Grin, the Tech

Simple, privacy-focused, scalable MimbleWimble chain implementation.

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Grin is still highly experimental technology

Grin is a blockchain and a cryptocurrency focused on privacy and scalability. Grin is also an implementation of the MimbleWimble transaction format with the extensions required for a complete blockchain.

This site is geared toward developers or people who are willing to help grow a technology that’s still very early stage. If you’re interested in the cryptocurrency, how to use it or how to mine it, you will have to wait until it’s ready.


Our Code Security Audit funding campaign is open. Please consider donating!

Grin’s fourth testnet has been released! We need your help testing: if you’re able to compile from the source, see our building guide.

We’re currently hard at work in building the features required for mainnet.

How to Contribute

Find an area you can help with and do it. Open source is about collaboration and open participation. Grin has an open Code of Conduct, please be aware of it.

For developers, see our contribution guide. An open wiki lets anyone add missing documentation and help others.

Community Funding

If you’re an individual, company or institution excited about the potential of Grin or MimbleWimble, we humbly ask if you’d consider making a financial contribution to the project’s development. We’re experimenting with a 100% community-driven funding model.

Companies or individuals who have donated to Grin’s Development are listed on our Friends of Grin page.

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We have a small but growing set of documents. If you’re looking for something in particular and it’s missing, it may be a great area to contribute to our open wiki.