Bitcoin Digital | Is it a SCAM? | Read before getting started ?

If you don’t live in a cave, surely you have already heard about Bitcoin or at least in digital currency trading, cryptocurrencies.

It is one of the most talked-about subjects in the economy and investment, not only by experts but also many people who have managed to profit a lot from this form of negotiation.

For this type of trading to happen, you need an auto trading platform. There are several options on the market for those looking to enter the world of buying and selling cryptocurrency, but some stand out.

Bitcoin Digital is among them, many users have been commenting on the qualities of this platform and we decided to take a look. Come and check it out!


What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is a cryptocurrency auto trading platform that uses automated software to invest on behalf of the user.

A platform is a great option for new and experienced traders. By using this automated system, no previous experience is needed to start trading.

Bitcoin Digital says that anyone can profit from the first trading day, just let the robot do everything it can to see the billing at the end of the day.

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Is Bitcoin Digital scam?

We agree that it is a little suspicious, to earn money in one day and without experience in the financial market, how is it possible? But that’s exactly what Bitcoin Digital claims.

We’ve seen comments from people who are regular traders on the platform saying they don’t find any better than Bitcoin Digital

But only comments do not prove the seriousness of the software, we did research and used the platform and we think it is legitimate and not a scam. Keep track of what we found.

How Bitcoin Digital works?

As we already mentioned, Bitcoin Digital uses automated software that has the ability to trade cryptocurrencies on behalf of the user.

This software can find trades with a higher profit than normal and make the offer in less time than any human being would. Not to mention that it has the ability to self-learn the maneuvers and with that, it starts to forecast the closing of buying and selling.

The platform has adjustments that follow the user’s taste and help to better understand how the market works. No previous experience with bitcoin trading is needed to be able to start trading with Bitcoin Digital.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Digital

Those who wish to start trading using Bitcoin Digital do not need much time to do so. With a simple and fast account opening system, your account is ready in minutes.

This advantage of being everything fast and simple already gives liveliness to those who think that trading, investing and the financial market are boring things. The interface is very modern and everything is well explained.

1. Account registration


To prove this, let’s take a step-by-step guide on how to get your first Bitcoin Digital account.

To start trading, you need to open your account with Bitcoin Digital, register, place your minimum deposit, and provide tips on tips. Look here.

Access the Bitcoin Digital website, on the initial page, appears the form where you have to enter your basic data; Full name, email, and phone.

Once you do that, you need to access your email and confirm your identity to be able to create your password.

2. Deposit

You also need to create your virtual wallet. For this, Bitcoin Digital asks for a minimum initial deposit of $ 250.

This deposit will be the beginning of your investments, the amount can be used in the way you want and when you want.

The ways to make this deposit are innumerable, you can choose from debit or credit cards, bank transfer, eWallets, and even bitcoins if you already have another account.

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4. Live trading

All transactions take place in real-time, the buy and sell are all live and very fast. But don’t worry if it’s your first time negotiating.

Bitcoin Digital offers newbies a Demo account, where the user has access to all the resources available in the real account, the only difference is that the money in the Demo account cannot be withdrawn or transferred to the real account.

When you are used to it, just root for the real account, adjust your trading parameters, such as time, maximum value, etc., and press the button so the software starts looking for the best offers.

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Is Bitcoin Digital reliable?

The financial transactions carried out with Bitcoin Digital are very clear and explained. There are no hidden or extra fees.

We also noticed, during our research, that the platform always tries its best to keep everything well explained, always sending a summary to the user’s email at the end of the day.

If you want more detailed information, on the peripheral inside the platform you will be able to see all the details and values of the transactions that the automated software made on your behalf.

Is Bitcoin Digital safe?

In our experience when using the platform, there was no doubt that you were protected and supported.

The security verification system is fast and secure. Data processing, proof of account for deposit, everything was very smooth and with a feeling of security.

Also, on Bitcoin Digita’s own website, you can find information on the hacker protection systems that are in favor of the platform, as well as the seals of approval from the responsible authorities.

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Is Bitcoin Digital a fraud? The verdict!

Bitcoin Digital has proven itself to be a very serious platform, which respects users and really tries its best to make every customer use their tools and advantages.

We also allow ourselves to say that, in addition to being innovative and modern, its platform has very ample resources and cryptocurrencies. Making all the difference when it comes to real trading.

Investing is always uncertain, we never know how much we will earn or not. The advantage of having a robot helps you apply the chances of success, but even so, it is always good to stay informed on what is happening, what are the financial trends, etc.

Be aware that only you can decide this, only you know how much you want or can invest, do it calmly and consistently, invest at your own risk.

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How much can I profit with Bitcoin Digital?

On the Bitcoin Digital website, they claim it is possible to make a profit on the initial deposit, yes, but it all depends on how much you are going to invest and how much the currency you choose to buy will be sold.

On the website itself, they comment that in general, users profit by an average of 300% over the total initial deposit. But online comments say that much more can be done.

We found users who claim to have profited more than 500% on the first investment, yet another says that they didn't believe it when they saw the boom they had.

How can I withdraw with Bitcoin Evolution Digital?

Bitcoin Digital offers many ways for you to get the money raised from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. So with deposit, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, eWallet, PayPal, and many others.

One thing that Bitcoin Digital likes to make clear, is that it is the user's responsibility to see if the bank in which he will receive the profits made with the platform, has any restrictions for international transactions.

Some banks charge extra fees to receive and others, depending on the way you choose, do not even accept. Another difference is the time for the money to fall into the account, also going from bank to bank and from country to country.

For these reasons, it is always good to confirm directly with the bank about the rules and what else implies in accepting this type of transaction.

Does Bitcoin Digital have an app?

We searched all the available app stores, according to the phone, and we couldn't find it.

We asked in some online forums and no one could say for sure whether there was an app for Bitcoin Digital or not. In fact, some said yes, but in reality, it was just the cell phone browser acting.

With that we realized that the platform does not really need to offer an app, everything works very well with the personal browser you use.

It is possible to enjoy all the advantages of Bitcoin Digital on your smartphone device, without any changes. Works with Android and iOS, you only need an internet connection.