcoin Equaliser should be extremely easy to operate even if you’ve never traded before. Most of those making it big with this platform do not have a crypto trading background.
  •         Signing up with Bitcoin Equaliser is extremely easy, fast, and safe.
  •         Bitcoin Equaliser users are allowed up to 10 free withdrawals per month. You won’t pay any withdrawal fees.


  •         Risk and reward have a positive correlation. This means that there is high risk in trading with Bitcoin Equaliser.

·         Bitcoin Equaliser only works in countries that support retail CFDs trading. You can’t trade with this robot if you are in the United States and a few other countries.

Key features of Bitcoin Equaliser

Bitcoin Equaliser stands out from its competitors in various ways. Below are some of the features that make this robot worth a try.

  • AI-driven trading – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of any robust auto-trading strategy. Bitcoin Equaliser uses AI-driven algorithms to conduct trading research.
  • Transparent trading environment – Bitcoin Equaliser claims to be the only free trading system based on blockchain. This technology allows smooth and transparent peer to peer transactions.
  • Safe trading platforms – Bitcoin Equaliser platforms rely on military-grade encryption and are therefore safe from data theft. This trading system reports full compliance with international data privacy laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Free and limitless withdrawals – Bitcoin Equaliser offers up to ten free withdrawals per month. Any subsequent withdrawal reportedly attracts a 1% fee. Most of Bitcoin Equaliser competitors only allow a single withdrawal per month.

How do I get started with Bitcoin Equaliser?

Bitcoin Equaliser is easy to use, given that all trading is automated. You don’t need to be familiar with any trading lingo to use this trading robot.

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Equaliser is only accessible in countries that support retail crypto CFDs trading. You can’t access this trading system if you are in the US, Hong Kong, a few countries in the Middle East.

Click here to check if Bitcoin Equaliser is available in your country. You should be able to trade with this system if you can access its website without a VPN.

Sign up for free


Registering an account with Bitcoin Equaliser should be easy. Fill the signup form and submit it to be redirected to the partner broker’s page.

Verify your personal information with the broker for your account to be authenticated. Please note that failure to submit accurate information may lead to a suspension of your trading account.

Bitcoin Equaliser has invested inadequate measures to protect your personal information. These include RSA encryption and are compliant with the GDPR.

Deposit a trading capital of USD250

Fund your Bitcoin Equaliser account through the matched brokers. The minimum you can invest is USD250.

Trading experts recommend starting small when trading with highly risky trading platforms such as Bitcoin Equaliser.

You can deposit via any internationally recognised deposit method. Please note that you can only withdraw through the method used to deposit.

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Start a live trading session

Open a live trading session with Bitcoin Equaliser on the live trading dashboard. You can first trade on their demo by visiting the trading resources page.

Make sure that you read the Bitcoin Equaliser operating guide before going live. You can test your understanding of different functionalities by trading on the demo.

Bitcoin Equaliser trades on autopilot, meaning that you can proceed with your daily activities as it works for you.

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Did Gordon Ramsay recommend Bitcoin Equaliser?

Some gossip blogs allege that the British TV chef has invested a significant amount of money in Bitcoin Equaliser.

However, this is not true. Bitcoin Equaliser has released a statement warning its users of fake celebrity news. The company behind the trading system is reportedly a global conglomerate worth billions of dollars.

It’s therefore unlikely that they would pay any attention to celebrity endorsements. Avoid fake news by verifying info on the official Bitcoin Equaliser website.



Is Bitcoin Equaliser a fraud? Conclusion!

This review concludes that Bitcoin Equaliser is legit. The robot may also be highly profitable, given the positive reviews from users.

You can try it by clicking the link below. Crypto trading is extremely risky, and hence you should only trade with an amount you can afford to lose.

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Is Bitcoin Equaliser worth my money?

Bitcoin Equaliser is worth trying given the extremely high Roi, thousands of users review this trading robot as highly profitable.

How much can I make daily?

You could reportedly earn up to $800 daily by trading BTC through the bitcoin Equaliser trading system.

Why is Bitcoin Equaliser so popular?

This trading platform is supposedly gaining popularity due to its high ROI in the ongoing crypto volatility. You could earn huge profits if you can time the volatility.